It's been a while since I last smiled like this. Well, not since I lost a big chunk of hair around my forehead after my month-long hospitalization late last year. I assumed that it was because of all the medicines I was taking back then (8-10 on a daily basis). Good thing the hair loss was only temporary and I happily managed to grow it back with the help of a hair product line which I'm gonna tell you more about in a bit.

I realized (on top of my other realizations) that I'm not yet ready to lose my hair. I looked old and it didn't help my self-esteem. That's why I'm taking all precautionary measures to take care of my hair and maintain it as long as possible. One of those is having the Scalp Microdermabrasion, the flagship service of the Bosley Professional Strength (Bosley Pro) Hair and Scalp Care Services, at Razor Sports.

Of course, it has to start with a good haircut.

Followed with a good head massage/scrubbing using a mix of the two Bosley products you'll see below. This is actually my favorite part of the process. So relaxing!

The treatment exfoliates flaky dead skin cells, unclogs follicles, and addresses hair and scalp aging at a cellular level.
The Bosley Scalp Microdermabrasion promises to help increase hair growth by creating a healthy environment for it to grow with the help of LifeXTend Complex, a patented technology that combines pentapeptides, marine plankton extract, and apple stem cell to nourish the hair and scalp.
Next, the product was set by plastic-wrapping my head for a good fifteen minutes.

This process was repeated twice -after the massage and after the last process which was the application of the Bosley Healthy Hair Strengthening Masque.

The whole treatment is recommended for everyone who wants to generally improve the state of their scalp and hair.

The result was instant, too!

In addition to the said service, Razor Sports also offers other Bosley Pro services like Moisture Therapy (for those whose hair needs a healthy moisture boost), Strengthening Treatment (for those with brittle hair), and Touch Up (a service that instantly eliminates the appearance of baldness and thinning hair with fibers). Razor Sports also sells Bosley Pro homecare products that every guy (or gal) can take home to enjoy the same signature Bosley Pro care every day.

This particular line helped me grow my hair back after my hair loss incident but I'm now shifting to the Color-Treated Hair line since I had my hair darkened recently.

Razor Sports is located at the third floor of TriNoma Mall, near Mindanao Car Park. For more information, follow @razorsportsph on Instagram, @razor_sportsph on Twitter and like You may also email or call 0917-326-2641 to make reservations.


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