We all know that Coconut water is good for our body. More than just for hydration, it's also packed full of health benefits! Locally introduces a new line of coconut water that I'm sure you'll love. Aside from the regular Coconut water, it also comes in two exciting flavors the Locally brand is known for.
Locally Merci Buco is available in 330ml and 1 litre packs in three variants including two unique Pinoy flavors: Buco Pandan and Buco Lychee at Rustan's, Puregold, and Robinsons supermarkets. Also available in the US and the Middle East.

Locally’s Merci Buco coco water is the perfect drink for hydration. In fact, it has an average of only 40 to 50 calories across all variants and only 10 grams of sugar (for flavoured variants) and making Locally Merci Buco Organic Coconut Water variant even safe for diabetics! Locally Merci Buco is likewise free from fat, cholesterol, gluten, and GMO.

Locally Merci Buco also has electrolytes. Fitness and sports enthusiasts know for a fact that sweating it out leads to an electrolyte imbalance in the body that may affect muscle contraction and heartbeat functions. Having Locally Merci Buco coco water as a post-workout drink will replenish major electrolytes lost after you exercise.

And unlike other juice drinks that are made from concentrates, Locally Merci Buco still has the natural health benefits of coconuts, such as being a good source of potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Coco water also helps the kidneys function well and reduces high blood pressure or hypertension by improving blood circulation. It can also soothe an upset or inflamed stomach or mild gastrointestinal infections, and help regulate bowel movement.

Locally Merci Buco is the only coconut water in the Philippines certified by both the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)1 and EcoCert2 - international regulating bodies that are strict in accrediting organic products. This means that you are assured of the 100% organic drink’s quality and integrity, with ingredients grown without the use of icky stuff like pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMO, or ionizing radiation.
Locally is the first quirky Filipino juice line that uses home-grown fruits. The brand mirrors the unique and fun characteristics of Filipinos with its catchy word puns, namely: Mangosteenie Miney Mo, Tamarind My Bell, Dalandan It Again, Guyabano-body but You, Calamansi'z the Day, Pomelong & Lasting Love and Save the Best for Sineguelast.

For inquiries and more information about Locally products, visit the official Locally Facebook page /LocallyPhilippines and @LocallyPH on Instagram.


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