Friday, October 20, 2017


I love dressing up. I think it's the best form of self-expression and that it helps set people's first impression of you. It's what they initially see that's why I take it seriously.

I must say that I'm not the expert when it comes to the topic but do allow me to share some basic tips I've learned that helped me be the confident person that I am or at least try to be. Yes, sometimes it's the little things that count and that clothes can help boost one's confidence to face the world.

1. Fit Is Everything.

Your investment should not end at the counter where you purchase your clothes. You should be willing to spare some extra cash for alterations if there's a need to make your clothes fit more perfectly. Aside from looking good, the perfect fit makes all the difference from looking lousy to sharp.

2. Accesorize!

But keep in mind that less is more. My go-to accessory when I want to feel "powerful" in my clothes? A watch. There's something about wearing a watch that exudes a "I value my time, so don't waste it" vibe. How's that for a powerful statement?

3. Iron, Steam, Remove The Lint.

One of the practical things I learned early in life was to iron my own clothes. I don't let other people iron for me (not even my mom) because I'm very particular with the "lines" that show on my clothes. For blazers and the like, I prefer a steamer. Also, I always have a lint remover on hand to get rid of my dogs' fur, dust, and other unsightly particles that gets stuck on my clothes. Show the world that aside from looking confident in your clothes, you're also detail-oriented.

4. Always Look Brand New.

Not all people can afford new sets of clothes to wear on a daily basis. Even some of the rich and successful ones prefer to wear the same things over and over again (think Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg). The secret is to make the clothes look always brand new. How? With the right amount of FashionCare. My suggestion? Invest in a good washing machine. Like the Electrolux Washing Machine. Watch this video to know how to make clothes look newer for longer.

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