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What were you thankful for last year? Me? lots of things! Like recovering my health, getting back on track and being able to attend and deliver to my online commitments while in the process, all thanks to the convenience of services like Uber. How's that connected, you might ask? Well I don't get to use my car on Tuesdays and on weekends because of coding and my driver's break respectively. My schedule with my doctor usually falls on a Tuesday and the events that I chose to say yes to fall on weekends. That's where Uber comes in. And for that, I'm thankful. Really, it's that simple.
I got to celebrate my year with Uber last December 13 with fellow Uber-users and friends. I also discovered my Uber archetype. I was the Midday Wanderer.
Here are some photos from the event.
There's a video, too!

So much has happened last year for Uber in the Philippines. Here's a look back, in numbers:
So, what was your year with Uber like?
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I use PayMaya to buy music and rent movies on iTunes, pay for my orders and shipping on Amazon, and practically for any online transactions that require a credit card --except I prefer using PayMaya more because It has no hidden charges and I get to control my spending based on the credits that's in my account. But did you know that you can now also pay over the counter at SM, Robinsons, and Mini Stop using PayMaya QR? Yes! I tried using PayMaya QR for my Christmas shopping at The SM Store and I must say that is was probably my most rewarding (I got a rebate!) and hassle-free shopping experience ever. Just look for a dedicated counter for mobile payment with the PayMaya QR. Now each merchant uses a unique QR code so you can be sure that the information you get from the scan is correct. No need to worry about sending your payment to the wrong people.
One of the best things about using PayMaya QR (aside from you not worrying about getting the exact change), is that it's absolut…