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Yes. The title is a dead giveaway of what I'm gonna post. (big telecom who organized the shoot, please don't shoot me).
We all know that once you're a blogger, you're global (Tricia Gosingtian anyone?)! Imagine the vast (internet) access of the whole world to your personal life. I'm sure Filipino Style Bloggers doesn't disappoint.
Last Wednesday night (Pedring's wake was still fresh), I invited myself (hah! invited myself!) to a shoot where my PR associate Bestie of the Capricious Club was part of. I'm not gonna spill the details of the said shoot being a good PR/Ad person that I am (who also understands the value of confidentiality and technicalities of the industry - humble much?). I'll just simply narrate what happened through the BTS pictures and captions that you are going to see below:
Disclaimer: The dialogues (as captions) in the following pictures is purely kathang isip lamang. This was created without the discretion of the bloggers involved a…


I'm a fan of the show! Me being this frustrated wannabe artist (formerly) has singing as his fallback/backup career in mind. When NIVEA invited me and my team to watch the season premiere of Glee Season 3, NO is simply not an option. Who doesn't want free tickets and a chance to maybe see Charice again in the big screen? (also score some freebies? hehe) The premiere was held at Gateway Cinema (I forgot  which one). Getting there was not as stressful (Cubao traffic anyone?) as getting to Ortigas because my office is at West Ave. But the stressful thing is thinking that maybe the screening started already (You know how short TV episodes are right?) and that there are no more games & prizes waiting for us.
Arrived at Gtateway Cinemas figuring out which is which. Apparently, ETC and Jack TV got 3 Cinemas to hold their screening (talk about big time) but what identified OUR cinema are these: Upon entering, we were given refreshments (which saved us the time and money to buy popcor…


You know that stigma of being a dentist while you yourself or your kids has bad set of teeth? Or an architect living in a decrepit house? Well same case here. Being in the advertising industry is all about coming up with grand (and effective) ideas for your client, creative executions for a certain brand and the list of endless possibilities just goes on and on... but while I dedicate my time doing all these things, the question still lies... Is my home, being owned by an ad man, worthy of an ad?
While "the" work has its own perks and advantage, it takes much of your time both in and out of the office and mind you, "busy" is an understatement. With so much busyness going around, I tend to neglect the things which can possibly dictate my happiness - the physical status of my home. Me being happy (which can produce better communication in the office BTW; who wants a grumpy boss anyway?) means clients happy. That is why I need an instant makeover! For my home that is.


I'm into shoes. For a guy, I have quiet more than enough! You'll see more of them (shoes) in my future posts. For the meantime, let me show you what I got from one of my favorite clothing brand of late, TOPMAN. I got hooked on socks when I've discovered how it gives an already good outfit that extra oomph (and I'm all about the oomph!) and also because of David Guison. He makes wearing socks (printed ones) cool and a pre-requisite when it comes to dressing up/down. I also got a gray v-neck shirt when I bought this set of socks in Topman Robinsons Galleria. The Breakdown: Topman Socks Php945 Topman V-Neck Shirt Php545 Total: 1,490


So it was a Saturday and everyone in the household was planning to do the "usuals" - usuals like groceries, house cleaning and stuffs that can be done on a weekend. As for me, my usuals is anything that involves spending (if you are not familiar with me yet and I'm sure you're not, please check my ABOUT ME). Even though doing groceries has big amounts of spending involved, it's not really my thing so I opted to stay and visit the friendly neighborhood shops. And this is what happened:
First stop is Jollibee! It was 3:00pm already and I haven't had any lunch yet so first on my Saturday itinerary is FOOD. While everyone had their chicken joys, I ordered this new product the BEE is offering. I never got the chance to finish the whole "burger" (maybe because I had a wing?) and the funny thing is I don't even know why. For a burger, it's quite filling and to think it's not even a Champ. I'd rather have this (if ever I'll buy it again) f…