Yes. The title is a dead giveaway of what I'm gonna post. (big telecom who organized the shoot, please don't shoot me).

We all know that once you're a blogger, you're global (Tricia Gosingtian anyone?)! Imagine the vast (internet) access of the whole world to your personal life. I'm sure Filipino Style Bloggers doesn't disappoint.

Last Wednesday night (Pedring's wake was still fresh), I invited myself (hah! invited myself!) to a shoot where my PR associate Bestie of the Capricious Club was part of. I'm not gonna spill the details of the said shoot being a good PR/Ad person that I am (who also understands the value of confidentiality and technicalities of the industry - humble much?). I'll just simply narrate what happened through the BTS pictures and captions that you are going to see below:

Disclaimer: The dialogues (as captions) in the following pictures is purely kathang isip lamang. This was created without the discretion of the bloggers involved and I hope they find it funny. 

Intermission: We got to the studio at around 7:30pm (much thanks to the very detailed map direction to the studio). Bestie was the 4th (or 5th?) blogger to arrive at the set and here's what happened:
Lloyda: Andyan na si Bestie. As usual, late na naman. Palibhasa kasi she's working for PMP Communications who by the way is doing great in the advertising industry. (Connect sa late?) (Promote much?)
Pax: Oo nga! Palibhasa good looking yung boss nya, Hmp! (Connect ulit?)
Ava: Ah, talaga? (sweetly)
While they are talking,
Bestie: (In a sosyal kolehiyala accent) Really? I'm like the tallest in the group? Like duh? You're like kidding me... I hate you... Take my picture na.
Photog: Yes, you are. To be honest, THAT hair added 6 inches to your height on top of the 12 inches shoes that you're on. You are the tallest talaga.
Bestie: (Still in a sosyal kolehiyala accent) Alright na nga. Where should I place my hand? Sa hips? head? sa batok? Or me na lang kaya magtake ng picture ko. I'm used to doing that. Hello? I'm a style blogger kaya.
Lloyda: There she goes again. Hay... I'm so not gonna give her half of my shoe collection this Christmas. I have like a thousand pa naman.
Pax: Uy te, tayo na lang ang close!
Ava: Oo nga... tayo na lang ang close. Hihihi... (still being sweet)
(Before these lovely ladies will kill me)

More photos!
Bestie in her "ang ginaw but I'm a model" pose
Lloyda in blogger mode.
I'm sure the girls had a long day prior the shoot but these ladies are like energizer bunnies!
Lloyda's yaya in blogger mode as well. Lloyda, si yaya din ba kumukuha ng outfit shots mo?

Girls, to make up for the "teleserye" segment of this post, here are your outfit and closeup shots.
Ava of Artsy Fartsy Ava
Ava looks different without her glasses on. And by different, I mean nice.
Lloyda of Fashionista Fortune Cookie
Lloyda is one of those few (successful) women that I know of who is down to earth, is able to laugh at simple things, and she's not hard to please! Bring up her little bundle of joy in the middle of your conversation and she (her face) will light up like the sun! (Lloyda, need mo advertising agency? PR? events? pasponsor naman please. - sipsip much?)
Pax in her famous "ooops, (while smiling) may pupu sa floor" pose
Pax of Drowning Equilibriums
Pax offered to take my photos but she warned me that she's not that good. I thought, di ba blogger ka? stylish/stylist/style blogger at that pa? Anyway, I agree with her. No photo post of me here everyone! All thanks to Pax! (Love you! hehe)
And Bestie of The Capricious Club
Ah... ang sweet nyang tingnan. Di naman siya ganito sa office. Kidding! Hehe
That's it everyone! Ava, Lloyda, Pax, and Bestie, please feel free to grab anything you like (and unlike). No harsh comments please. Hehehe.

Have a great weekend everyone! Oh wait, this is me. Feeling the Face Hunter lang.
with my "Apple" Canon EOS 1100D


  1. Haha. Sapul ka sa kolehiyala segment mo no? Hehe. Peace!

  2. i love it! haha! ako talaga yung pa sweet ah!=P i adore your camera!!

  3. Sobrang benta sakin ang captions!! :D

  4. OMG. OMG. OMG. That's the camera that I want. And now that I see the magic that it can produce in talented hands, I'm totally going to get it. And now I'm following you :)

  5. Ava - thanks! BTW, you are sweet naman talaga ah! Apple (My camera), said thanks for the adoration (hehe)

    Anagon - pwede na ba akong maging scriptwriter ng teleserye?

    Daphne - thanks!

    WonderWoman - to further convince you even more, please check this out:

    Jen - enjoy!:)


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