Well it's for the same reason why I went to the Bloggers Movie Press Launch of My House Husband Ikaw Na! ...Direk Joey Reyes! And we're just talking about one factor here.
Before I talk about the movie which by the way is an official entry of OctoArts Films for the MMFF this 2011, allow me to share what happened that day and some "juicy" details  me and my co-bloggers found out about direk during our lunch at Dulcinea's, Tomas Morato.

Direk, adding to his multi-hyphenated persona, is also a blogger! Yes he's the author behind Choking On My Adobo. I sensed his (genuine) excitement when he found out that most of us (or all) who were there are bloggers! We started by introducing ourselves and our blogs one by one. I was the first one to go. Imagine the pressure of talking in front of direk and the other bloggers who I think has seniority over me (a year at least!) in the blogging industry. I almost choked man! Sorry, newbie here.
(L - R) FPJ Jr of Manual To Lyf, Marco of Marc the Line Fashion and Style, Mich of Glamour Moments, Anton of Pusang Kalye 
KUMAGCOW, Rod of the Rod Magaru Show, their side of the table threw 75% most of the questioning 
Sarah of Ms Eggplant's Chronicles has future in showbiz news reporting. She throws THE shocking questions! Haha. Even direk who gamely answered her very controversial queries, blushed.
Melai of Style and Soul I found out, has passion for the local movie industry most especially that of the indie film kind. You did a good a job by the way. Thanks for the invite!
And now for the "juicy"...
Me, taking notes err… texting.
Direk who is 57 (which he is very open about) looks and acts way younger than his age but when he talks, he is like a 100! He goes to the gym regularly and he loves Boracay! He goes there alone (most of the time). 
What inspired Direk Joey to do what he does now are the movies Manila by Night (City After Dark) and Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang. Like most successful directors, he started from the bottom of the pit and made his way to the top - blood and tears.
His take on the RH Bill (Yes, the question was asked). He is Pro Better Life.
Stating the obvious, he is one big Batman fan! When asked why, he said: "I don't know, maybe because I want to be Robin"… and the laughter ensues...
Direk Joey is one hell of  a cool person. There was the occasional cusses and stuffs like that and that made me appreciate him even more. There was still this transparency even if he was surrounded by people who has this capability to spread the "nasties" about him and I think that's what made him as one of the most loved directors of our time. 
Direk, adding to his coolness factor, is game in almost anything (I think?) that's why he doesn't mind doing the occasional wacky face as requested by Bestie of The Capricious Club here.
The "We Love Direk Joey" Group of Bloggers
On his recent tweets, he said this: "Had one of the best moments of my life having a late lunch with the bloggers for #MyHouseHusband: absolute joy to be with this smart kids." - and these are the smart kids… yes naman!
And now, about the movie "My Househusband Ikaw Na!"
Real life couple Ryan and Judy Ann Agoncillo goes beyond on screen chemistry
Real life couple Ryan Agoncillo and Judy Ann Santos brings more to the table in their much anticipated Metro manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry, "My Househusband," than in projects they have top billed together in the past.

"We've been married for two years now so we know exactly what marriage is about unlike in previous films where it was pure acting," Ryan said. "Plus we've had Yohan and Lucho for quite a time so we can truly say we can relate to being parents."

Proudly produced by OctoArts Films, "My Househusband" is a light comedy about husband and wife who have exchanged roles, at least in the traditional sense; that is, Rod stays at and tends to home while Mia earns a living. They deal with various situations in such a set-up.

Ryan points out that the film is no "andres de saya" tweak. "It's not as if Rod is a 'yes' man. He still gets to wear the pants in the family except that he also dons the apron come meal time," he said.

The cameras have started grinding for "My Househusband." It is being helmed by the award-winning Jose Javier Reyes with whom Ryan and Juday worked in 207's "Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo" and 2008's "Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo." Both movies were topgrossers in their respective filmfest seasons creating a lot of excitement for this next franchise from the lovable husband and wife tandem and their favorite director. It wouldn't be a surprise at all if "My Househusband" will emerge as a great contender once again in the 2011 film festival box-office race.

Ryan is especially excited to do this movie because it is a homecoming of sorts for him who began his acting career within the OctoArts camp via his role in the 2005 movie "Kutob." He said, 'Masayang masaya ako because Boss Orly Ilacad was the very first producer who trusted me enough to give me a role in a movie. It's nice to go back to where you started basically. I know we are in good hands here," he said.

"Direk Joey is a cool guy. it's very easy to work with him provided that you come to work prepared— which should be the case anyway," Judy Ann said. "He knows how to strike the balance between maintaining a happy set and keeping everything running with clockwork precision."
In reading the script of "My Househusband", Ryan and Judy Ann found themselves empathizing with the lead characters though not necessarily according to gender. "Some of the things that happen to Mia, I myself have gone through in life," said ryan.

"And there were instances when I can relate to how Rod reacts to a situation because I feel I would do the same if it were me," said Judy Ann. The actress notes that Mia is the supportive and patient kind of wife versus the loudmouthed, obnoxious and strong-willed ones she has played before. Ryan, on the other hand, says Rod is a very principled guy and one with a lot of heart.

The pair is confident that more than entertaining the audience, "My Househusband" gives a realistic idea of what a marriage is like. "You realize that the vow about staying together 'for better or for worse' is no lip service," he said.

Judy Ann rejoined: "If anything, we hope the people would leave the audience enlightened that conflicts actually spice up a marriage if handled correctly. these problems can actually make the husband and wife stronger for their family.

"My Househusband" under OctoArts Films is an entry to this year's Metro Manila Film Festival.

Going back on 'Why We Should Watch "My Househusband Ikaw Na!" this Christmas, aside from Jose Javier Reyes directing the movie, here are some factors:
1. This is Judy Ann's comeback movie since her pregnancy
2. Unlike the other MMFF entries, this movie is real life relatable. No magic, aswangs or hot/gorgeous siblings. The only magic in this movie is that of Juday's and Ryan's and...
3. …Eugene Domingo! Yes, she's Cara of "No Other Woman" here.

We were also allowed (of course!) to ask Direk Joey questions (both about the movie and his personal life). Prior to my asking, he said that out of all the entries in the MMFF, three (3) movies will most likely earn and be box office hits so my question was:

"You said that in reality, only three (3) movies will earn in the filmfest, do you think that by bringing in Eugene Domingo in the movie, she will be able to help secure a spot for "My Househusband" in the top 3 highest earning entry?"

Direk Joey simply said "No."
Maybe for the reason that Uge is also starring in biggies such as "Enteng Ng Ina Mo" and Shake Rattle and Roll 13. But come to think of it, what if all movies where Eugene Domingo is in made it to the top three highest grossing films in this year's MMFF? - from which Direk Joey wittingly replied, "then she'll be the grand slam box office actress!"

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Thanks Melai! Thanks OctoArts Films!


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