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I don't know exactly what to call this look but as far as I remember this was taken at around 4:00pm when the hour was at its golden. Perfect natural lighting no?

Photo overload I know. Sorry, but I can't help myself from grabbing this chance to have my photo taken in this kind of beautiful lighting. And would you believe that 95% of all shots taken were usable? Cool right?

PS: I'm starting this new segment on my blog where I'll style one piece of clothing particularly the top into three ways. This is the second look. The first one? My Hang Ten 'The Traveling Nomad" entry. Be posting my last look for this shirt soon. You see, The PR Guy is not just about spending. And aside from style, I'm also into practicality.:)

Photos by Kenneth


So here goes the conclusion of my "From Perry to Perou" post. Since we're done with Katy Perry (even though I'm still not over her yet), it's time for Mr.Perou!

The Status Magazine x Perouvian Wasteland Exhibit was held at Ayala Museum on the same day Prestige Philippines had a meet and greet with Katy Perry. I hope you already knew that I spent the early and best part of the day waiting while standing in line (plus more waiting!) for the popstar to arrive at SM MoA that's why I wasn't able to drop by at the exhibit. But you know what they say, It's quality time over quantity spent that matters. That's why I decided to still pay respect to the commitment I made by dropping by at least to the after party that was held at Robot Restaurant & Lounge in Makati. Who would've thought that the "real" action is gonna happen that night at Robot?
We (Ava, Gersh and Melai) were the first to arrive at the venue since it's too late for us t…


What are the odds of two internationally acclaimed foreign artists visiting the Philippine shores all in the same day? Two artists who have similar sounding names. Two artists who already got the chance to work together who by the way were also friends (their twitter messages can attest to that). Well, let's make that even. I got to meet them both! Yeah… up close and personal baby!

Let's start with Katy Perry…

Prestige Brands Philippines organized a meet and greet with Katy Perry coinciding her "official" Purr perfume launch here in the Philippines. They invited me to see her but not actually "meet" if you know what I mean. Since I'm going already, I might as well meet and be able to greet her in person at the cost of a 100ml bottle of perfume (Php3,700) which by the way, is all worth it! So here's what happened…

The event was held at the Atrium of SM Mall of Asia a day before her concert. Got there before 2:00pm as scheduled but we need to wait for…