So everyone (I think) was clamoring about the "photoshop" issue of Jinkee Pacquiao and Charice Pempengco with regards to their covers for Mega (Jan '12) and Preview (Jan-Feb '12) respectively. Even though reaching "trending" proportions, I for one, was not even bothered by this non-issue. Why? Because what's the use of photoshop if not to well, photoshop? But of course, abuse is not just for drugs you know. I think the involved magazine titles had their say on this so-called "issue". Now, allow me to share my thoughts…

(Please stay with me until the end of this post because I have  a surprise for you guys!)

Before I proceed, let me remind you that there's three (3) leading (or so I know) fashion magazines in the Philippines namely - Mega, Metro and Preview. They all represent three different publication giants and I think it's just fair if we don't just focus on the other two.

So let me start alphabetically…

Jinkee Pacquiao on MEGA (January 2012)
First and foremost, it wouldn't be Jinkee Pacquiao if it is not photoshopped right? Have you seen her ad for a beauty brand lately? Don't get me wrong ok? She looks better this way (I've seen her Mega BTS video by the way and she really looked good!). Being the wife of the Pambansang Kamao finally took its toll on her. For the better of course! Combatting motherhood and her husband's womanizing issues left and right, I think it's high time that she comes out of her "just the wife" persona and be this woman who happens to know BUSINESS (and means it) really well.

Now for the look of the cover… I find it fresh and appealing. Very relatable in the sense that whatever designer garbs she's in, is not a far cry from what she actually wears If not on a daily basis, on (media covered) events where she frequents. With or without the help of photoshop, I think this is her finest look to date.

Bea Alonzo and Zanjoe Marudo on METRO (January 2012)
Bea Alonzo. On the cover of Metro's "The Body Issue". In Swimwear. Enough Said.

What's not to like? We seldom see this sweet-faced woman in this kind of attire (hehe). And did I say that this is "The Body Issue? Enough said (Again).

Charice on PREVIEW (Jan - Feb 2012)
Hmm… Where do I begin?

Charice is known for having a wide, round face. Back from her "Little Big Star" days to her American TV debut (Ellen), she's always had this (much adored/criticized) face structure. But these days, it's not just the face anymore. It's the talent! And Charice has that in overflowing quantity.

About the cover, with all that was said (and done), I think that the brains behind Preview are smart enough to equate that Charice = Big Cheeks. But since it's fashion that we are talking about here, they (The Brains) were also smart enough to consider in covering her assets with mounds of hair (and strike a national issue in the process). Who would want to see a big face on the cover of a magazine (the Philippines' style bible at that) where contoured faces (and skinny) models are the standard? I don't think we are ready for it just yet. YET.

Personally, I think Charice is not yet ripe to be Preview cover worthy. Yet (again). Total Girl, yes. Candy, yes. But Preview? Hmm… I see Candy not fashion. We all know she's petite. If Preview made her stand on sky-high heels with THAT hair and THAT dress being shown in all its glory, then I might reconsider. Well, it's just my opinion. I like Preview and I appreciate Charice. But at this time, they just don't mix.

By the way, I don't think that she's "heavily" photoshopped here. Not an issue.

Here are more interesting facts: Did you know that at the same time / same issues for the last two years where crazy animal prints was on the edge of devouring fashion runways, Mega and Preview made headlines with these covers:
Jinkee Pacquiao on PREVIEW (Jan - Feb 2010)
Melai Cantiveros on MEGA (January 2011)
Both covers were received uh, well. The former getting just a "she looks good but she also looks like a transgender" on Facebook and the latter getting positive remarks (fortunately). Now, I hope it got you into thinking "Coincidence?" Nah, I don't think so. Here's why…

I'm an advertiser. I know when and where to advertise my products and January is not a good month to do so. Even AE's (advertising executives) admit to this. Now, if you see a brand that my company is handling appear in these magazines on a January, don't shoot me. They are just spillovers of my contracts of the previous year (that and the fact that my brand simply wants to spend). Now going back, to the "bad" not good time to advertise, what's the next best thing for magazines to do if the case of a few-to-non-advertisers kick in? SELL. And what better way to sell is BE CONTROVERSIAL. These publishing gods are not dumb you know. These so-called controversial covers were all planned as early (or late?) as before the start of the last quarter of the year struck.

We are throwing negative comments left and right in the air and the next thing we know, we are picking up and paying for these magazines at the newsstands. Out of curiosity? Who cares? In the end, what matters is who win. And I think THESE magazines are the victors here.

Now on a lighter note, If you've been a follower of The PR Guy since day one, you would know that I pre-planned  the things that I want to happen here on my blog. Item number one was the Battle of the Covers. Click HERE to understand what I'm talking about. With the ongoing issue, I think it's perfect timing for me to formally launch my segment/contest now. So ladies and gentlemen, let me present you… The Battle of the Covers!

1. Like The PR GUY on Facebook
2. Like the cover (Mega, Metro, or Preview) that you prefer on the Battle Of The Cover Album of The PR Guy on Facebook. Don't forget to leave a (positive) comment on why you choose this cover.

And that's it! Easy right? Want to know what's in store for you? I'll be picking 2 winners!

1 grand winner from the cover with the most number of LIKES and comments will get a 6 month subscription of his/her chosen magazine PLUS a surprise gift pack

1 runner up winner which I will choose from the second cover with the most number of LIKES and comments will also get a 6 month subscription of his/her chosen magazine title

*This contest is open to ALL residents of the Philippines only.
Contest will run until January 19, 2012.
The winners will be drawn via and will be posted here on my blog and on Facebook the following day

Happy New Year!!!

PS: This is NOT a sponsored post. Meaning, I'll be spending for your magazine subscriptions if ever you win. Good luck! And let us all stay positive!

PPS: I have friends in all three magazines mentioned here. In fact, I even have ad placements planned out for them this year. Just saying.


  1. I really didn't get the controversial covers at all in the beginning but they did get so much rave that a lot (read: A LOT) of commotion piled up left and right. But reading this post, and learning how smart this marketing move is, I was left baffled. Ingenious, really. Just friggin genius.

  2. Honestly, I was surprised seeing the January covers of Preview and Mega Magazines. Jinkee and Charice looked gorgeous!


  3. Don't judge the book by it's cover... ;-D

  4. Actually, I got my hands on Preview Mag Jan issue already! :)

  5. This is why photoshop was invented.. This is pretty good!

  6. I agree with you on charice not yet worthy to be preview's cover girl!! i like how they made jinkee look so sosyal and elegant (nevermind if it's photoshopped)! so in opinion, mega magazine wins :D

    hazelnot AT yahoo DOT com

  7. Glad I came across this blog :) I gave this contest a shot so yeah. Pretty exciting haha.
    Also, cool blog!

  8. Charice really transformed on the cover, I watched the video of the photo shoot she look gorgeous and amazing.

    FB Account: Anna Lissa
    Email add:


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