What are the odds of two internationally acclaimed foreign artists visiting the Philippine shores all in the same day? Two artists who have similar sounding names. Two artists who already got the chance to work together who by the way were also friends (their twitter messages can attest to that). Well, let's make that even. I got to meet them both! Yeah… up close and personal baby!

Let's start with Katy Perry…

Prestige Brands Philippines organized a meet and greet with Katy Perry coinciding her "official" Purr perfume launch here in the Philippines. They invited me to see her but not actually "meet" if you know what I mean. Since I'm going already, I might as well meet and be able to greet her in person at the cost of a 100ml bottle of perfume (Php3,700) which by the way, is all worth it! So here's what happened…

The event was held at the Atrium of SM Mall of Asia a day before her concert. Got there before 2:00pm as scheduled but we need to wait for like two and a half hour for her to arrive. But who's complaining? We got to feast our eyes on some celebrities who also went and also got to bond with a couple of gorgeous blogger friends!
Fashionista Commuter and birthday girl Ana with Ava of Artsy Fartsy Ava
This time with Melai of Style and Soul

Divine Lee
Hayden Kho
Janice De Belen
Ritz Azul of TV5

Tim Yap hosted the event

And the main part of the event! Everyone, meet Katy Perry...

And here's the highlight of the day (according to me). My moment with Katy!

The minute I stepped onstage, my mind went haywire and all I remembered saying after Katy ask me "Hi! What's your name?" was "Hi, I'm Paul… I love you… Can I get a hug?" Yes. She gave me my request and more! I also asked her to sign my CD since she's only allowed to sign two items (the other one being the perfume's cover). I remembered myself fumbling when I told her that "I'll pray that God will bless you in every aspect of your life!" which she in turn replied by saying "Why, thank you!". She has a strong faith based background you know (despite her songs). I also got her to do the heart sign with me! And not just that… She told me that I smelled good! (Yes, she did!) I replied by saying "Of course, I sprayed on some of your perfume!". She playfully slapped my left arm while saying "Get out of here!" Haha. We're close you know.

FYI: I was wearing Carolina Herrera 212 VIP for Men. I also sprayed (some) Purr on my hands.
Photos by Melai, Ana, Ava and Me
More photos of me and Katy (of course!) courtesy of Prestige Brands Philippines,

I love Katy Perry. Period.

Thank you Prestige Brands Philippines! You know how much I love you guys right? Next to Katy Perry of course. Hehe…

See the "action" live with this video courtesy of Ambush Online.
Check out 1:23 and 8:34. Thank you Chad!

Up next, Part 2 of From Perry To Perou! This time with Mr.Perou.


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