Hi everyone! I would like to apologize for the delay of the announcements of winners for my Hang Ten Philippines x The PR Guy Win This Look Contest. Are you ready to find out who won the two (2) winners of Php1,000 worth of Hang Ten Gift Certificates and the grand winner of Php3,500++ worth of Hang Ten clothes? But before anything else, I would like to make some clarifications on the rules of the contest.

1. The contest is open to Philippine residents only but NOT limited to Metro Manila residents
2. Only one (1) entry on your chosen look is allowed - meaning, If you chose and commented on Look #1, you can't LIKE and COMMENT on the other two (2) looks.
3. Multiple entries won't be TOTALLY disqualified. Only the entry on the look with the most number of comments will be retained.
4. If you're a reader of my blog, Multiple entry is allowed as long you comment on THIS post and comment on Facebook separately. Fortunately (for you non-followers of my blog), only three (3) people joined.
5. Entries without email addresses after your "I want to win this look because___" comment is not valid.
5. You have to LIKE Hang Ten Philippines on Facebook. We do check you know.
6. You have to LIKE The PR Guy on Facebook of course.

Are we clear?

And now, here's the Twitter follower of @HangTenPH who won Php1,000 worth of Hang Ten Gift Certificate:

1 Keth Laurel Catayas @kethlaurel
2 Jennifer Balatico @itsme_JHENZtine
3 Lala Valderama @LalaValderama
4 Josephine Bahala @ren_joy
5 Corrine Emata @SngleMomSperMom
6 Jerome Basco @jeromebasco11
7 Kimberly @sombrito
8 Joel Sombrito @joel0703
9 Jhon Grevialde @jag_grevy
10 Ace Mendoza @iamace2006
11 Iamjajabongga @julianne_yuki
12 Rhealyn de Leon @sakuraeya
13 Polinda Usero @nicholettes
14 Alexis Mendoza @kimbamheo
15 Michael Dacio @dackz_05
16 Jonathan Amador @thanno23
17 Catherine Dacio @mikolet21
18 Norika Shayne @imurvillain
19 Joan Te-Chua @mommynijihan
20 Arianemay @itsmearianemay
21 Mark Coy @akosiCoy
22 Maryjade Anne @maryjadeanne
23 Lea Ducay @cloverleaf123
24 Jen Gangan @JenyOnDBlock
25 Camille Quiambao @quiam
26 Nekets @geomar819
27 Momee Gee @kenge19

And out of 27 entries, the winner is…
Congratulations Momee Gee!

For the winner of the other Php1,000 worth of Hang Ten Gift Certificate, I picked (via Random.org) from the 2nd Look with the most number of comments. And that is from Look #3 - Denim Street King!
Here are the entries:

1 Omar Itay
2 Sarj Cabanlig
3 Reil Caberio Bagalay
4 John Japhet
5 Apple Anonuevo
6 Oliver Miravite
7 Josie Rhiner
8 MariaLea Ducay
9 Mel Mac
10 Maria Geraldine
11 RiCalyn Sicad
12 Jeremy Emata
13 Ferdinand Angeles
14 Yen Angustia
15 Ansherina Santos
16 Calv Yambot
17 Edrianne Archuleta
18 Gessa Marie Bartolaba Condino
19 Kennedy Fieldad Vagay
20 Crystal Marie G. Canete
21 Mj Evangelista
22 Mark Paulines
23 Jinjiruks Ikari
24 Lei Lani
25 Margaret Chan
26 Josie Dee
27 Carlo Quizon
28 Ariane May Nalicat
29 Daniel Reyes
30 Joan Te-Chua
31 Philsen Padilla
32 Caroline Hatol
33 Maristella C. Fajardo
34 Stonibert Lim
35 Kimberly Calub
36 Joel Mel Sombrito
37 Atiseole Valderama
38 Nestle Colango
39 Jimmy Galang
40 Pappa Val
41 Mizzy Mau
42 Irma Dugayon
43 Ian Uy
44 Jean Nette
45 Carmen Yoshikawa
46 Leonila Uy
47 Marian Rubio
48 Josephine Bahala
49 Gee C. De Chavez
50 Mommie Mench
51 Jasper Christian
52 Leticia Yuki
53 Kimtsui Yuki
54 Jen Destura
55 Laurus Laurel
56 Wilhelmina C. Balondo
57 Cherry May Catayas
58 Roi-roi Santos
59 Michelle Perdez Talaboc
60 Acxyl Klein Balazo
61 Mei Santiago
And out of 61 entries, here's the winner:
Congratulations RiCalyn Sicad!
And finally, the look with the most number of comments (as entries) is Look #2 - The Traveling Nomad!
Here are the entries:

1 Joyce Garcia  
2 Michael Macalos via blogspot
3 Dondon Hilvano  
4 Iohne Molina  
5 Arra Morta  
6 Stephanie Relucio  
7 Alfie Garcia  
8 Janice Tan  
9 Jae Esmade  
10 Gee Sabordo - Claveria  
11 Luz Gutierrez  
12 Angela Protomartir  
13 Gina De Guzman  
14 Omar Luces  
15 Michael Macalos  
16 Merry Jane Carbungco Ocol  
17 Joana Somejo  
18 Rodel Cardenas  
19 Jose Leandro  
20 Josefino Anyaya  
21 Carmen Maravilla  
22 Kikay Mhina  
23 Andres Psyche  
24 Paolo Maravilla  
25 Agnes Ducs  
26 Angeline Rodriguez  
27 Angeline Rodriguez via blogspot
28 Theodore Alejandrino  
29 Emjhay De Guzman  
30 Cristina Lim  
31 Carmela Seminiano  
32 Joy Merced  
33 Glee Nish Alejandrino  
34 Lou Carlson Borja  
35 Jamille Ballesteros Alquiroz  
36 Zash Gepana  
37 Johnnel San Pedro  
38 France Irish C  
39 Jennifer Gangan  
40 Geecee Page Beray  
41 Lyn A. Hopkins  
42 Cor Ema  
43 Ken Garc  
44 Lilli Abatayo  
45 VintageKawaii OnlineShop  
46 Joseph Giancarlo Cruz Agdamag  
47 Joseph Giancarlo Cruz Agdamag via blogspot
48 Marlon Reyes  
49 Marco Dennis  
50 Anna Lissa  
51 Alvin Torres  
52 Shezzy Serenity  
53 Mark Steven Que  
54 Noriku Norika  
55 Khaye Masutani  
56 Benn Adrian Ilaw  
57 Yanilyn Yen  
58 Catherine Dacio  
59 Joy Ramos  
60 Michael Jeffrey  
61 Jonathan Matias Amador  
62 Michael Dacio  
63 Lorelyn Berza  
64 Joseph Gomez  
65 Kim Bam Heo  
66 Rhealyn De Leon Bracero  
67 Ariel Abella  
68 Jennifer Santander BaLatico  
69 Julianne Yuki  
70 Isaiah Beng  
71 Ace Mendoza  
72 Jhon Grevialde  
73 Jerome Basco  
74 Keth Laurel Catayas  
75 Sassygirl Onlieshop  
76 Ako Budoy  
77 Romy Uyehara  
78 Cesar Z. Amoranto Jr.  
And the grand winner of the Hang Ten Philippines x The PR Guy Win This Look Contest is…
Congratulations Julianne Yuki!

Congratulations everyone! To the winners, please wait for my email! What a best way to start the new year!

Thank you to everyone who joined. Of course, this wouldn't be possible with the help and support of Hang Ten Philippines and The LiST Group! Thank you very much guys! Here's to a more successful 2012!

PS: Don't forget to check Hang Ten Philippines on Facebook. They have a big reason for you to be excited this 2012! To get their latest updates, LIKE Hang Ten Philippines on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter!


  1. Hey omhski, there might be a confusion from your end. Please check my post again. Don't worry, there's more contest from The PR Guy this year.:)


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