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Nice and pretty girls are hard to come by these days. And when you do meet one and finally get to know her, you can't help but ask "God, do you really have to give this person everything?" Such is the case of Vern Enciso. I find her very pretty (no doubt about that) when I first saw her but what's more prettier than pretty? Attitude. And a nice one at that. And oh, she's just 18. A 3rd year European Studies college student. Fashion blogger. And the list goes on and on…

Don't forget to visit her blog, A Shoe Tale and read through Vern's personal diary of her adventures as a little girl in the big fashion world.

Vern Enciso of A Shoe Tale Instaxed! As Inspired by RJ Roque


Joining the international list of Bench's endorsers for its clothing brand and professional hair care label Bench Fix is American Idol's season 7 runner-up David Archuleta. As we all know the singer, now an actor - all thanks to TV5's Nandito Ako, has made the Philippines his second home (just for a month though). Having a wide fan base in the Philippines, Archuleta is surely not gonna be missed (much) by his Filipino fans contrary to his declaration of a retirement of some sort because of a recently wrapped up TV series shoot, an OPM album in the works and now... as endorser of Bench!

Here's a behind the scene peek of his shoot for the brand:

Adding modeling and acting on his plate, David Archuleta is definitely moving forward and beyond his music career! And with Bench and professional hair care label Bench Fix, he is on his way in paving his Philippine Idol status by appearing in the brand's gigantic billboards and ads!

Here are more photos of David!

Upcoming po…


I'm brave to post this on Oscars day. I'm more braver to wear this on a day out (with the sun all mighty and angry?) at Bonifacio High Street.

Warning: Just like the title of this post, photo overload ahead!

This is my first time to do a themed look. Ever since I started blogging, I have been more conscious of what to wear and sometimes (err.. most of the time!) the question of "Is this look worthy of a Lookbook or Blog post?" comes up. I even plan ahead of time. Don't ask how or why. I'm OC like that.


Hey guys! I'm off to Clark now to do a hotel review (naks!). In the meantime, enjoy what little photos I have of the Karaoke Night I went to last week with Globe Tattoo at Redbox, Greenbelt.  We also got a surprise visit from THE Mikey Bustos!
And that's it! Of course, I got to sing a couple of songs (Push and Remedy) plus a duet with Ava (Lucky)! I just had a thought. Is "Knows How To Sing" part of the qualification of a Globe Tattoo team member? Cause you all sing well guys! Great job! 
Thank you Megann! Thank you Coy and the rest of the Globe Tattoo team!
I'm leaving you with this video I took of Mikey Bustos singing… Hello! PS: There was a lot of events (I mean A LOT) that I was invited to last week but I chose to go to Globe Tattoo's because it's intimate and there's people that I can talk to/who will talk to me back. That and the fact that I badly needed to let my exhaustion of working non-stop all out by singing to the hits of Matchbox20 and Jason M…


Pax, Pax, Pax!

There's so many things that I can say about this wonderful person! In fact there's so much that I'm overwhelmed to the point of not knowing where to start. My mind just went blank…

Let's just start with her About Me on her blog:
Fashion Aficionado - check!
Vintage Junkie - check!
Dreamer - when what you dreamt of do come true, are you still a dreamer? Anyway, check!
Pragmatist - practical and realistic, check!
Ruler of my earth - bowing to the God of my universe - now, that just got weirder. I just pictured out Pax wearing a sheer white dress with daisies braided on her hair, dancing and waving… *snap out of it PR Guy!*

I'll just make this as short (and sweet!) as possible. I LOVE Pax! Who doesn't right? If I can only have few friends, I want Pax to be one of them. Who wants to have a lot when all you need to make you laugh, cry (because of laughing), be inspired, be awed, be blinded (with her blings and colorful wardrobe), and laugh (some more)…


Every blogger deserves a birthday post. Here's mine.

Woke up today feeling a lot less ordinary. I wasn't expecting much for my birthday because it fell on a weekday (and a busy day at that!). As I expected, it turned out pretty much the same as last year's. Was working then, still working now. The difference was… last year I got to celebrate it with the rest of the PMP team. Today? Work!

Anyway, what made this day special was the tons of birthday greetings and well wishes that I got from family and friends (both on and offline). All thanks to social media! I realized that most of you who greeted, I know personally. It goes to show that I have indeed a lot of friends who really do care! Thank you very much guys and I promise to reply to each and every greeting you tweeted and posted on my Facebook wall. Give me time please?

By the way, I'm 28. Yeah, yeah I don't look like one but who are we kidding right? I still feel old anyway (kung alam nyo lang).

Again, thank yo…


Lucy Hale, the star of the hit TV series - Pretty Little Liars, was officially launched as Bench's latest endorser at the SMX Convention Center last February 11, 2012. This is in line with the series of events which Bench has in store for all of us in celebration of the brand's 25 ageless years in the industry. It wouldn't be a Bench show without a fashion show! The Bench Americana collection was presented on stage by the hippest and hottest models of our time. And now, a quick presentation and a behind the scenes peek at Lucy Hale's photo shoot... And finally, the grand entrance! Everyone, meet Lucy Hale!