Indeed. It's alive, it's breathing and it's celebrating its 20th year anniversary in the print industry! And on its February/Anniversary issue, they got three superstars of their own generations to appear on three different covers which leads us to this month's special Battle of the Covers Mega edition.

Here I present you the three women who, in their own rights, shined (and still continues to shine) the brightest among the sea of stars in the Philippine entertainment constellation…

Leading the (cover) pack is none other than the Megastar herself, Sharon Cuneta!
It's funny how the Megastar and the magazine share the same title yet even with her massive wealth, doesn't even own at least a small portion of the publication. I used to think that Mega publishing is owned by Sharon herself. Found out that's common misconception. One thing that I think both parties would agree to is how they evolved over the past two decades. Beautiful, stronger and even brighter.

Now about the cover… We all know that Sharon falls on the heavy side right? And we also know that Mega has just recovered from a photoshop issue a month earlier (Read: Jinkee Pacquiao). Now imagine the pressure of coming up with a cover for an anniversary issue without striking a photoshop issue (again). Now look closely at the cover. Isn't it pure genius? I appreciate how the Mega team framed the Megastar in a background with similar print as her dress giving her this Kardashian illusion. I simply love the creativity and the strategy used to create this whole look of awesomeness! Here I see a cover worthy of an anniversary title. Here I see Sharon Cuneta as how we see her on TV. Here I see The Megastar.

Next in line is the soap opera queen or let's just say THE newest superstar, Judy Ann Santos...
Now believe me when I say that she IS really this sexy. I've been  to a couple of press conference for the movie "My Househusband" and all I can say is that if this is how you will look right after you give birth, then I guess ten kids is not bad (from my soon to be wife) after all. While this is the best that I've seen Juday on a cover, this also reminds me of the cover which Sarah Geronimo did for the same magazine back in May of 2010.

And now let's talk about the youngest of them all. The Primetime Princess, Kim Chiu.
Kim Chiu has appeared in more than a couple of covers of Mega. It all started back when she came out triumphant at the PBB house and now hailed as the princess of primetime drama, she has accomplished a lot of things which most young celebrities of today would kill (or die) for. Here, being a "veteran" when it comes to posing (for a cover), she shows us mere human beings that talent and looks is also spelled as K-I-M  C-H-I-U. I mean look at those piercing eyes and those mile-high legs!

Now who do you think has the fiercest cover? Or better yet, who do you think has the best anniversary cover for Mega magazine? It's time for the…

You know the drill…
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The grand winner from the cover with the most number of likes will get a 6 months Mega magazine subscription and a Ferretti bag,

And the winner from the second cover with the most number of likes will get a 3 month subscription and a set of accessories from PinkBox!

Easy as 1, 2 and 3 right? Good luck girls!


  1. Wooow! I really liked how they did Judy Ann's cover! She's so gorgeous :) This is an interesting way to scream "PRINT IS NOT DEAD" :P

    ♥ Megann of STYLE SURGERY

  2. i really love Kim Chui! All I can see is a girl that has transformed into a woman, VERY humble and nice whilst IN the spotlight.

  3. And the battle is on! Judy Ann's Cover boldly say it all:

    I am in LOVE with it! The cover shows the classic sexy and sultry side of Judy Ann, the vivid colors and the wild prints are balanced out by her beautiful simply made-up face - and her eyes really draw you in! This is perfection!

  4. JOINED!!!!! This is too exciting :) Wh among the 3 kaya will make it to the top! Can't wait ^_^

  5. I love how the orange hue blended with the safari print. It somehow harmonized the riotous array of prints. And it made Juday's eyes standout and speak volumes. Placed among the others in the magazine display rack in the bookstores, I am sure this will captivate anyone's attention. For me this IS the cover to be!


  6. Print will never die and i believe it's more coming to life this days. I will always love the mega star but i'm a huge fan of Juday also, i believe she had made a biggest impression to me so far and i wish i can get back on being sexy again just like her after giving birth to my son 11 months ago.



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