All along, I thought I knew the "basics" when it comes to scents. I get perfumes every now and then which companies (like Prestige Brands! hehe) sends me to review and I must say that with the amount I have, you can call me a collector. That's why when Prestige Brands invited me for an exclusive perfume seminar with International Fragrance Expert - Arnaud Marolleau, no is simply not an option.

When: April 25, 2012
Where: Romulo Cafe, Makati City

The event was held at the classy Romulo Cafe and the equally classy Issa Litton presided over as the host. Now presenting the handsome...

the sexy (he's French!)...

and the very animated… Arnaud Marolleau!
please don't make me take this photo down.
Now it wouldn't be fair if I tell you everything I learned that afternoon. To be honest, there's a lot! So much that my puny little mind couldn't contain it that's why I don't remember much. Haha. Taking notes on an iPhone (for fear of Arnaud and the Prestige Brands team thinking that I'm bored and was just texting) didn't helped either but to make things interesting here on my post, I'll be inserting facts (both fun and I-wished-you-did-not-tell-me-that) here and there. Just keep reading…

#Where to spray perfumes? Pulse points like the wrist, crook of the arms, behind the ears, hollow of the throat and even the tummy area! These (except for the last one) are the warm areas where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. The warmth will serve as perfume diffusers! For girls, Arnaud suggested to also spray perfumes on the hair. A good distance would be a foot max.

#You know that thing women does when putting on perfumes? The spray on the wrist and then dabs it on their necks, back of the ears and even temples? I know it's cute but it's not the proper way to put on perfumes. The proper way is to create a cloud of mist and walk right through it. I know it's kind of extravagant but by doing so, you will let the perfume "breathe." That way you will be able to experience and distinguish the top notes, heart and the dry down.

#Did you know that musk (common ingredient found in most perfumes) is from the male deer's ahem… balls? Yes, civets and bulls are also good sources and they, the animals, use this to attract female mates! Thank modern technology because now there's a synthetic equivalent of the musk scent. Now you don't have to worry about your perfume being some animal's secretion. Aha! That explains why most ladies are more attracted to guys with a musky scent! If only they knew back then...

#Want your scent to last longer on you? While most people will say that it's the weather condition that keeps the scent up, Arnaud says otherwise. It's the skin condition! If you have dry skin, chances are perfumes will evaporate faster but if you have well moisturized skin, chances of re-spraying are lesser. Basically, fragrances are oils that tends to be absorbed by the skin. That's why perfumes also comes in packages with matching lotion because they complement each other very well.

#Ambergris, another perfume ingredient, is from a Sperm Whale's poo! Freshly excreted Ambergris can be found floating at the sea and has a marine, fecal odor but when it ages, it acquires a sweet, earthy scent. Again, there's a synthetic alternative to this. Cheer up!

#Want your perfume to last longer? Keep it away from excessively hot or cold places and the cap must be tightly closed at all times!

#Expensive perfumes? It must be the essential perfumes which is hard and expensive to produce! When buying perfumes, it is advisable to get the EDP (Eau de Parfum). Even though it is expensive, you don't need to use a lot because it is concentrated compared to the EdT's.

#Did you know that there are more than 150 ingredients used in making perfumes? The tendency of brands having similar scents is very common but all it takes for a certain scent to have a unique distinction is just a little of this and a little of that. More "authentic" musk or ambergris anyone?

With perfumes, there's only so much I can tell but armed with that afternoon's knowledge I acquired from Arnaud, I think I'm good to go. More perfume reviews coming up! Of course, The PR Guy / agreeable way. Hehe.

I'm gonna close this post with these short but sweet words from Arnaud - "Fragrance is an invisible piece of accessory." No need to expound. Short, but sweet.

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  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this info about perfumes, Paul!
    I love the deer and sperm whale's part. haha!


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