Who already tried OraCare? Raise your hand.
Now who has heard about the OraCare brand but never got the chance to try it yet? (Raises hand). Yes folks. I'm one of those people who, despite of the countless times I've seen and heard the OraCare ads, has not gotten my mouth washed and my lips taste (or not taste because it's like water!) the wonder which is OraCare. Not until today…

Ok, ok It has been more than a week since I received the OraCare package which Yehey! sent me. Meaning, it has also been more than a week since I tried OraCare! With that short period of time, I can say that I'm a convert now! Let me tell you what I think of the brand...
OraCare Cool mouthrinse

Now before I proceed, can I be honest without you judging me? I'm not really a 100% convert. More of like 85%. It's not the product. It's just me. Parang magsyota lang. I have this case from which I always wake up with a stuffy nose. It has always been like this for more than 5 years already and my first aid relief would be to brush first thing in the morning with a super minty toothpaste in order for me to be able to breathe well. I'm not saying that OraCare is not minty enough ok? It is minty BUT in a good and not-overwhelming way. Let's just say that I'm loyal to the brand in the most and important parts of the day. Think after breakfast until bedtime. Ayan, nakabawi na?

Here's my OraCare regimen:
I brush using the regular OraCare toothpaste with Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide and Aloe Vera after breakfast and lunch and I use the OraCare White toothpaste with the same content PLUS Xylitol to help whiten my teeth before I sleep. Of course everything won't be complete without finishing the brushing process with a gargle using the OraCare mouthrinse (see photo above). What I really like about the OraCare mouthrinse is that it doesn't sting unlike most of the mouthwash out there in the market because it has zero alcohol and it works just the way I want it to work. Clean smelling mouth without the overpowering smell of  mint (and a whole lot of other flavors!)? That's just the way I like it.
OraCare 7 in 1 action toothpaste and OraCare White toothpaste
I was an occasional user of mouthwash (with alcohol) before I got my hands on the OraCare mouthrinse. While alcohol does its purpose in cleaning (because it does!), it will leave your mouth dry and you know what they say about dry mouth? It's a virtual haven for odor-causing bacteria. That's why I made the "smarter choice" by using OraCare mouthrinse because it doesn't dry my mouth and it get rids of strong mouth odors without the sting! And oh, I really don't like kissing a minty fresh mouth (don't judge). I'd rather go for that "raw" fresh mouth smell (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about here) and OraCare mouthrinse helps me be ready, but not minty-fresh-breath-ready, for big moments like kissing! Lol. At the end of the day, it is more of preference and OraCare is my preferred choice when it comes to a smarter, effective, pleasurable and genuine brushing/gargling experience!

Since you read through my long "lecture" (which I hope you did!) I'm giving you this chance to have a smarter, effective, pleasurable and genuine gargling experience with OraCare's ZERO alcohol and ZERO sting formula! Here's what 3 of you are going to win!
Package includes:
1 OraCare Cool mouthrinse (250ml)
2 OraCare 7in1 Action toothpaste (150g)
2 OraCare 8in1 White toothpaste 
1. Follow @ThePRGuy on Twitter
2. Follow @OraCarePH on Twitter and
3. Tweet your photo while smiling (teeth shown, like the photo below, Chris Tiu optional) with these words:
"@PaulThePRGuy I'm Smiling coz of @OraCarePH #NoSting formula!"

Very easy right?
Twitter entries will be until May 28, 2012 at 11:59pm.
All Photos will be uploaded on The PR Guy's Facebook page and there will be a 3 day liking phase!
The top 3 photos with the most number of likes are automatically the winners of the OraCare gift packs! (Complete mechanics soon!)

This contest is open to all Male and Female residents of the Philippines!

Don't forget to like OraCare on Facebook ok?


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  5. My client/doctor recommended Oracare. I used other brands before. But I found Oracare more effective. So switched to Oracare na. Tas my doctor advised me to use white toothpaste. Orcare has it too!


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