Take a look a the photo below… Done? Now tell me which item(s) of clothing stood out? To some of you it may be the candy hued pants and to some it may be the tassel loafers (which I'm not too crazy about even though I'm a big fan shoes!). Now what do you think of the socks? I must say that I like 'em that's why I'm dedicating this entire post to this little piece of garment that no one really talked about the past years… until now.
Photo from gq.com
Growing up, I can't leave the house wearing shoes without socks. I still remember the kinds that my mom bought me and my brother was the "schoolboy" ones. Almost knee high, heavily knitted, and the basics (black and white, but mostly, white). The closest that I get to wearing colored socks would be those with a harmless red (or blue) stripes and that would be in special occasions like birthdays, trips to Manila, yada yada

When I started earning money, socks would be the least of my (spending) priorities and if ever the need to buy arises (like when my toes starts to stick out of my socks) I'd usually go for the plain ones. Nakasanayan na eh. Socks are no biggie because they're just there. Hidden underneath the flaps of my pants and shoes.

Over the years, I've seen the "evolution" of fashion especially those of men and at this age and time, it's safe to say that the words "jologs" and "baduy" are things of the past. I mean come on! Have you seen how grade school students dress up nowadays? During my younger years, people would go ooh and aah everytime they see me and my older brother in matching shirts and bottoms and to think we are not even twins! But now, letting your mom dress you up is simply not an option anymore. It's every fashionable man (both young and old) for himself!

The question is... How to stand out?

You can't. But your look can be a little interesting with these SM Accessories socks!
shoes: Rockport
from THIS post, shoes: Vans
shoes: Converse Chuck Taylors (NEW) - stay tuned for my review!
from THIS post, shoes: Topman
Since we are on the topic, don't you just hate it when you are trying to achieve that sock-less look (ala John Lloyd Cruz) and the ankle socks that you're wearing gets pulled down involuntarily? Well you can always go totally sock-less but I find it quite uncomfortable and wearing one has its annoying catch but I made a discovery… I found the perfect ankle socks! And it's also from SM Accessories!

What made these socks different from its counterparts is...

…this gel patch located at the upper part of the sock's heels! It keeps the socks in place and the best thing about it is you won't even feel that it's there!

I wear this with my light colored shoes...
shoes: Get Sole
…and the black one...

…for my dark colored shoes!
shoes: Get Sole
How about you? Made any foot-related discovery lately? Share, share!

All socks from SM Accessories! Like them on Facebook ok?


  1. I have the same socks! Got that black ankle socks!


  2. I love wearing socks...only bed time...lol...But I love stripes:)

  3. Okay. I love this post. Yun lang. Title pa lang, love ko na siya.


  4. cool find, paul! ive been looking for a great ankle socks that really fits and works. thanks for sharing! and my list of what-to-buy are getting long. all from your blog. thaaaanks!


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