Picking up from my last post, The Body Shop recently launched their Beauty with Heart campaign. They also presented their latest brand advocate - activist, model and actor, Lily Cole.

Lily Cole is The Body Shop's first ever global brand advocate. Lily is refreshingly honest, human, and upfront about how she thinks the world could be a better place. Find out more as Lily offers a glimpse into what makes her tick and why she chose The Body Shop and vice versa. Read on to understand Beauty with Heart...

Why did you decide to become a global advocate for The Body Shop?
I have long been an advocate of the potential of using business and consumer power to cause positive change. The Body Shop takes a responsible attitude to people and the environment, and it feels amazing to be supporting a brand who are pioneers in that way of working.

How do you feel that the current generation's views of beauty are changing?
I feel like people are questioning superficial values and looking for real value instead. True beauty comes from within, and feel that more and more people are beginning to realize that.

What does Beauty with Heart mean to you?
There is nothing more attractive than someone with a beautiful heart - it just shines out. It is so contradictory to seek external beauty through products at the cost of other living beings. To me, beauty with heart means trying to achieve beauty in a way that is harmonious with your inner values.

How has The Body Shop inspired you to think differently about beauty?
The fact that The Body Shop was selling Henna when I was growing up definitely suggested that red hair was cool - before I was wise enough to recognize that myself! There is a natural quality to The Body Shop approach which places its emphasis on enhancing - rather than masking people's faces!

How do your personal values compare with the five core values of The Body Shop?
The Body Shop has five distinct Values which have defined and shaped it from its very beginning, and which I also identify with. I am still learning and growing, and discovering what is important to me is an educational and very personal process. I'm involved with the humanitarian and environment causes that are important to me because I believe that our planet and the people who live on it are incredibly special. If I can help inspire people in some small way to think about the world they live in and how they can make it a better place through their own personal actions and choices, then that makes me happy. This is just one of the reasons why I am working alongside The Body Shop.
How do you live your values on a daily level?
My personal values boil down to my intention: the intention to be aware, to be kind, to be honest, to make the informed choices. The intention is everything, though the reality will inevitably sometimes fall short. No one is perfect!

What inspired your interest in activism?
All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke. I used to have that quote on my bedroom door growing up! I'm not saying I'm a good man, but I think as soon as you are aware of injustices you have a responsibility to try and address them… So i guess some of it is inspired by some sort of guilt complex!

How can other people get involved?
I am still constantly trying to find and know my own truth, to be fearless. I'm not sure there is ever an end to this. Being strong enough to stand to stand within that position of difference and honoring your voice is the first step towards activism. I believe it's the small steps that matter.

What else are you currently working on?
I have three films coming out this year, and am working on a very exciting, fairly radical, project in the social media space.

Aside from Lily Cole, The Body Shop introduced the new look of one of their famous products, the Body Butters. What's so different about the new design?

  • Gorgeous photography focusing on a single natural ingredient
  • Photography of the natural ingredients used a magnifying glass to highlight their beauty

  • Logo surrounding the ingredient "protects" the natural ingredient within, symbolizing our Protect the Planet ethos
  • 100% recyclable packaging
Of course, The Body Shop's latest beauty sensation, the Beautifying Oils!
And The Body Shop Body Mists: Moringa, Satsuma, Shea, Strawberry, Vanilla and more!
To understand more of The Body Shop's Beauty with Heart campaign and its latest products, visit them on Facebook HERE.

The Body Shop store is undergoing a make-over! Find out more soon...


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