Father's Day is tomorrow already and here I am still trying to give out advices as to what you can give your dad on his day! But why limit Father's day to just tomorrow when you can make him feel special anytime and any day of the year? Or at least until you have enough savings to get him this scent? I swear it's all gonna be worth every cent 'coz this will last him until the next Father's Day!

Introducing, the John Varvatos fragrance collection...
John Varvatos who?
John Varvatos, a Detroit native joined Polo Ralph Lauren in 1983. Recruited by Calvin Klein in 1990, he was appointed head of menswear design and oversaw the launch of the men's collection and the influential cK brand.

In 1995, he returned to Polo as Head of Menswear Design for all polo Ralph Lauren brands and created the highly successful Polo Jeans Company. With this experience and success, John decided to develop his own line, John Varvatos in 2000.

The John Varvatos fragrance collection currently includes the original John Varvatos classic fragrance, which was launched in 2004, the John Varvatos Vintage fragrance launched in 2006, John Varvatos Artisan fragrance launched in 2009 and the recently launched limited edition John Varvatos Artisan Black fragrance.

For now let me tell you about the first two.

First up is the original John Varvatos

Modern, bold, and sophisticated, this scent is infused with a relaxed yet sensuous feeling. As elegant and masculine as it is intriguing, its subtle power conveys the refinement and the attention to detail so clearly present in every John Varvatos creation.
Introduction: Crisp, Masculine, & Inviting
Heart notes:
Rugged Trio of Rare Aromatics
Background: Rich Woodiness with balsamic, ambery, and leather undertones
Finale: Malt and touches of Vanilla extract
Up next, the John Varvatos Vintage fragrance…

Rooted in the original John Varvatos fragrance both olfactively and aesthetically, Vintage is distinctly unique with a rugged authenticity and enduring appeal that enables it to stand and excel on its own.
Introduction: Brisk, Spicy and Energetic
Heart Notes: Elegant centerpiece of Yugoslavian oak moss and extra pure patchouli oils
Background: Smooth and sensual with rare woods, tobacco, and suede accents

My thoughts:
The original John Varvatos fragrance is something I would wear with a crisp, white shirt. Perfect for power meetings among men. The scent is sophisticated but inviting in the sense that it will help you close a deal without leaving your peers in a weak state of defeat which most overpowering scents for men does sometimes. This scent is not "Command and Conquer" but rather, "Comrade and Conquer."

The John Varvatos Vintage however, falls on the musky, subtly sweet, and spicy department. If you know me well, you would know how I am with sweet smelling scents. I like it but between the two, I'd go for the original John Varvatos. Vintage is something I would wear with a blazer and jeans combo. Casual yet sexy, that would best define this scent.

Buying factor plus points:
Aside from the content (there's a lot!), the John Varvatos Fragrance Collection's bottle has "Collectability" factor. There's no point in buying just one if you won't buy the rest, eventually, if you collect perfumes (and perfume bottles).

The original John Varvatos and John Varvatos Vintage fragrances retails at Php4,650 in 4.2 fl. oz. and Php3,450 in 2.5 fl. oz.

The John Varvatos Fragrance Collection is exclusively distributed by Prestige Brands Philippines Inc. and is available at all leading department and fragrance stores nationwide!

Up next: The John Varvatos Artisan and the John Varvatos Artisan Black


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