Yabu held an exclusive dinner for the most influential online peeps last June 12 NOT to celebrate Independence Day (well, partly) but to enjoy the latest menu selections The House of Katsu has to offer.

Sumptuous food + good company (with good looking people) = recipe for a successful night of food indulgence (or pigging out in my dictionary).

Now what you are about to see (starting with the first photo) might overwhelm you with intense cravings for the ever famous Katsu of Yabu and please, don't fight it. Resistance is futile. Enjoy!

What: Yabu - Katsu for 25
When: June 12, 2012
Where: 2/F Mega Atrium, SM Megamall

The event started with a short introduction of what Yabu was going to serve us that evening as hosted by...
Martin de Vera
…and some short words from...
One of Yabu's bosses, Gerry Santos
Japanese Chef and Katsu Master, Kazuya Takeda
Now let the Hunger Games begin!

First up was Yabu's Special Katsudon. Served with miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing and a bowl of fruit.

Yabu Special Katsudon Sets:
Rosu Katsudon - Php330
Hire Katsudon - Php350
Chicken Katsudon - Php330
Ebi & Fish Katsudon - Php365

I got the Ebi & Fish Katsudon Set! (Not this photo)
From Master Kazuya, an original line of katsudon sets guaranteed to surprise and satisfy: Yabu katsu drizzled with a light and sweet miso-based sauce, accompanied by nori, bonito flakes, and a fried egg on top. A hint of shiso, or Japanese basil, is also found in the dish, adding an unexpected freshness.
We also got to try the sinfully healthy Salmon Katsu!

Of course Yabu, being a gracious host, allowed us to order the "usuals" which are the faves among the regular customers!

Of course, a visit to Yabu is not complete with the "sesame seed grinding" experience!

And a first for me! A taste of Sake. Bow.

And here are the good looking, good company I was with that night at Yabu...

Sarah and Bestie
Robbie and his brother
Dani and Pax
Vern and Verniece
Ana and Kelly
Yabu's brand manager - Denise Cabotage and part-owner, Mike Concepcion
Keigh and me!
Bestie (fangirl mode) with The Pickiest Eater in the World himself
Victor and Laureen
More group shots!

Speaking of many firsts, it was my fist time to meet Dani Barretto. Don't let her good looks and slim physique fool you. She ate everything on her plate! Yes, big bowl of Katsudon and all! Haha. Peace! It was my honor to take her outfit shot as seen HERE. Mahal ko na 'tong batang 'to!
Dani and Victor
And here's me with my unkempt hair and Mr. Pogi smile. Uy si Chef, Mr. Pogi din! Hehe.
with the Katsu Master, Chef Kazuya Takeda
I had a hard time doing this post because the thought the photos of the Katsu gave me was unbearable! So unbearable that I had to go back to Yabu a week after just to satisfy my Katsu cravings and this time I tried the best curry I've tasted in my life! As seen on Instagram...
 I even love the pineapple slices? Hmm… Bakit kaya?
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  1. Hahaha. That slice of pineapple for super p.

    Best curry? Ma-try nga. :)

  2. Hi Paul! These are really nice photos. :) We're happy you enjoyed our event and the new menu.

    Hope to see you again soon at Yabu!

    The Yabu Team


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