My life (and that of my iPhone's) is a little bit easier now because of the Third Rail System which I got just recently.

Aside from being able to charge my phone anytime and anywhere wirelessly, my iPhone never looked this slick and sexy before!

Introducing... the Third Rail System!
Third Rail System: Slim Case for iPhone 4, Smart Battery, User Manual, micro-USB Cable and USB Adapter Cable
This set costs Php3,850! But not to discourage you, the Third Rail System packs a punch and then some...

Let me show you a step-by-step process as to how this wireless charger and the case works!

Attaching the Case to your iPhone 4:
Separate the top and lower parts of the case.
Slide the iPhone into the lower part making sure that the connector in the base of the case is securely inserted in the bottom of the iPhone. Slide on the top of the case until it snaps in place.
Et voila! My iPhone looks astig but not bulky! (excuse the grimes and the scratches on the screen. Luckily, it's just the screen cover! Whew!)

Charging/Syncing your iPhone 4:
To charge and/or sync your phone without having to remove the case, use the micro-USB connector on the bottom of the Slim Case. Simply plug the supplied micro-USB cord into this connector and plug the other end into your computer.
To simply charge your iPhone, connect the cable to any USB power adapter.
Attaching the Smart Battery to Case:
Simply attach the Smart Battery on the back of the case by dropping the 4 legs of the Smart battery into the 4 openings on the case and slide the Smart Battery in place. To remove, slide the Smart Battery in the opposite direction.
Charging your Smart Battery:
Attach the included micro-USB cord to the USB-In port, labeled "IN" on your smart battery...
...and the other end into either your computer's USB port...
...or to a USB power adapter.
LEDs on the Smart Battery will illuminate in a sequence from right to left while charging.
When the Smart Battery has reached a full charge, all LEDs will turn off.

Your Smart Battery will also be charged when it is attached to your case while you are charging the iPhone as described above. This is a great way to charge both your iPhone and your Smart Battery using a single connection.
Checking the Status of your Smart Battery:
To check the current charge status of your Smart Battery, simply press the black button located on the bottom edge (just below the LEDs). The green LEDs will illuminate indicating the amount of available power. Five lit LEDs means that your Smart Battery is between 100 - 80% full, and one LED indicates that your Smart Battery is less than 20% full.  If no LEDs are lit, it's time for you to charge your Smart Battery. The LEDs on the photo above states that my Smart Battery is between 80 - 60% full.
How to Charge your iPhone using the Smart Battery via the Slim Case:
When the switch displays an orange dot, power will not flow to the iPhone.
Switch the the On/Off button to black in order for you to charge your iPhone.
Your Smart Battery can be used as an external charger for certain other devices like mp3 players, Bluetooth headsets etc., while it's on or off of the Slim Case, as well as supplemental power source for your iPhone 4.

Using the Smart Battery as Backup:
To charge a device from your Smart Battery, connect the device to the "OUT" port...
...via the supplied Third Rail USB Adapter...
...and the standard USB cable (originally supplied with your device). This can be done whether the Smart Battery is attached or unattached to the Slim Case.
If Php3,850 is too steep for you, you can always avail of the Third Rail Battery for just Php2,650...
Smart Battery, User Manual, micro-USB Cable, USB Adapter Cable
...or just the Third Rail Case for only Php1,850!
Slim Case for iPhone 4, User Manual, micro-USB Cable
The Third Rail System (Set, Case and Battery) is available at Beyond The Box, Digital Hub and Digital Walker. For more info, visit


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