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Xandra Rocha. Model. Entrepreneur (she owns Pinkerton Ice Cream!). Writes a food column for Business Insight and contributes to various food publications. A fixture (a beautiful one) in food events. And most importantly, she's an ordinary woman who also has her off days.
To recharge, Xandra treats herself to something indulgent, like a massage or a mouth-watering dessert. Yes folks, sweet food! "I want to eat my way around the world!" That's something you wouldn't expect to hear from a woman with a slim, svelte figure. She said that. Believe me.
Her daily work routine as the sole proprietor of a growing homemade ice cream business include orders, customer inquiries, and meetings - with the latter requiring to look good always. Xandra often turns to dressing well, but going back to her "off" days, she seeks the help of her black Jockey® Shapewear plus a pair of heels for that extra boost of confidence. "It helps me feel more put-together."


Yves Rocher, pronounced as eve - crochet (minus the c) - thank you very much, recently opened its fifth store last July 19 at Trinoma. Though its floor area is limited compared to their neighboring branch (SM North - if I'm not mistaken, their biggest as well), the store fell nothing short on its promise in providing products that is sure to satisfy the needs of its customers brought about by the power of plants.
Read on to find out why Yves Rocher is the No.1 skin care brand, No.1 cosmetics brand, and No.1 beauty institute in France!


If the hip and stylish dual color of the BoostCase Hybrid made quite an appeal to the younger generation (and young at heart!), I'm sure that the latest colors (there's two!) of the iPhone bestfriend will surely appeal to those who opt for a more conservative yet stylish take on its detachable Iphone battery charger!
Introducing… the BoostCase Hybrid in teal!


Earlier this month, I was invited for a bloggers conference at Marriott Manila for the launch of their month-long celebration of Oriental flavors via Marriott Cafe.
To pay tribute to this revered cuisine of the world; Marriott Manila brought home four of Asia's most famous cuisines.


I mentioned from THIS post about Jessica Sanchez becoming an endorser for Bench and to quote myself,
"And speaking of PFW, didn't you know know that America's Next Top Model stars Allison and Dominique is slated to walk the Bench show? Yes, but not only that! Bench has still more magic up its sleeves! Joe Jonas anyone? And also, don't forget that there's Dong Hae and SiWon of international K-Pop sensation Super Junior whose billboards are scattered all over the metro! Talk about international domination. That's a fine job you're doing there Bench! Jessica Sanchez - next? Who knows…"
Well surprise, surprise! She's now officially an endorser for the clothing giant as posted on Bench's Facebook Page this afternoon. Of course, on an unbiased note, the news was not completely positively accepted by the public based on the comments this photo garnered when it was posted awhile ago. As for me, this particular campaign of Bench will just make the Amer…


If you think that by letting you in on what a typical day for me is like by showing you the stuff I have at the back of my car (as seen HERE) and confess to the online world my OC-ness is deep on a personal level, well think again! This time, I'll show you the world that is inside this tiny piece of handbag I got from SM Accessories! By the way, this bag is the completion of this set which I've shown you HERE.
Tara! Let's dig deeper…


I don't have much to say about this outfit other than that I wore this to the SM Toon Fest event which I blogged about HERE. Since it's a cartoon character themed event, I looked up to my present childhood superhero for inspiration and here's what I came up with.
I'm saving you the trouble in connecting the links between my look and my post title so here goes…


You know the key in creating the most effective products at The Body Shop which us customers love? Innovation. Coupled with nature which is also a great source of creativity and efficacy, this is what you get...
It's time to power up with nature's finest as The Body Shop brings you...


July is closing with a bang! Here's the latest from our favorite fashion brand, beverage and TV!
Forever 21 at the Mall of Asia is now open! Get Php500 discount coupon when you shop between 10:00am to 10:30am on July 27!
Remember THIS contest which Moonleaf Tea Shop conducted for their latest flavor? Well it's out now!
The search for the next K-Pop Superstar begins! Are you inspiring to be Korea's next pop sensation? Make K-Pop Star Hunt your first step to stardom! With the success of its first season - attracting more than 50 million viewers across Asia - K-Pop Star Hunt is set to make its triumphant comeback for a second season.

To audition, all you need to do is bring out your cam and start filming. Upload your best K-Pop sing-and-dance routines to K-Pop Star Hunt's official website at Submission of entries ends on September. For more details, click HERE.

More news and updates on the latest in the online and and real world scene, brought to you…


Do you like this pair of shoes I wore HERE and HERE? If you do, now is your chance to win your very own pair!
Zipz shoes are the world's first sneakers with interchangeable covers! Created in the US, this one-of-a-kind, mix and match rubber shoe comes in classic canvas colors and fashionable prints that you can wear to any occasion.

Here's how it works:
See this zipper here?


Urbanears first concept store in the Philippines is opening on August 14 at the Podium and at the same day, they will also announce their Fall/Winter collection! And in celebration, Urbanears is holding an Instagram contest! Here's how to join: MECHANICS: 1. Take a photo of yourself with your favorite pair of Urbanears Zinken, Plattan (Php2,950), Plattan Plus (Php3,450), Medis (Php2,450), Medis Plus (Php2,950), Tanto (Php1,950) or Bagis (Php1,200) headphones. 2. Theme of the photo: Express your freedom and individuality in colors
3. Upload your photo/s on Instagram and e-mail link/s to: (include your name, address and contact number)
4. One user may upload a maximum of 3 entries only
5. Caption your photo: "ColorMe + headphone color" and use the hashtag #Urbanears (i.e. ColorMeIndigo #Urbanears)
6. Successful entries will also be uploaded on Digits Trading's Facebook page (
7. You may invite your friedns to like yo…


I'm a pack rat.

Need proof? Well, this is how the back of my car usually looks like on a daily basis. A day for me includes a couple of events, meetings, meetings and did I say events? I did? Ok.
Now how do I get by a day looking somehow fresh and always ready? I bring these stuff! Boy scout yata ako.
I carry an extra blazer, bag (to hold my little bags, perfume, etc...), bag for my laptops, bag for my camera and its accessories, extra pair of shoes...


You know what I do when I'm depressed?
The PR Guy goes on a retail 'shoe' therapy!
Here's a week's worth of shoes that I acquired over the past 2 weeks I was down...


To school or not to school? That is my college conundrum.
I'm planning to continue my studies but not as a full time student. With work and my blog life in the way, I don't think that I'll be able to manage it. Anyway, not for anything else, I'm gonna enroll myself in Ateneo! I've heard from a friend that they offer special courses perfect for my "needs" and at the same time, the school is kinda near home and my office.
Funny story: I came across my former boss during one of my visits to the bank and while he was talking to the bank manager, he suddenly looked up right at me and asked "Di ba Atenista ka Paul?" I didn't know where that came from but I just blurted out "Ay hindi po, mukha lang." What the? Scratch the funny story. Make it epic fail. It also left me into thinking "How does a student these days look? An Atenista at that?"
This perhaps? So what's up with the title? Well, my Candy interview finally came out! …


There's a lot of Japanese Restaurants here in Manila claiming authenticity but the question is, how do Japanese Cuisine becomes authentic? Obviously the food itself should be Japanese in order for it to be authentic but do factors like the setup of the restaurant matters? Should there be a Japanese chef present during the whole process of food preparation?

For me, it's all about the passion. That and all that is mentioned above and I know of one perfect restaurant that serves authentic Japanese food made even more enticing with the modesty of the people behind it. Introducing...
If you're a big fan of Japanese cuisine like I am, this one is for you. And for more mouth-watering photos, you know what to do. (click, click!)


Reg helped Bar Dolci organize a food-tasting event for  us bloggers last month. The event were also her despedida party for her semi-migration to Singapore. She's gonna work there and probably enjoying some chili crabs as you read this. Reg, if you're (really) reading this, this is my way of telling you that we miss you already and that I hope that this post will help you get over your being homesick (or not). You girls all looked good here by the way.
Anyway, on with the food fest!


Prestige Brands Philippines held an exclusive press event at their headquarters last July 5 to launch the latest fragrance from Idesa Parfums, Armand Basi Rose Glacée.

With different intervals for different press mediums I, along with the metro's top female beauty and fashion bloggers, were the last group to "chat" with Idesa Parfum's International Division Heads Carlos and Stella. Of course being bloggers, we didn't just went there to get to the specifics of the brand. I personally had a historical moment struggle by using the word Spaniards instead of Spanish. The infamous "Manila traffic" and balut were brought up as well and before you roll your eyes dear readers, let me just say that WE just can't help it. Sorry.
But if we did not brought those things up, we wouldn't have discovered this eccentric chef who makes green goo taste like omelette (and that it takes 4 to 5 years for a table reservation in his restaurant), and how our traffic is n…


I believe that there's beauty in simplicity that's why I'm keeping my intro short… and simple.

Introducing… the most ambitious headphones Urbanears has created!

Zinken The Zinken (as seen HERE and HERE) was developed with the professional DJ in mind but with respect to those who can't afford an ultra expensive pair of headphones. But mind you, even if it's designed to thrive in a DJ environment, the Zinken is also perfect for day-to-day use. Plus it's stylish in a conventional kind of way!

Don't let the simplicity of these headphones fool you 'coz it packs a punch and then some! Here are the reasons why…


The country's leading department store introduces K-Pop style into this season's toon fashion collection. Held at the Rizal B Ballroom of Makati Shangri-La Hotel, glitzy, glam, funky and spunky looks highlighted by bright colors and bold patterns were showcased in the latest collections of SM Department Store Toon Fest giving favorites like Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and Barbie newfound sartorial energy. To amp up kid's fashion choices, SM Department Store injected the electrifying excitement of K-Pop fashion into its character apparel while keeping things colorful and fun! And with the forever effervescent and dynamic (yes, I like her that much) Issa Litton as the event's host and Makati Shangri-la's delectable food offerings, we were assured that we are gonna have a rockin' shingihan afternoon!
We were also greeted by SM Department Store VP for Children's Fashion, Ms. Jo Dy Juanco, who further told us more about the latest collection and according to …


Headlining the new breed of Manila's young ingenues is a 24 year old, fashion designer, Vania Romoff. Born and raised into a family of fashion, Romoff grew up surrounded by all things style and design. She inherited the eye and taste to intricate detail and fine craftsmanship. Her grandmother was the first couturier in the small town of Cebu in the Philippines. As a result, her mother, as well as her brother, followed suit in the fashion industry, and inevitably, so did Vania; a true testament that her history with fashion goes beyond skin deep. The familial roots of haute couture have been handed over to her to carry on. Taking a leap of faith to broaden her horizon, Vania eventually moved to the country's capital Manila where she pursued a formal education at the School of Fashion and Arts. It is here that she mastered the intricacies and the complexities of fashion as a craft. This move was instrumental in further refining the skills and the creativity she developed in the…


I'm a shallow person. Really.
Little things make me happy.
From the numbers of my Twitter, Facebook, GFC accounts going up (even if it's just a plus 1 on a per day basis), to the casual hi/hello I get from people who recognizes me as Paul The PR Guy, to the brands who risk being associated with me and my blog, and to my friends who encourages me to update often with supportive sweet comments to back their words up… those are the best! They are music to my ears. Sweet, sweet music...


I was privileged enough to be invited by Bench to meet Rajo Laurel and at the same time shop along with my favorite couple bloggers (you know them) but unfortunately I was not able to meet Mr. Laurel because I have to leave early for some Saturday work commitments. I decided to go back a couple of hours later hoping that I'll be able to catch up with the meet-up but Rajo already left. Luckily, I still got to see David, Lissa, Seph & Shai, and Mr. JC Buendia (for Kashieca) and Ava (I was with Ana, Dani and Pax by the way). The best part? I was able to shop and keep a Bench/OJ + Rajo jeans and shorts. More of those soon on my outfit posts, for the meantime, here's what went down that day...


I'm a big music fan. I first associated myself with music through dancing! My first dance song? Electric Youth of Debbie Gibson. She's big during that time. Like how Britney Spears is big during hers. However, my talent in singing (Yes, I can sing. You should check out my Youtube videos, haha) is self-developed. I started to learn how to hum a tune when Westlife came out with their second song, If I Let You Go, from their first album. I'm a boy-band era kid! I also have a wide collection of tapes! Beat that. Haha.
Of course, as I got older, my taste in music evolved. My choices were never consistent though because I listen to a lot of different kinds of music but if ever I'll have a career as a singer, I'd definitely go for the alternative/rock genre. Along with the evolution was the transition of tape to CDs! I do collect CDs even though there's iTunes. It may not be as convenient and cheaper but I find attachment in things that are tangible. Like real books c…


There's a new kind of milk tea in town and it's white! Excited to find out out what it is? I am too! But before we get to the big reveal, join me as we elevate the anticipation of knowing what this exciting new flavor Moonleaf has in store for us! How? You know what to do. (Click, click!)


Have you been to the Mall of Asia lately? You should not miss visiting 'Pulse' - the newly revamped The Body Shop store.

So what's the difference between the old The Body Shop and the new one? Well, if you loved the former store setup, Pulse will make you fall in love with the store for the second time around! Pulse is a breath of fresh air! Both figuratively and literally!
Interactive, forward-thinking and focused on beauty and community, the Pulse boutique is set to bring The Body Shop to a whole new generation of beauty-centric, values savvy-individuals. Come and let me take you on a tour as The Body Shop opens its doors on its boutique browsing experience, Pulse!


It's time to practice your layering skills as 7 For All Mankind brings you its latest from its Fall 2012 Lookbook!

For this season, 7 For All Mankind goes dark and denim and puts the highlight on jean jackets and blazers in denim, leather, and corduroy. Of course, the pre-requisite cardigan for the season makes an appearance too! Check out the rest of the Lookbook and my picks here!


Staying on the cutting edge of children's fashion, SM Department Store injects the electrifying excitement of K-Pop fashion into its character apparel. Glitzy, glam, funky and spunky looks highlighted by bright colors and bold patterns showcase the new collections, giving favorites like Garfield, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy and Barbie newfound sartorial energy. This season's SM Toon Fest exclusive lines combine all-original licensed character apparel with Korean style dynamics to elevate kids' fashion choices - while keeping things colorful and fun! Available in stores nationwide, SM Toon Fest carries trendy apparel emblazoned with the familiar faces and logos of favorite characters. Hello Kitty, Robby Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, and Marvel Superheroes like Spiderman are just a few of the licensed characters represented by the line. Old favorites like the Disney Princesses, Disney Fairies, and the Sesame Street gang also have their own quirky-yet-stylish collections.

Girls will enj…