Prestige Brands Philippines held an exclusive press event at their headquarters last July 5 to launch the latest fragrance from Idesa Parfums, Armand Basi Rose Glacée.

With different intervals for different press mediums I, along with the metro's top female beauty and fashion bloggers, were the last group to "chat" with Idesa Parfum's International Division Heads Carlos and Stella. Of course being bloggers, we didn't just went there to get to the specifics of the brand. I personally had a historical moment struggle by using the word Spaniards instead of Spanish. The infamous "Manila traffic" and balut were brought up as well and before you roll your eyes dear readers, let me just say that WE just can't help it. Sorry.

But if we did not brought those things up, we wouldn't have discovered this eccentric chef who makes green goo taste like omelette (and that it takes 4 to 5 years for a table reservation in his restaurant), and how our traffic is not an asset (which we all know kids) and that we need to do something about it. Don't worry Carlos, our government is struggling fixing this issue up and they are doing a great job at it. Right MMDA?

On a lighter (and fresher!) note, don't you just love this set that you're looking at? Well aside from geographical, historical, and personal stuff, we also talked about Rose Glacée! The latest fragrance from the Armand Basi line.

A little something about the brand…
Since the debut of its first collection in 1986, the Armand Basi brand has embedded its style and fashion offerings within a framework of intellectual discourse based on social commentary. The brand's original taste for avantgarde artistic references has evolved side-by-side a dynamic sense of aesthetics, a natural consequence of the desire to be on the cutting edge.
Here's Stella sharing the Rose Glacée story with us...
In the latest collections and fragrances, emotion has gained ground over the minimalism and austerity of the Zen philosophy. And in this context, the new fragrance by Idesa Parfums was born, a creative concept built on the emotions caused by geometry and a favourite flower: the Rose.

The Rose being the universal flower represents the mystery of femininity. It is the most perfect flower. Her beauty is a delight for the eyes; she is fragrant, Baroque, splendid, intoxicating to smell, velvety soft and fragile. And just like women, it is also treacherous, rebellious and defiant: her protective thorns will prick the hand that attempts to cut her.
The packaging represents the fragrance's duality. On one hand, a feminine and delicate design in pink hues with the Rose as the main element; and on the other hand, a geometric paper rose which is modern with unconventional touch.
"Glacée" is a French word that means frozen. That's Rose Glacée for you.

Idesa Parfums International Division Heads Stella Chew and Carlos Dogliani

Rose Glacée, the name of the new fragrance embodies the tension that is in its makeup. Warm and cool, smooth but aggressive, friendly but treacherous, beautiful but ephemeral. It's perfect, though fragile, welcoming but prickly. Pretty much like these...

The roses with their wicker bags, (standing from left to right) Bestie, Arnie and Ana. (seated from left to right) Earth, Jen and Aisa.
Now let's talk about the real star of the event… the Armand Basi Rose Glacée!
The dew-strewn rose at dawn. The freshness that soothes impatience. Perfection frozen in time. The cold that stimulates and awakens. The spiral from which life springs forth. The mystery that slowly reveals itself. The veiled offer of pleasure, like a promise for the future. A hunger for life. The intensity of youth. The insatiable and unbridled joy of living.
Organic and geometric, the rose is the heart and inspiration of this new fragrance by Armand Basi.
I've never encountered a perfume brand which is so consistent from its core up to its appearance! The smell? It is exactly how a fresh rose smells in the morning. Though it is floral and girly, it still has this sophistication and structure which I'm sure most women will appreciate. Pretty much like the rose.

Now let's get technical...
The freshness of a fresh-cut rose sprinkled with morning dew is embodied in the captivating scent of Armand Basi Rose Glacée.

A sparkling and youg top note of green apple in a stimulating alliance with fruity and citrussy notes of grapefruit and lemon.

A bright and feminine middle note in which Piaget rose reigns supreme, recalling, with its petal trimmed lice lace, a morning in May. The original harmony of intense cinnamon and peach nectar surprises the senses.

A bottom note of light woods, amber and musk crystals is sensual and woody.

A young and avantgarde fragrance which is elegant and modern. The rose as the highest expression of femininity, but also of defiance and sassiness. Contemporary charm and chic.

Armand Basi Rose Glacée's rose avoids clichés. It is fresh, young and modern, with a chic and sensual quality added by its naming in  French.
Armand Basi Rose Glacee is available in EDT Spray 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml
A rose-shaped design and original concept which is consistent in every way. Young, bold and modern. That's Armand Basi Rose Glacée.


  1. Ang saya saya nito especially your historical moment!! :)) Di ko kayo malilimutan. Hahaha! Thank you thank you for bringing us here, Paul. Sobrang pleasured to be in this intimate and fun event! :D See you again soon, guys!

  2. Last utang comment! :)
    Sayang naddyahe nako sa interviews e eto buhay ko noong college, lol, buti nalang ang dami mong tanong bff! Kahit Spaniards levels na hahaha. Kept the ball rolling, yown haha!


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