To school or not to school? That is my college conundrum.

I'm planning to continue my studies but not as a full time student. With work and my blog life in the way, I don't think that I'll be able to manage it. Anyway, not for anything else, I'm gonna enroll myself in Ateneo! I've heard from a friend that they offer special courses perfect for my "needs" and at the same time, the school is kinda near home and my office.

Funny story: I came across my former boss during one of my visits to the bank and while he was talking to the bank manager, he suddenly looked up right at me and asked "Di ba Atenista ka Paul?" I didn't know where that came from but I just blurted out "Ay hindi po, mukha lang." What the? Scratch the funny story. Make it epic fail. It also left me into thinking "How does a student these days look? An Atenista at that?"

This perhaps?
Main Street leather jacket
The Student Body collared shirt
Tomato Jeans
Rolu shoes
SM Accessories bag
So what's up with the title? Well, my Candy interview finally came out! If you have a copy of the July 2012 issue, just turn to page 54 and read The College Conundrum by Joanna Manalastas.
Is getting a degree really all it's cracked up to be?
I'm saving you the effort of browsing through the magazine by posting some snippets of the interview. Of course, only those that are mine.

When school stops being an option
In today's economy, it's not surprising that students opt to stop schooling in order to start earning. "After high school, I moved to Manila to pursue college. A relative committed to take care of my college expenses, but backed out at the last minute," shares Paul Chuapoco. He went back to Cabanatuan and got accepted into Nueva Ecija's prestigious Wesleyan University, but he knew his mom was struggling with expenses so he chose to stop and wait for his older brother to graduate before continuing with his studies. "I never got around to doing that," Paul admits.
The Student Body  "Blue Egles" collared shirt
Using failure to your advantage
For his part, Paul says, "Not being able to finish college made me twice as motivated to excel, though not necessarily in school. I have always been a firm believer that there's a reason behind everything that happens in your life and whatever that is, you have no choice but to wake up every day, be thankful that you are still alive, and go on.
SM Accessories bag
From college to real life
"College taught me  to never pressure myself to achieve particular goals in life because these are just the standards," says Paul, who is now managing director of Practice Makes Perfect (PMP) Communications Company, a public relations firm that he founded. "But I would definitely advise students to never ever think of quitting school. College is best experienced and enjoyed at the right age and time. Cherish the support that you get from your family and friends while it lasts because in reality, it's going to be evry man for himself once you start working."
Rolu shoes
On a different note (but still high with the school spirit), what do you think of my Blue Eagles shirt I got from The Student Body? It has a++ quality and has a nice feel to it. Also comes in different versions for UP, UST, FEU and most prestigious colleges in the metro. Check them out HERE and don't forget to follow them on Twitter for that new level of school spirit!

Photos by Roxanne Young


  1. Alam mo ba since all-girls school ako haha first "interaction" namin na all-boys school with A-boys haha, kaya may "something" sakin pag sinabing Atenista e lol. Anyway! Proud of your feature bff! Continue to inspire, next time esquire levels na yang feature mo :)

    1. so may "kilig" kapag atenista? hohoho. looking forward to that esquire feature. Uy, bff! remember yung simple "bucket list" na naisip ko gawin? I wanna include "Be a Candy Cutie." Madali lang ba yun? Hehe.

  2. Very well said!!! :) Dahil dyan, vote ka namin Candy Cutie! Hahaha campaign manager mo kami nila Ana! Go go go!!


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