Yves Rocher, pronounced as eve - crochet (minus the c) - thank you very much, recently opened its fifth store last July 19 at Trinoma. Though its floor area is limited compared to their neighboring branch (SM North - if I'm not mistaken, their biggest as well), the store fell nothing short on its promise in providing products that is sure to satisfy the needs of its customers brought about by the power of plants.

Read on to find out why Yves Rocher is the No.1 skin care brand, No.1 cosmetics brand, and No.1 beauty institute in France!

Allow me to multi-task by telling you the story of Yves Rocher while giving you a tour inside their Trinoma store.

Founded in 1959 by a true visionary, Monsieur Yves Rocher invented the first plant-based cosmetic products in the village of La Gacilly, France. Regarded as France's pioneer of botanical beauty - a unique and ethical practice of beauty that gets its inspiration from plants that not only respects women's skin care needs, but the planet as well.

With over 50 years of history, knowledge and extensive research by a specialized team of scientists on botanical skin care, Yves Rocher continues to offer women an array of botanical beauty products, offered at the best price.

Every year, Yves Rocher develops close to 30 new botanical active ingredients and uses over 1,100 species of plants to address all skin care needs. Each product is developed to respond intelligently to the specific needs of oily, dull, sensitive or dehydrated skin.

Yves Rocher also has scents for women...

…and men!

You can also choose from a variety of products made available for your basic skin care needs...

…to your everyday cosmetic must-haves.

Yves Rocher products will also help you improve your well-being with moisturizers, whitening, and anti-aging products to restore and regenerate your skin.

Spotted at the opening were Isabel Roces,
When I asked, why does she always look nice, she replied "Must be the make-up." I doubt it.
Shen with Vianca Tan - Yves Rocher Brand Manager.

And this is me. Obviously delighted.

With the gorgeous ladies of Yves Rocher...

Yves Rocher also boasts of the repackaged Elixir 7.9 in a bigger and more economical 30ml bottle (Php1,190).
Elixir 7.9 uses just the right amount of seven plant actives: Apple Oligosides, Acacia Gum, Inositol from Green Rice, Tara Galactosides, Aloe Vera Polyosides, Mangiferine from the Aphloia plant and Betaine from beetroot, ingredients which help reactivate youth restoring mechanisms of the skin PLUS nine anti-aging patents; a treatment capable of doubling the efficacy of your anti-aging skin care.
I was able to score some Yves Rocher goodies! These are the items I decided to keep and use and I must say that they're doing one heck of an effective job for my face, breakouts and feet!
Elixir 7.9 for my face, foot scrub, and my favorite among the bunch - the Pure System Spot Corrector. It works in as fast as 6 hours in drying up pimples! Swear!
Now I want you to try the wonders of botanical skin care that's why I'm giving away this Yves Rocher bath set to one lucky reader!
Yves Rocher Radiance Shampoo, Organic Vanilla soap, Organic Vanilla lotion and Organic Vanilla fragrance
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To know more about the benefits of botanical skin care, visit Yves Rocher at http://www.yves-rocher.com/ or like Yves Rocher France (Philippines) on Facebook!


  1. Glad Yves Rocher opened another store. How awesome! I love Yves Rocher, for good skin care they are the best cuz they are natural, not very expensive though. Isn't it great?

    I'm hoping to win your giveaway cuz I love everything about vanilla. Seriously, I have vanilla candles, vanilla scents and I even put vanilla in my fruit shakes. Yay! Badly want to win that awesome Yves Rocher bath set! :)

    GFC name: Avi
    email address: buncaras_marvi@yahoo.com
    Twitter ID: @marvibuncaras01

  2. Wow! I thought Yves Rocher products are very expensive. When they opened a store at Sm Fairview (near our house) I was intrigued with their skin care and makeup products. I know they carry botanical beauty products and I'm giddy to try them but again I have doubt with the price. But when I saw the products on sale last month, I was really wrong! I want to try their hair care products because I'm on a look for something that will make my tresses shiny. And anything botanical is a plus plus plus for me!

    I hope to win the set :D But if not, it's ok. Hehehe

    GFC: Kath
    Email: kraziekitkath@yahoo.com
    Twitter ID: @Kathneko

  3. Wow!Another amazing store has opened.Gosh,I'm missing a lot:)I wish I had the chance to visit the store and buy some stuff:)I love Vanilla infused fragrance:)

    And b4 i forget,You look dashing Mr.Pr Guy,as always:)

    GFC: arra
    Email: naked_cannibal@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @NakedArra

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. It looks like I'll be paying a visit to Trinoma soon. I've been wanting to check out Yves Rocher products as I have seen a lot of good reviews about them from my fellow bloggers. Now that you're giving me, as well as the others, the opportunity/chance to get our hands on some Yves Rocher products, then I'm not going to let this one pass. ;)

    Plus I am in need of a good shampoo! I've used a lot of different brands and most of them just resulted to breakouts which is why I change from one brand to the other every now and then.

    It sucks because it's really hard to find a good one that will work for you (or as we call it "hiyangan" sa products). That Yves Rocher shampoo bottle just might be perfect for me!

    GFC: kmmyp /kim yap
    email: kmmyp@live.com
    twitter: @lontre

  6. my face primer was from yves rocher. It is not that expensive compared to other brands but it delivers more than what I expected. It makes my makeup intact and does not make my face oily. I heard that their foundation works well too. I would also want to commend their SAs. They are super accommodating...far from being snooty.
    Thanks for this post. I guess I need to visit their branch at Trinoma.

    gfc: blahblahblogchef
    email: tsasinmi@gmail.com
    twitter: @chazenliberty

  7. i havent tried any yves rocher product. i feel it's too expensive for me. but, who knows, maybe one of these days, i'd get the chance to try any of their products:

    email jcajote(at)gmail(dot)com
    twitter jayarcy

  8. wow, organic stuff. Maybe I should try their products one time :))

    gfc: Harmony Valdoz
    e-mail: harmonyvaldoz@yahoo.com
    twitter: hahaharmony_

  9. Gfc: mich michelene
    Email: michelene_Jenny@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @michmichelene

    I would definitely love to try out the Yves Rocher products because I've been hearing and reading so many great things about it! :)


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