I've always been curious as to what it'd be like to be an older brother to a sister. You see, all three of us siblings are boys. I'm the middle child (the charming and the most talented one, hehe - not worried for their violent reactions 'coz my bros doesn't check my blog... I think). My mom dreamt of having a female child and premature plans of showering her with all the kakikayan stuff a girl can get were even made! But mom is old and tired already (so is her eggs!) that's why she doesn't have any choice but to spend the rest of her life with her boys daydreaming of moments where she gets to braid the hair of a daughter that could be. But being the good sons that we are, we let her pierce our ears (yes, all three of us - I even had five ear piercings! believe me.) back when the trend for men earring were still catching up!

Now what if I had a sister? And a beautiful one named Dani at that? Let me share to you how a day with my sister from tita Marjorie (wow! close?) went by. Can you spell R-I-O-T?

Starting with what we wore for the rest of the day na Stylebible worthy pala. Both taken at the opening of Yabu at Robinsons Magnolia.
Nick Automatic top
Topman pants
Zipz shoes
Hair - Juro Salo Exclusif
And here's bunsong Dani (she doesn't want me to call any other young girl blogger bunso, mind you) - and together, we are the American flag.
Hair - Juro Salon Exclusif
Here's a rundown of what happened last Tuesday (August 21, 2012)

  • Met up with Dani past 12noon at Burgos Circle for our appointment at Juro Salon Exclusif were we had a pampering session. Mine's a quick one with master hair artist Jude Hipolito. Hers was a very long (#true) hair makeover! She had bangs done plus her hair color changed. (More about this on a separate post)
  • Left the salon at half past three. We decided to do a drive-thru at the nearest Mcdonald's because Dani needs her Twister Fries fix. Took a cab (my car was on coding that day but still I was able to, actually my driver did, bring it there at the given coding window time). Thank God the Mcdo that we went to had no drive-thru! We needed to get out of the cab because it smelled like a dead person (if that's even possible) took a ride there before us.
  • Took another cab to Serendra where Dani introduced me to the power of a well groomed brows at Browhaus. Yes folks! I had brow threading for Php580. 580 people! 580!!! (separate post for this)
  • Met up with Ana and Krissy before going to High Street to kill some time. We can't leave yet not until my car's coding is lifted up. Did Dani's outfit shots. Had some original glazed at Krispy Kreme. We waited. Someone's getting antsy - Dani. Ssh… When it was safe to go,
  • we rode our way from Fort Bonifacio to New Manila for the opening of Yabu at Robinsons Magnolia. Dropped off Krissy at Trinoma and fetched Bestie before proceeding to the Katsu palace where we got to endure some scream fest courtesy of Dani when we passed Balete Drive.
  • Finally arrived at Yabu Robinsons Magnolia just in time before the program started. We ate. Laughed. Ate some more. Laughed some more. Then went home happy with a full tummy (hehe).

About having a sister
I don't need another one. I already have. Her name's Dani. Protective kuya mode on.


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