I've mentioned in my recent The Body Shop entry that the brand is going digital in doing their part in saving and protecting the planet by encouraging their Love Your Body members/cardholders in giving up their plastic cards and go digital instead with the Love Your Body Digital Membership Card. This is my first time to register for the exclusive perks and discounts of The Body Shop via its membership card and here I'll show you a step-by-step process on how it's done with my iPhone. (iPad and iTouch also compatible; Soon for other Android phones).

1. Go to any The Body Shop store and inquire for the Love Your Body digital membership card. Log in your name and mobile number.

2. An SMS will be sent to your mobile phone prompting you to download the Perkd app in order for you to get the card.
(Read through the rest of this post because I and the gorgeous people behind The Body Shop has prepared a giveaway for you)

3. Download the Perked app. It's just FREE!
4. Welcome to Perkd! It's time for you to sign up for your own account. If you already have a Perkd account, just enter your mobile number and your password.
5. For new accounts, enter your name, gender, birthday and your mobile number. Then press the arrow right beside Get Perkd.
6. Of course you need to enable notifications from Perkd! A text message will then be sent to your mobile phone.
7. It's your verification code which also serves as your password for your Perkd account!
8. Enter your verification code.
9. And your The Body Shop Digital Card is now ready!
10. Tadah! Just present your phone with your LYB Card everytime you make a purchase at The Body Shop and enjoy the perks an exclusive LYB member gets! It's easy to be one!
I had my LYB experience at The Body Shop Trinoma and I have to thank these gorgeous ladies who helped me all throughout the process. Special thanks to Danica!

It's giveaway time! Get a chance to win these TBS products by doing these simple steps:
The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter and Cream Body Scrub
1. Follow me on Google Friend Connect (just click on the "Join this site" tab located on the right side bar of my blog)
2. Like The PR Guy and The Body Shop on Facebook.
3. Follow me on Twitter.
4. Tweet this: "@PaulThePRGuy and #TheBodyShop is giving away a Vineyard Peach Set here (insert link of this post)"
5. Comment on this post! I love hearing from you! Share your green experience with The Body Shop or any of your efforts in protecting the planet. Don't forget to leave your GFC name, email address (the one that you use on Facebook), and Twitter ID at the end.

This contest is open to female residents of the Philippines only. Contest will run until August 31, 2012.


  1. GFC: Harmony Valdoz
    Twitter: @hahaharmony_

    Plastic is not allowed here in Muntinlupa anymore so we go to supermarkets with our own bags or they would provide paper bags/box. It feels nice to know that we can help out in our own way.

    The Body Shop sets a good example :)

  2. We always segregate in our house.And now will support the no plastic campaign in malls.

    GFC: manel acha

  3. I don't litter, swear! That's my own little way of helping/protecting Mother Earth. :)

    GFC: abigail atizardo

  4. Since Habagat and Ondoy troubled manila. This is such a good way to protect our country frm any disaster again. As we say "let's start in our own little way". With one of the implemented eco-friendly things. FOr us to save the world. Our loving mother earth :)

    GFC: heyayahcar
    Twitter: @heyayahcar

  5. Well,as a lover of nature I love to take care plants and makesure that I use less plastics so I always bring an eco bag with me when I shoppe:)As for the Body Shop,I havent tried any Body Shop products,hope I win so that finally I can try it:)

    GFC: arra
    Twitter: @NakedArra

  6. In order to protect our planet I do not burn garbage like leaves, paper,plastics etc. We have a compost pit in our backyard where we put all the biodegradable materials on it to be a fertilizer to our plants. As for the non-biodegradable we recycled it,like making a bag out of shampoo sachet, or tetra pack of a certain juice drinks. We sold empty glass of liquor etc. for it to be recycled also. We just have to follow every rules like throwing your garbage in the garbage can in order for us to protect our planet. Also please plant more flowers and trees to make our air fresher. It help reduce air pollution. Protecting the planet is so easy. We should always keep in mind that God is good because he provided all the things that we need here. The work depends on us in how we should use as well as protect our planet. We should love our planet like how we love others. So lets protect our planet for the future of human kind :)

    GFC: Carmina Aguilar
    Twitter: @hanim10


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