I took inspiration from the 1920s (my favorite style era) for my latest look (see HERE). Though I wanted to look like the guy straight-out-of-the-old-movies on a regular basis, I know I can't. That would be a big investment. But at least I get to be that guy on one of the recent event that I went to. Their theme? 1920s glam. That's one for the ladies. As for me, I had it easy.

Let me take you back in time with Laura Mercier.
What: Laura Mercier 1920s Glam Party
Where: Prive, Fort Strip
A short presentation of Laura Mercier's Holiday 2012 Colour Story: Art Deco Muse opened the program. They talked about makeup...

…and other girly stuff which I wasn't able to take note of because I was distracted by all these beautiful ladies.

To know more about Laura Mercier's latest collection, click on the links that I'll be providing of the fashion / beauty bloggers who went there. In the meantime,

let me delight you with these photographs I took of the 1920s themed event. Enjoy!
Joanna Ladrido, a favorite that night.
This guy, Jeffrey Tasker, brought life to the party. It was my first time to meet him and he's a delight to watch and listen to. Take this scenario for instance...
Jeffrey Tasker has developed his reputation with over a decade of experience in the fashion and cosmetics industry. After receiving a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychiatry, Jeffrey furthered his creative career by pursuing a Degree in Makeup Artistry from the Makeup School of San Diego. Jeffrey jump started his career in the beauty industry while working in Los Angeles as an assistant to lead artists on movies. Jeffrey continued his growth in the industry and worked with leading cosmetic brands before coming on board with Laura Mercier. His work has been showcased in various national and international publications such as Instyle, Vogue and Nylon at the same time worked during NY, Paris, Houston and London Fashion Week. He has also been featured on programs such as Sex and the City, Today Show, Oprah Winfrey, Good Morning America, Miss America and Miss USA among others.
Wondering what he's up to with his stained lips?
Well he used it to plant a good one on the cheeks of these ladies who randomly won the coveted Laura Mercier beauty kits.

And here they are:
Joanna Ladrido
Sarah Tirona
But he failed on Agoo! She's wise and cunning. Haha.
Preview Magazine's Agoo
swatches of lipsticks on Earth's arm
More photos!
Shen, Angela, Earth, Martha and Marj
with Martha
one more time with the ladies!
Gorgeous ladies of Laura Mercier

Raya, Earth & Isabel
Earth, Martha, Bec & Tracy

Pax with friends
More gorgeous people of Laura Mercier
A friend asked me why do I keep on attending events such as this. First of, I was invited. I'm pretty much sure that the PR people and the person who invited me had a good head on them in considering that even though this was a female centered event, there's a place for a male blogger like me there. And if I missed out on this particular event, I wouldn't be able to capture the portraits of these beautiful specimens… Mind you, there's effort in creating these.
Marj Sia
Martha Sta. Barbara
Sarah Tirona
Shen Gee
Earth Rullan
Angela Nepomuceno
Bec San Diego
Tracy Ayson
Ana Gonzales

Joanna Ladrido
Enzo Ladrido & Dominique Tiu
Aisa Ipac
Isabel Roces
More About Jeffrey Tasker
Jeffrey has always had a great desire to learn and share his knowledge with others. He believes education is the best cornerstone of being the best at what you do. Knowledge for both clients and artists creates enthusiasm, and excitement is empowering. "I keep my client's needs and interests at the top of my priority list", says Jeffrey of his approach at counter. Jeffrey listens to his clients to create skincare regimens, Flawless Face wardrobes and color palettes that meet their expectations. "I want my clients to envision me as an updated and educated makeup artist who will enhance their natural beauty and give them the necessary tools to be the confident and empowered women they are."


  1. Bet ko yung 1920s! :)


  2. Awww ang effort nga Paul! galeng! I enjoyed reading your post just like reading a guy who is clueless on makeup but enjoyed the event because there's so many pretty ladies! hahaha! Thanks Paul for the effort! Love the shots! Don't mind what they say about you attending such event you were invited and you meet future endorsers as well . Earth

  3. thanks for the photos! super nice :)

  4. Super love the photos and editing :) Buti nagpa picture din hehe! Third model is my grade school best friend, linked her to this post :)

  5. Ang ganda ganda ng photos Paul!!! Nakakatuwa lalo na mga edited!! :D


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