I'm sure by this time we already know what Zen Zest is and how it has become a household name here in the Philippines ever since its conception on the year of 2001. I particularly like the story of the owner and general manager of Zen Zest Asia Inc., Michelle Asence. Of how she has made the Zen Zest brand one of the country's leading fragrance and body care line and that of how it was conceived out of a failed relationship. Seriously? Who could break a heart such as Michelle's? I know I wouldn't.

One thing that I would like to commend Michelle on is how she managed to stay on top of her game surviving the competition. And speaking of competition...

What drives a blogger to be competitive?

If the prizes at stake are gift certificates for a relaxing spa treatment from Neo Day Spa!

Held last August 23, 2012 at Mango Tree (High Street Central), Zen Zest gathered the metro's top beauty and fashion bloggers and *ehem* I'm part of it. THE only thorn among the beautiful roses. Now why do I always get invited to female centered events such as this (be blogging about that on a separate post)? In my defense, Zen Zest has products for men. Guys, thank me for bringing you the good news!

Congratulations Zen Zest for the beautiful setup,

...and thank you for the sinful cupcakes and the food served! Thai cuisine = thumbs up!

And here are the roses...

si Jeng na makulit (Part 1)
si Jeng na makulit (Part 2)
Liz Lanuzo and Michelle Asence
with the rest of the Zen Zest team
And now for the competitive (and the most exciting) part of the evening was when we were divided into three groups (per table) for the quiz competition.

Bloggers are smart people. But if you want to take their smartness to a whole new level (in breaking competition barrier proportions), try giving a spa treat as a prize. Everybody deserves a break right? Especially those who balances a blogging career/day job/and everything-else-in-between in their lives.

It was a 3 all finale set with the team of Shen (who answered the 10th question: Iron Butterfly = Imelda Marcos) winning. Congrats girls! Boo... Hehe.

The latest fragrance collections were also presented and to summarize, see items below:

Zen Zest Sparkling Sugar Collection
Cotton Candy - Has a playful, fluffy fragrance reminiscent of youthful innocence.
Berry Cobbler - A fruity recipe of raspberry and blueberry with traces of creamy vanilla.
Cherry Cheesecake - One whiff instantly reveals the combined fragrance of slightly tart cherries, calming vanilla and saccharine honey. The luxurious combination fills the air with sugar, spice and everything nice.
Vanilla Ice Cream - The allure of this scent is difficult to forget. The delicious scent of fresh vanilla beans and velvety goodness of milk with light honey undertones.
Key Lime Pie - One splash is never enough. The sharp scent of green key lime and the comforting warmth of milk lingers on the skin, soothes and soul and makes you want to ask more.
Watermelon Sorbet - Light and refreshing, this fresh mist is a great way to revitalize. It keeps temperature low but spirits forever high. Reminiscent of fresh and ice cold watermelons.
Zen Zest Cocktail Collection for Women
Martini - A delicious combination of lush greens and fruity citrus, this subtly sweet and sublime fragrance lasts all day long.
Daquiri - A fresh, just-got-out-of-the-shower fragrance that is ideal for the outdoorsy casual yet fashion conscious girl. Smells simply clean!
Malibu - A clean and fresh scent. It has a fruity and amber fragrance typical of classic Spanish colognes.
Long Island - for ladies who enjoy being on top of their game, the Long Island would be perfect with its mix of berries, wild flowers, vanilla absolute sandalwood and creamy musk.
Sangria - This foxy scent screams of playful sophistication. The flirty peach freesia mixed with irresistible apple and spicy mimosa triggers an overwhelming temptation.
Bellini - A beautiful paradox of subtle intensity. Its distinct flowery combination is hard to forget and hints of elegance and sensuality.
Mai Tai - A lush floral blend, Mai Tai intoxicates with the feminity of Cherry Blossom, sweetness of peach and freshness of white jasmine. The potent combination will leave men spinning with desire.
Cosmopolitan - Its exotic and exquisite blend of tropical fruits will lend an air of elegance to everything you do. A seductive and flirty fragrance that lasts all day long.
Zen Zest Cocktail Collection for Men
Gimlet - Its blend of cedar, saffron and amber accents has a penetrating appeal, adding an irresistible charm to the wearer. This sensual scent also contains patchouli, pine and sandalwood.
White Russian - Its magnetic mix of fresh summer scents, relaxing violet leaves and lavender, wood and sensual patchouli is sure to draw adventure and excitement.
Black Russian - A scent that embodies freshness. The woody fragrance gets better with time. The longer it settles into the skin or clothing, the more head-turning it can be.
Manhattan - For those who wish to exude strength, this potent fragrance would be best, the essence of leather and wood combined with the softness of lemon and berries brings forth an image of mystery that never fails to seduce.
Slammer - For maximum impact, this scent is recommended. The woody and spicy fragrance of bergamot, cedar wood and musk suggests an adventurous spirit ready for action on a whim. The fresh notes of mandarin and sparkling lemon adds sophistication to its masculine character.
Gin & Tonic - This best selling fragrance boasts of a hard-to-resist blend of fruits that go hand in hand with musky notes. A cool and refreshing scent ideal for driven men who always want to be on top of their game.
Mojito - This invigorating scent is the number one choice when heading for the gym or doing some time on the court. Its aquatic quality preserves the clean shower smell and lets you get through the day like you did not break a sweat.
Want to win scents from the latest collections (plus some other Zen Zest stuff)?

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This contest is open to female residents of the Philippines only. Contest will run until September 15, 2012. Goodluck!

Thank you Liz and Michelle for having me. It was an awesome evening!


  1. GFC : compromise88
    email : compromise88@yahoo.com
    Twitter: compromise88

  2. I Understand this is open female only

    But can i join for my sisters and to my mom as a gift! :)

    Rogelio Quiambao

  3. GFC Name: Carolyn Ong
    email: rolter2002@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @OngCarolyn

  4. I love Zen Zest so much, even though I'm from the province I always make sure that when my sister comes home from Manila I always tell her to buy me Zen Zest cologne. I love all their scents that's why I don't have a particular favorite. If I can buy all their scent I would. Too bad I'm still a student. I cant afford to buy them all. Sometimes I would tell my suitors to buy me one.. haha Is that a bad thing? (I know I already stop doing that -_-)

    Anyway The PR Guy I so love your blog. I love reading your articles and get to know the latest trends right now.. I like how you manage yourself even though you're the only guy in that event.. I admire you for being a very open guy, you are truly one of a kind blogger that I've met. Not in person though. hehe But reading through your blog I get to see a reflection of who you are as a blogger and as a person. :) Just keep it up.! And always take care and be always the person that inspire me and the other readers as well. :)

    GFC: Carmina Aguilar
    email: nursingloveminah@yahoo.com
    Twitter: hanim10

  5. I love Zen Zest! Actually, I am collecting the Sparkling Sugar Collection! :)

    GFC: Jes Roque
    email: e_jes1105@yahoo.com
    Twitter: @jesroque

  6. Zen Zest has always been my perfume shop, they have so many perfumes to match my moods. Thanks PR Guy for hosting a giveaway!
    GFC name: gayle sy
    email address: abigail(dot)sy(at)chartisphils(dot)com
    Twitter ID: @abbysy11

  7. GFC : Chai Chen (for Ice Goddhez, chai.domingo)
    email : chai.domingo at gmail dot com
    Twitter: @chenmeicai

    Nice giveaway! And I like reading your blog and commenting here too. :)
    Gives me updates on what's "in" and what's hot! Keeps me posted on the latest events too.:) Keep it up!


  8. I love Zen Zest.

    GFC: rejjisheart
    email: regineanne03@yahoo.com
    twitter: @rejjisheart

  9. thank you sir paul for hosting this giveaway. i love the scents of zen zest perfume and i always see to it that i still have spare on my cabinet. i usually give zen zest as gifts for special occasions especially for my family and friends.
    gfc: christine batiller
    email: olesilo@yahoo.com
    twitter: @tinbatiller

  10. Hi! Im actually a newbie in the world of blogging and I never thought of a man who has also fashion in doing some blogs. I am quite curious and excited on what will you post all about. I'll keep in touch with your blog. I'm starting to love it while reading and your handsome!!!

    GFC: iammajinboo
    email: raqisahalimona@gmail.com
    twitter: @iammajinboo

  11. GFC merryjane ocol
    email merryjaneocol@yahoo.com
    twitter @jingkring

  12. GFC Name: Gale Anne Sioko
    email: gpamalison@gmail.com
    Twitter Name: @zumgaleh

  13. hi!! what an awesome Blog you have!! it's so classic & easy to navigate!! and well, very masculine like you! :D

    GFC name:Therese Decena
    email address:marinetherese@yahoo.com.ph
    Twitter ID:@cothciepie

  14. I am not used i n finding a blog that manage by a man. i am amused that men loves blogging as well . i love your love blog because it is the other side of blogging. expressing men fashion. it also tackles different topics that interest me.

    GFC name: claire sereno
    email address: claire_sereno2001@yahoo.com
    Twitter ID: @MayeeXin

  15. GFC: notyourordinaryteacher
    email: vintagekawaii@yahoo.com.ph
    twitter: @quiam

  16. i have read a few blogs by other men but it pertains to food or about travel and yours is different. Wow, i'm so amaze in how you handle yourself with all those girls around you. :D. I know this is only open for females only but I want to join because if ever I won (#crossfingers), i would give it as a gift to my girlfriend since she will be having her birthday this november. :) She loved Zen Zest so much... I want her to be happy always... ^_^

    Gfc: Algernon Gianan
    Email: nonregla10@yahoo.com
    twitter: @nonregla10

  17. I hope to win!
    GFC: jasspencer1215
    Twitter: @iamcheche25
    Email Add: jasspencer1215@gmail.com

  18. I'm a ZenZest user here, I love the Martini scent, smells like the Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue and Tangerine, Smells fresh and fruity! :)

    GFC Name: Marzie Lugtu
    Twitter: @marssmallowss
    Email add: marzielugtu@gmail.com

  19. This is another kind of fruit that has plenty of benefits to the human body.
    african mango for weight loss


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