Surprise, surprise!

Who knew that you'll be seeing me one day on my blog without my blazers and my other arsenal of CEO-screaming-clothing?

Blame it on this cap that I got from SM Accessories!
SM Accessories "self-made" cap
I'm not really a fan of caps. Too much usage of it gives me headaches but what attracted me about this particular one is its color (of course!) and the phrase "self-made."

So what does "self-made" exactly mean?If you'll consult google, it will give you the following definitions:
a. (adj) self-made: (having achieved success or recognition by your own efforts) "a self-made millionaire" (source)
b. made such by one's own actions; especially : having achieved success or prominence by one's own efforts (source)
c. having achieved success or recognition by one's own efforts; made by itself or oneself (source)

Now the question is, am I that person the definitions of the phrase above would best refer to? I would be bragging if I say yes considering that you need the opinion of another person to assess you if you were (self-made) but I've a friend of a friend who referred me as such because of my achievements, blah, blah (blech!) so I guess that validates it.

If joining a noontime TV show contest and making it to the semi-finals without any human backing me up "internally" or establishing a business at an early age without a diploma and support of a hefty Chinese family inheritance is the essence of a self-made person, then I guess I am indeed really one!
WADE shoes
But for me, I'm not really there there yet if you know what I mean. Self-made is pretty much the same as practicing. Every waking day is a process of practice and more practice with the goal of "making it" and that's exactly the phase of my life where I am in right now. Practicing and trying to make it.

Though I appreciate people telling me that I'm already one - actually it's music to my ears, I think I would be able to savor the sweetness of the phrase if I'm already a non-working old grandpa with my sweet mangoes and my warm cup of kapeng barako.

I'll tell you if I'm self-made someday… that is, if I have the right consciousness to do so or if blogging would still be an "in" platform to tell. For now, let's just work shall we?
Ray-Ban glasses
SM Accessories dog tag necklace
The PR Guy Fun Fact: Growing up, I wanted to be a carpenter! My favorite uncle is one (and so was Jesus) and I like the idea of building things up out of wood and stuff. Speaking of wanting to be a carpenter, look what I found at SM!
SM Accessories saw necklace
Cool accessories eh? Childhood dream fulfilled.
SM Accessories wrench necklace
Cotton On top
Wrangler jeans
WADE shoes
SM Accessories cap
SM Accessories necklace
Ray-Ban glasses
If you're not used to seeing me like this, wait until you see the October issue of MadHouseMNL (out by October 14!). You'll be seeing a totally different Paul The PR Guy. Swear!


  1. No offense sa born rich or born na magaling/talented, but I really look up to people who worked their way up! And gusto ko yung attitude na "wala pa to" so work nalang muna tayo, hehe. And ikaw na style chameleon sa boys bff! ;)

  2. Gwapo mo Paul!!! :-O So refreshing to see you in laidback outfits like this!! :D


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