BoConcept celebrated its 60th anniversary last September and paying homage to its roots was the launch of SIXTY, the brand's anniversary book which serves as the brand patron's vehicle into the past.
The book recaps the highlights of the company's illustrious history from their promising beginnings in 1952 to their current success as an awarded brand, with 250 mega stores in major capitals and cities around the world. BoConcept certainly makes it clear that they are not just another furniture brand, but theirs is a company where success is defined in each piece that has a story and a commitment to its Danish heritage.
Though I frequent Bonifacio High Street, I've never been inside BoConcept's store before. My reasons being that I find it too early for me to invest on such things; and I always have this fear hesitation of going inside an upscale store. My fear is either I end up arguing with a snooty sales person for reprimanding me for just ogling plus the occasional sitting or worse, end up buying something impulsively leaving big burns in my pocket in the process.

BoConcept proved otherwise.

If you've never been a BoConcept store before, allow me to take you on a photo tour.
First thing that I actually took photo of. A dog table piece.

The new Ogi chair

Dogs again! I love BoConcept already.
Dining set reminiscent of the 60s (or 50s?)

The Bergen

And my favorite display was this set,
straight from the Mad Men series.
Spotted these kids. They look familiar no?

Shared room (plus wine and hor's d'ouvre) with these beautiful people:
Raleene Cabrera and Bestie Konisis

More About The Latest Collections

The Bergen sofa is big and chubby - it is the kind of sofa that you just want to sink into with a good book and great  music. It is soft and comfortable and the back cushion can easily be moved upwards for a more casual lounging position with better back support and a deeper seating space. But it's the detail in the stitching that makes the difference. They define all edges and corners while softening the centre of each seating unit and cushion giving that voluminous characteristic look.
Bergen is also a modular sofa concept so you can put together the sofa you like from the  6 different seating units. A classic 3-seater works really well with the footstool as the extra seat, but you can also create a cozy lounge area by adding a resting unit.

Designed by Anders Norgaard
Vibeke Klint worked closely with some of the most legendary Danish designers of the 50s and 60s and has received many awards for her dedicated and inspiring work. Her designs are part of the Danish design legacy where simplicity and functionality are expressed in an elegant, uncomplicated way. She mastered the art of limitation, where the simplest pattern is turned into a stong personal expression through her skillful selection of colours, lines and craftsmanship. That is also why her designs have a unique style that has lasted for years and will continue to do so.
BoConcept was founded in 1952. And it was also in the 50s where Vibeke Klint designed the fabrics that are now being relaunched as an exclusive fabric collection in connection with the anniversary celebrations. Customers can choose the fabrics for a selection of sofas and chairs from BoConcept.

The collection consists of two colour schemes mainly in grey and green, and each of them has three different patterns. The patterns can be mixed for great individual look. The Klint collection of fabrics is produced in Denmark and is a true expression of the Danish design legacy that is also part of BoConcept design philosophy.
The look of the new Ogi chair from BoConcept is contemporary and elegant and unsurprisingly created by Danish designer Anders Norgaard. He has a unique talent of combining beautiful design with great function and shows a strong sense of detail that makes his design one of a kind.
When Anders Norgaard designed the new Ogi chair for BoConcept he as inspired by an oyster. When you look at Ogi from the side, you clear sense that inspiration. The shells embrace you and offer you a remarkable seating comfort. Anders Norgaard explains" "It is all about achieving the right angle of the seat and be back, so when you sit down you really feel how this chair supports your body."
The challenge working with 2 slender shells is to make the attachment strong and at the same time elegant. Anders Norgaard has really succeeded in doing sso with Ogi. The shells are made from moulded foam which are then placed on a strong steel frame. It is definitely not only a classy, beautiful chair which will make a statement in any room - it is also a chair for everyday use for many years to come.
Let the Ogi chair lighten up your room in your favourite colour fabric or maybe in gorgeous tan leather - there are more than 80 different faabrics and leathers to choose from. For the base you can choose between circular or 5 spoke.
The 2013 Collection
Mad Men! Enough said.
In the BoConcept 2013 collection you may find many stylish pieces matching this trend. The sofa is comfortable yet still elegant. The choice of material defines the look in the room - exclusive black leather for that formal and elegant look or a petrol blue for a more feminine setting. The coffee table combines 2 types of wood and is used as display for elegant vases and designer books. Both arm chairs and dining chairs have a classic, clean look and focus on comfort is high. Colours are deep and mature and of course beautifully coordinated for a stylish, well-balanced look.
Find lots of great inspiration in your BoConcept store or visit them online at


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