Supra took the world by storm and quickly established itself as a groundbreaking and revolutionary skate brand. Established by long time skater and street wear ingenue Angel Cabada who is known for founding KR3W apparel, Supra was born in 2006 with a philosophy that is deeply rooted in skate and street lifestyle.

Embracing its rightful throne in the industry, Supra gathers the most influential skaters of this generation that perfectly embodies the characteristics of the daring brand. Among its skate ambassadors are Chad Muska, Erik Ellington, Jim Greco, Tom Penny, and Lizard king.

In line with Supra's vision of keeping the skateboarding fire burning, Supra flew in eight of the most influential modern skateboarders to spread the stoke in the Philippines.

And here they are:

Since moving to Australia four years ago, Bjorn Johnson who was born and raised in New Zealand, has made his presence known through magazine features and by topping contests. Bjorn was eventually picked by KR3W and Supra earlier this year.
Amigo (Light Blue) Php2,990
Bandit (Charcoal) Php4,490
Wonder kid Boo Johnson caught the attention of everyone with his crazy tricks and signature grin. This curly top technical skater from LA burst into the scene after impressing everyone in Powell Board's "Fun" skate video. Since then, he has been racking up sponsors, magazine features, and going around town throwing never-before-seen tricks.
Skylow2 (Black/White) Php4,290
Skylow2 (Royal Blue/White) Php4,290
Steeze wiz Keelan Dadd is a sponsored skateboarder slash entertainer. Rolling out of Inglewood California like his hot and funky Cadillac, Keelan is known for doing usual tricks the hard way earning the respect of seasoned pro-skaters. He is being mentored by Stevie Williams and bagged a sponsorship by Mountain Dew thanks to Pro rider Paul Rodriguez.
Skytop3 (Black/Yellow) Php6,290
Skytop3 (Distressed Canvas)  Php6,290
Kevin Romar hails from Cypress, California and grew up skating under the influence of skate greats like Terry Kennedy. But Romar developed a style that is distinctly his own shown through his stellar performance in Blind's This Is Not A Test, a "Snapshot" on Havoc TV, and during KR3W's "Smash N' Grab" Canadian Tour.
Skytop (Black/Green) Php6,290
Skytop (Chili Red) Php6,490
Living legend and entrepreneur Erik Ellington is known for his part in the Zero Skateboards video titled "Misled Youth." His brazen attitude and suave style led to an epic cult following. Since then, Erik has covered countless skateboarding magazines like Trasher and Transworld. Another distinct quality about this guy is his keen eye for fashion and his knack for business. In fact, Erik had a hand in building skateboard, skate apparel, and footwear brands such as Deathwish skateboards and even Supra.
Skytop (Grey/Orange) Php6,290
Vaider (Black/Red) Php5,990
Celebrated as one of the best new skaters, dread-head Neen Williams is as gnarly as it can get. Neen has been tearing up the scene with his carfree character and mean-ass heelflips. Neen snagged sponsorships from Deathwish and Nike SB, fronting big time skateboard magazines, and is now representing Supra along with other heavy-weight skate brands.
Society Mid (Black/Red) Php6,290
Society Mid (Formula Red) Php6,290
Supra's first-ever Canadian rider is Spencer Hamilton. During Supra's first trip to Vancouver, Canda, he was instantly put on the team with his oh-so-smooth style and hard working attitude.
Stacks (Gold Gunny) Php3,990
Stacks (Khaki Twill) Php2,990
Stevie Williams is known primarily for re-inventing modern street skateboarding. Stevie is considered to be an inspiration by managing to go from being a homeless kid with a skateboard and a pocket-full of dreams to being a multi-millionaire businessman. He's also the founder of the Dirty Ghetto Kids (DGK) skateboards and apparel.
Wrap Up (Tabacco) Php4,290
In order to tap into a wider audience, Supra harnessed luminaries from different art disciplines to represent the brand as well. Supra's ambassadors include DJ Kid Millionaire aka Steve Aoki, iconoclast rapper/casual skateboarder Lil Wayne, and DJ/artist Samantha Ronson. With its ultra cool look and artful designs, Supra caught the eye of trendsetting a-list artists and musicians, harboring patrons from the industry of music, art, and even high fashion. Such fans include Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake. From music bigwigs to athletes, the appeal of Supra is transcending different tastes and style.

To date, Supra offers high-profile sneaks, street-cred worthy high tops, skate sneaks, and a slew of classic and timeless shoe models.

Check out Supra at the following locations: Grind - Nuvali, Bratpack - Grenbelt 5, Abreeza, Ermita, Gateway, ATC, Centrio (CDO), Center of Gravity (COG - Burgos Circle (BGC, Eton Centris, Shoe Salon - Trinoma, Glorietta 3, Marquee Mall, Abreeza, Rockwell Power Plant, Shangri-La, Jackass Skateshop, Lokal Hero Skateshop, Urban Athletics - Greenbelt 3.

The Primer Group of Companies, Asia's next retail giant, is the exclusive distributor of Supra in the Philippines.


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