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Was Anne Hathaway being a bitch during her interview with Ricky Lo?
I think she was polite to stay and smile all throughout the interview. Ricky Lo was lucky Anne didn't walked out on him.


  1. Agree! She wasn't bitchy like Ruffa G. claimed. Ricky Lo's questions were not appropriate. Anne's the one being interviewed so it would be annoying if they talked about Lea. And she doesn't need to invite people because the movie has a large fan base and most probably people will see it. His questions were clearly for local celebrities and not the international ones because that's how the Philippine media is to asking very personal and irrelevant questions.

    Ok ang daldal ko. Haha! But that's just my opinion. I was really annoyed for Anne and nahiya for Ricky.

  2. Give me one interview (with a Hollywood personality) that Ricky Lo did a great job, and then maybe I can be lured into the thought that maybe this is not his lucky day. And yes, Ricky Lo, you should do what we call "research". You might find answers for your first question when you tried to Google it beforehand.

    Anne, is known to be bitchy during interviews. Remember that she told in one of her interviews that people should not expect that she pull off a "Princess Diaries" persona within her, because that's not the real Anne! :)

  3. Nanalamig ako talaga nung napanood ko ito! I don't think Anne was really a b*tch during this interview as other people claim. Some questions of Ricky Lo were really off. About the weight loss, it has been in her very interview that she doesn't want to talk about that issue because she doesn't want the young girls to think what she was doing was right. The question about if she have ever been poor or starved? Like, what? I think Ricky Lo got some questions in mind in Filipino but wasn't able to translate it well in English. And what's with asking Anne to give a message to Leah? Anne may have portrayed the same character as what Leah Salonga performed on stage, but Ricky should have thought that Anne and Leah are different.

    I admire Ricky Lo with his journalism skills. Interviews are not really his forte. I wish it could have been Boy Abunda.

  4. true. lucky him. Anne didn't walked out on him. i guess it's high time that someone will replace him. methinks.

  5. she should have expected that varied questions will be asked, but she always can decline answering without being such a bitch! she really doesn't have manners per se. but as they say, she don't give a damn if people thinks bad about her or else she'd done it pleasantly!

  6. I found her to be rather bitchy. The weight thing is something a lot of people raved about in their reviews, it's not rude or irrelevant to ask, and I don't buy her reason for not wanting to talk about it because she's openly discussed losing weight and starving herself for other roles. And the whole Leah thing, he only brought her up again as a means to give Anne a cute way to exit her interview, and even if not, her catty response was unwarranted.

    The only rude/bad question was when he asked if she had ever been poor or hungry but his initial wording was far more elegant and it was actually an interesting and unique question. He only rephrased it because Anne didn't hear/understand him and he probably did it so poorly because he was nervous after she was already being bitchy.

    I don't know, maybe she was having a bad day or something happened behind the scenes that upset her, but she comes across as incredibly fake, rude, and entitled to an interviewer who was incredibly friendly if a bit nervous.

  7. Yes, I agree, she wasn't being a bitch in that interview. BECAUSE SHE'S A BITCH IN REAL LIFE. She was desperately hiding it the entire time, only bad for her Ricky Lo was able to bring it out of her. I don't wonder she's the most hated actress in hollywood right now. And she doesn't seem to have any friends.


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