Oxfords, plaids, stripes, collared shirts, short- and long- sleeved polos, sweaters, jackets, shorts, pants and chinos.

These pretty much sum up my style (check out the photos below) and are my safest bets when it comes to casual dressing. Now let's play a little game here. Spot the "Golden Eagle."
"Let Everything Hang Loose"
"I Survived 2012"
And there it is. As seen on all of the shirts I've worn above, the eagle emblem that serves as the definitive mark of the Lyle & Scott brand.

Running and proving to be successful for more than a century, the Lyle & Scott Legacy continued as it began to attract a youthful, more discerning, and more hip crowd. And *ahem* that includes me. And talk about hip and youthful crowd, didn't you know that before their faces were plastered all over the metro's gigantic billboards sporting clothes from a local brand, One Direction were big fans of Lyle & Scott!

I paid General BHS, one of the stores where the brand is available, a visit a couple of months ago.

Looking around, I can't help but think "Is this what the boys of One Direction wake up to every morning?"
I mean come on, no one can't deny that the kids has good sense of style.

It's either that or they just have an awesome stylist who prefers Lyle & Scott for his pull-outs.

Liked what you're seeing?

I do! I'd wear the brand anytime of the day.

Lyle & Scott's full line is available at General Bonifacio High Street while a limited selection of products are available at Bratpack Greenbelt 5 and Alabang Town Center.

More About Lyle & Scott (photos from their S/S 2012 Collection)
"The Scottish Borders, 1874,two men had a vision that to this day echoes throughout each garment - a single-minded sense of purpose, craftsmaship and integrity.
From very humble beginnings initially making women' knitted undergarments, they soon expanded into knitwear quickly gaining a reputation for superior quality products even leading to an exclusive line of cashmere knits in colaborration with Christian Dior.
The birth of the Eagle logo in the 60s saw Lyle & Scott rise to become one of golf's most respected brands. In '75 they were awarded a Royal Warrant by appointment of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh who favoured their famous lambswool sweaters - an accolade still honoured today.
In 2003, the Lyle & Scott Vintage range was launched, completely revitalising the brand for a new generation. The Golden Eagle gained popularity and was worn by some of Britain's most popular musicians and celebrities. Lyle & Scott quickly gained a reputation for making retro inspired pieces with a modern twist.
The values of 1874 have never been stronger and the new collection re-establishes Lyle & Scott as progressive, independent and resolutely Scottish; their long, rich history ensures that a sense of honesty and spirit runs throughout the collection expressing their quietly confident attitude."
Lyle & Scott is exclusively distributed by the Primer Group of Companies in the Philippines.


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