I've always wanted to do a lot of things to my body ever since I got my first ear piercing. Believe it or not, I used to have five (all on the ears: 3 on the left and 2 on the other)! My mom gave me my first. 

This "want" was not the extreme kind to the point of surgery —though at one point, China's leg lengthening procedure sounded sweet to my ears. These thoughts were procured back when the "YOLO" word was not even coined a term!

The things that I wanna do were mentally listed down under my then "Bucket List." It sounded morbid I know but I'd choose bucket than diary any time of the day. And then YOLO was born…

Erase bucket list, here's what's on my YOLO list as subcategorized under "physical":
1. Get a tattoo.
2. Go bald.
3. Get a chemical peel.

Let's start from item #3: Get a chemical peel.
Now I know getting this procedure has its upside in making our skin look young and you might probably think, "Where's the challenge in that?" Think about this: You're gonna be home-ridden for the next 3-4 days. No sun, no events, no gimmick nights… and the list goes on. Plus, did I say that there's pain? Not that I'm scaring you but there is. You know what they say, (altogether now) "No Pain, No Gain." For me, the painful part was missing out on the events that I got invited to during those days when I had the Easy Peel.

But first, what's Easy Peel?
For those looking for a great peeling treatment that does not leave your skin burnt and allows you to go back to your usual tasks fast, Easy Peel is for you. Using a TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid) solution and nourishing cream, Easy Peel works to resurface the skin, reduce the appearance of pores and dark marks and lighten skin. Perfect for those suffering from oily skin. Every session starts with a facial and lasts for about an hour. For best results, doctors recommend that a person undergoes the treatment regularly. (Flawless)

Phase 1 - Facial

Phase 2 - Application of TCA solution and cream
And then things started to get ugly...
Phase 3 - Peeling
1st Day
Skin feels dry; no more stinging
2nd Day
Skin feels taut; smiling and other facial movements were restricted
3rd Day
Skin starts to peel
DON'T help yourself in manually peeling the dried out skin. Be patient and let your skin's "healing" process take its natural course.

Expected Results:

  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces the appearance of dark spots and other pigmentations including those caused by acne
  • Lighter and tighter skin
  • Reduces pores

5th day
Powered by Skin Professionals, did you know that Flawless has doctors at each of their 35 clinics nationwide making them the skincare clinic with the biggest network of doctors and well-trained skin professionals (their aestheticians undergo a rigorous training that span over three months)? The best part is, consultations are free!

To help my skin "heal" faster, the doctor prescribed the assistance of the following products. Since this is a personal case, I think the prescription varies depending on the skin type of a patient.
Skin Whitening soap, Facial toner, Skinlite Cream, and Retinoic Acid + Hydroquinone cream
The experience also taught me to become a regular user of sunblock! Now I can't leave the house without applying any on.

Here's the result after 7 days:
left photo: birthday (February 23)
right: at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (February 24)
Will there be an Easy Peel part 2? Definitely yes, as long as my schedule permits it. I'm gonna have the whole procedure done again at the latter part of May.

What are your thoughts? Would you consider having an Easy Peel? Or you had it already? Tell me your story and you just might win 2 bottles of his and hers Forever Flawless scents. Will accept comments until the end of March 2013. Don't forget to leave your Twitter ID alright?

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  1. I'm a virgin when it comes to chemical peels. This procedure is on my "to do list" na way way back but I'm really scared because of the post-procedure results like major feeling, redness of face or sunburn at worst. Hope I can have a chemical peel this year because there's a lot of unsightly dark spots, specially freckles on my face. Thanks for sharing this post :) #YOLO

    Katherine Rivea

  2. Hi PR Guy! Would you know how much is the Flawless Skin Protect Gel and would you know the SPF factor (both UVB/UVA)? Thanks in advance and Happy Easter to you!

    1. Hey Francis! It's Php290 and SPF25. Not broad spectrum though so it protects against UVB only. Still perfect for regular day at work.

  3. hi i would like to ask if how much yung easy peel sa forever flawless im planning kasi mag pagawa thank you in advance

    1. Hi!, It's Php3,000 for the procedure alone. Yung mga prescriptions, iba pa.:)

    2. Nabasa ko sa 1 blog na 3.5K na ang easy peel.

  4. You made a chemical peel seem less scary. The results are amazing and I can deal with the 3 to 4 days of staying inside and out of the sun.

  5. Boss' how much lahat nagastos mo, included the procedure and the prescribe products sayo?

  6. hi just wanted to share..male also..just had easy peel also first week of this month..the peeling is so good..but the only downside on me is that is that i developed cystic acne and had a purging stage on my forehead due to the dryness of the skin..but overall the easy peel did a wondrous effect on my skin eventhough not all discolorations disapperead some acne marks still remained but it just lessen..i need to save money again for another session...hopefully I would not develop any cystic acne in the future it ruined my day...

  7. i'm male. i also had my easy peeling at flawless yesterday (aug 9, 2013) at sm calamba laguna with doctor regina boyles. cost is 3,500.00. i thought it was 3k base on the blogs that i have read. well anyways, it started with a facial cleaning. then the peel afterwards. the reason why i had to undergo easy peel because i have pitted acne scars. but before that i had 3 sessions of power peel at flawless wayback 2006. wala naman resulta hahaha. wala naman akong pain naramdaman with easy peel though my sting sya. i don't know sa mga nababasa kong experiences nila with tca/easy peel. masakit daw. in my case wala eh. nung inapply na nga ni doc yung first coat sabi ko ayun na yun??? naka 4 coats si doc sken. siguro mataas lang yung pain tolerance ko... sabi pa ni doc wag daw maglagay ng moisturizer??? sunblock lang. kasi kung maglalagay ka daw ng moisturizer hindi daw sya magpeel??? is it true??? wag daw huhugasan ang face within 24 hours. the more na matagal daw ang chemical sa face the more na iaabsorb ito ng skin at mas effective. so until now di pa ako nagwawash ng face. sunblock lang ginamit ko. the doctor prescribed me AHA soap and facial toner. may pinapabili pa nga sken worth 4k hindi ko sya binili... haha. kulang ang dala kong pera besides MASYADONG MAHAL ah. today (aug 10, 2013) is my first day post peel. sunburn looked. di naman nangangati yung face ko. mapula lang sya. may brown akong nakikita malapit sa eyebag area. sa baba ng eyebag... all in all 3,900 something yung nagastos ko... wala naman syang cream na pinabili sken... i bought facial moisturizer (celeteque) at watson kahit na sabi ni doc wag daw magmoisturizer... iniisip ko baka magdry yung skin ko... bahala na....

  8. Guy's try nyo sa Borough Medical Center @ MOA, may chemical peel din sila don' kahapon lang ako nag palagay c/o Dr. Kim Cantos - Dermatologist Saturday lang sched nya from 1pm to 7pm only Php 1,680
    choose ka from 15%-30% TCA solution pero suggest nya sa first timer is 15% lang and you can ask him anything you want regarding sa skin, napaka bait na doctor - highly recommended.

  9. try to check my personal chemical peel experience. Hehe i am a pinoy too!



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