You know how easily we get hooked into something dictated by what we see on TV or at the movies? Or from what we read from the series of best-sellers (which also made its way to the movies)? Like Harry Potter for instance. Admit it, at that point in your life (where you were introduced to Harry) you secretly lusted for a magic wand and even pretended to fly using a broom when no one's watching. You even dressed as a witch at the Halloween party your subdivision threw!

Fast forward to 2005 when you wanted to punch Bella on the face and take her place instead and be torn between #TeamEdward and #TeamJacob. This time you dressed as a teenage vampire at a friend's Halloween party. You only needed white powder, red contact lens, and lots of catsup. It was that easy.

Now we have The Hunger Games. We were left in awe by how awesome the movie was. Just that. But did it left you into longing for your own set of bow and arrows? Nah, I didn't think so. Not even when you first saw Legolas flawlessly kill a bunch of orcs with his smooth archery skills or more recently, Hawkeye and his "surprise" arrows.

Why do you think it didn't catch up? Setting its dangerous nature aside, I think it's the accessibility.

Now have you heard of Kodanda? The Archery Range located in Makati?

But before we move on, a little side trip here…

Yesterday was yet again, one for my many of "firsts" book. It was my first time to go to Makati Cinema Square, first time to try my hands on archery, and my first to upload an Instagram video (you can also follow me there guys - paultheprguy). I've always wanted to put up a memorable one for my first and yesterday's bow and arrow experience was just that.

What made the whole experience extra special? I was with Brave's Merida,

Final Fantasy's Serah Farron,

and Katniss Everdeen.

As for me, well I was the guy who thought we were going golfing.

Kodanda is sanskrit for "he who has a bow."
The great Rama, known in Hinduism as the Lord of Virtue (Maryada Purushottama) lived life in perfect adherence to dharma - the stability and harmony of the universe - through the help of his bow, Kodanda. As his constant companion, the great bow has helped his master and king send countless evil men to their deaths.

Rama was able to overtake the harsh tests of life and time with the powerful bow. Experienced in battles, he became one with his weapon and constant companion, Kodanda. After fourteen years in exile with his wife, Sita and brother Lakshmana, traversing treacherous terrain and slaying demons with his trusty bow, he returns to his kingdom Ayodha where he ruled with happiness, peace, prosperity and justice.
I wasn't really going for Legolas ('coz he's not realistic) but more of modern day Robin Hood (hoho). And here I am with my band of merry…er...women.

Php500 per hour/person is inclusive of equipment rental, instructor,
That guy instructing me? He's a champion.
and range fee.
Kodanda Archery Range can accommodate up to 7 persons at a time.
Here's my first try:

Not bad eh? And that's before the guy instructing me adjusted my bowsight. Naks myself. Haha.

Archery has several benefits too! Out of 10 posted on Kodanda Archery Range's Facebook page (like them HERE), I like what it does in improving one's focus and patience. I suck at my focus lately.

If you wanna try your hands on something different for the weekend, visit Kodanda Archery Range at Unit FB-D3a, Upper Basement, Makati Cinema Square, Chino Roces Avenue, Makati.

Lessons are also offered! You can inquire at 0932-843-6614 or (02) 621-91-09


  1. hahahaha natawa ako sa merry-women :)) lol! love your entry, paul! very witty!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAH GUSTO KO TONG ENTRY NA TO :)))) Ako pala si Merida :))


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