What do you get when you go on a random trip for just an overnight stay in Baguio? One decent set of outfit photos. Just one. Pfft.
HYPE on Lookbook
I miss this place already.

Peace of mind

+ layers of clothing.

I rarely get to do those in Manila.
Wade lace-ups
Plus points for the cool climate for making it easier for me to do my poses thing without sweating buckets.
VELOCI Aeronaute
Photos by Michael Chuapoco

Here's a detailed perspective of what I'm wearing:
Lee cargo pants | Regatta dip dyed button downs | Zara sweater
Wade lace-ups
And a closer look on the things that made my look interesting:
Diana Lomocam | Veloci Aeronaute watch | Team Manila camo bag
If you are missing the cool air of Baguio but doesn't have the luxury of time (just the luxury), try treating your whole family to an hour of ice skating at the SM Mall of Asia. I was able to experience it with my online family a few months back and survived the whole ordeal (haha) without falling on my butt and embarrassing myself in the process. It was my first time too so oh yeah (brushes my shoulders)!
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Visit SM Ice Skating until November 30, 2013 and skate your way for a chance to win a family cruise in Singapore!

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So many exciting things are set to happen when the month strikes ber. One that I always look forward to (also a reason for men to rejoice) are the barrage of new watch collections from my favorite brands. Ladies, they make nice gifts you know.

Check out these timeless pieces from the New VELOCI Collection.

Stylish. Young. Elegant. These three words perfectly describe the Italian-inspired VELOCI watch collection. VELOCI gives new meaning to wearing a wristwatch as the newest lineup breathes new life to classic watch designs through its unique Italian-inspired design, technology, and passion.

VELOCI's current collection draws its inspiration from the sea. The myriad of colors seen in this collection proves that you don't need to be out at sea in hopes of discovering something truly exciting.

The VELOCI Cruise collection is a testament that color is everything.

In this collection, VELOCI aims to breathe a fresh and practical perspective to its time pieces that match whatever you are wearing, whether on-the-go or simply just cruising about your day.

The Cruise collection comes in a palette of colors from cool pastel pink to lemon yellow and subdued hues of gray and classic white to the more adventurous bright red, purple, and blue, all in a 38mm size.

The Voyager collection, too, is inspired by the depths of the sea. While the Cruise collection boasted of a more romantic appeal, the Voyager collection showcases a more outdoors-driven trend for the active lifestyle. Voyager may be recognized as the masculine counterpart to Cruise's feminine and relaxed side.

Despite the collection's rougher and rugged feel, Voyager also has a little something for the ladies who opt for something in the boyish side. The nautical-inspired watch collection comes in a variety of watch dial colors: orange for the more adventurous individuals, blue, silver and black for those who prefer classic hues. The watch features a rotating bezel and comes a regular 40mm and the bigger size, a more modern 44mm.

The two VELOCI collections showcases stainless steel watch cases, high-grade Japanese movements and equipped with high-qulity nylon NATO straps. Known for toughness and for use in military operations due to its dependability and comfort, NATO nylon straps have always come in browns, olive drabs and black.

VELOCI watch designs seen in Cruise and Voyager took this NATO level of quality and introduced an entire palette of colors and color patterns to accessorize the collection. Stylish and flexible with a modern twist, both collections are fastened securely but comfortably on the wrist, making it an ideal and dependable companion.

The New VELOCI Aeronaute Collection

This time around, VELOCI takes to the skies in this new collection with a premium timepiece known as Aeronaute.

Created by the VELOCI team composed of aviation enthusiasts an watch manufacturers, this collection boasts of the finest materials made with exquisite craftsmanship.

True to VELOCI form, its Italian design resonates all throughout its various pieces in subtle dark colors.

Aeronaute also carries a few lighter shades: a subdued yellow and white, but the darker and more sophisticated colors take center stage.

VELOCI comes to life with the new Aeronaute collection along with the previously released Cruise and Voyager.

The VELOCI timepiece has a clear approach: it has an iconic premium design with a price tag that is very affordable. Its brand name is deeply rooted in it meaning in the Italian language - "speed," which is reminiscent of the lifestyle it embodies: fast-paced, adventurous, yet with a young and stylish look all at once. VELOCI hence stands as a trendy and flexible travel companion and accessory, with each timepiece complemented with three watchstraps of different colors and patterns.

VELOCI watch is available at selected L TIMESTUDIO, Timegear, and Asprey Boutiques.


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