Unilever Philippines further strengthens its commitment to help improve a billion better lives worldwide by 2020, and ultimately uplifting the lives of Filipinos everyday by leading the biggest celebration of Global Handwashing Day in the Philippines.

A global commitment through its Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, the country's leading personal care company is targeting to teach proper handwashing to 3 million children nationwide, increasing the program's reach from just 1 million in the previous years.

To kick off the movement observed around the world, Unilever launched a commitment event at the Aurora Quezon Elementary School in San Andres, Manila.

Several dignitaries graced the occasion, headed by Manila Councilor Roland Valerio. Also spotted during the event supporting Unilever's Global Handwashing Day were popular personalities like Unilever soap endorser Vicky Morales and Ms. Universe 3rd placer Ariella Arida.
With its noble goal, Unilever's Global Handwashing Day celebration has gained the full support of global partner UNICEF, and local partner agencies such as the Department of Education, Department of Social Welfare and Development, Department of Health, Philippine Public Health Association, Fit for School, inc., Knowledge Channel and the City Government of Manila.
During the event, Unilever Vice President for Personal Care Gina Lorenzana, Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Chito Macapagal and their advocacy partners led a handwashing commitment ceremony where 1,000 students washed their hands the proper way with soap, following a technique they learned from a short demonstration staged earlier.

Here's the seven-step process of proper handwashing, which takes just around 20 seconds:

To better promote awareness on the importance of practicing good hygiene, Unilever's Macapagal talked about the dangers of washing with water alone, a practice alarmingly commonplace in developing nations. "Studies show that washing with water alone does not kill disease-causing germs," he said. "Washing with soap and clean water is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of hepatitis A, influenza, measles, diarrhea and respiratory diseases, the last two being known to kill three and a half million kids every year globally.

"We can help put a stop to these deaths if we just follow the simple habit of regularly and properly washing our hands with soap and clean water," Macapagal stressed.

Going beyond instilling the life-saving habit of handwashing with soap, respected newscaster Vicky Morales also headed a pledging ceremony to help develop the habit of proper handwashing.

Everyone can also take part of this commitment one step further by pledging and volunteering to teach proper handwashing to children at www.pledgeyourhands.com.


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