Recognized and worn all over Asia and the Middle East, S&K (Samuel & Kevin) is one of the biggest and most popular clothing brands thriving in some of the most fashionable shopping district and malls. S&K is a place to be seen for today's trendsetters and fashion conscious.
Not only does S&K offer great fashion, it offers great value too. For what you pay, S&K's range of jeans and casual wear are made from the finest fabrics and designed well which make them stand out from the other labels. Projecting a cool yet low profile image, the clothes are strikingly sophisticated and stylish.
Stylish, innovative and sophisticated, S&K clothes appeal to a wide spectrum of people from teenagers to young adults. S&K products possess fashion, style and are easy to mix and match.
S&K's mother company, Texwinca Inc., is a manufacturer of high-quality raw materials and textile. S&K products are made using these high-quality cloth in their own plants, making it possible for the brand to achieve a "high-end" quality product at a very reasonable price.
As a youth and stylish brand, S&K epitomizes the very essence of modern youth culture. It aims to dress young people everywhere with the chic clothing of today. They sell high quality and comfortable jeans, pants, shorts, dresses, leggings, tee shirts, polo shirts, polos, footwear, underwear and accessories.
Within nine years, S&K has established over 600 stores in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Egypt.
And now, S&K has recognized the energetic youth in the Philippines and has established a chic store at the new wing of Shangri-La Mall. It is located at the Hip n Chic section of the East Wing, with interiors to show the brand's attitude and personality.

I actually gave S&K a visit a few weeks ago and I couldn't be any happier with what I got (see photos below). Their top's size in small is the perfect small for me and this pair of jeans (right photo) is probably the most comfortable thing I've ever worn in my life.
(Left) S&K white button downs at the PhFW S/S2014 | (Right) S&K jeans
This season S&K has your holiday staples all mapped out. This time around, it's about toned down colors, tapping into the moodier and deeper side of the spectrum. With burgundy, navy, and brown as some of the key colors for this season, Samuel & Kevin infuses these hues into styles that anticipate Christmas parties, cool getaways and whatnot.

Be that as it may, given this season's key colors, Samuel & Kevin creates four key trends one can adopt and imbibe for the festivities ahead.

Denim Revolution
Staying true to its core, Samuel & Kevin translates their expertise in applied denimology and translates it into a whole trend. Playing with denim and the color navy as the center of this look, the brand plays with these elements in the forms of contemporary jackets, and other navy-colored key pieces.
Samuel & Kevin also injects new roll-up details, something they have always been famous for. Now there are even more peek-a-boo prints for cuffed jeans! 
Not only do they have new details in their denim jeans, they also have new variations for their innovative Free-J knit jeans! This should-be wardrobe staple comes in new washes from light indigo to black. Now one has a denim alternative that's softer and more comfortable. It has towel-like fabric with loose knitting and top-layer brushing. Indeed, the Free-J leads the pack in this denim revolution.
The Modern Classic
Aside from Samuel & Kevin's strength in denim, they have also built a cult following in their understated trendy button downs and oxford shirts. The guys would especially love the contemporary fit with very breathable fabrics. Not only the cuts commendable, but this season's button downs offer an array of color blocking variations and prints in key colors.
Not only that, but this time they have a new line called Poker Face, which are reversible shirts. These are a steal as one could get two designs for the price of one.
The classic cuts are given an update, like contrasting piping, texturized sleeves, and stylized front pockets; this is on top of the neutral to earthy hues that give a slight grunge meets hipster feel. New slimmer chinos in new colors also take center stage in this modernized classic trend. Therefore, with clothes itself already giving an impressionable spunk and attitude, it will be hard for the wearer not to stand out even more with his/her own flare.
Boy Next Door
This season Samuel & Kevin gives girls a choice of masculinity for their wardrobe. So for girls out there, if you still haven't found your guy; then now you can be your own man —in fashion at least. This collection is heavily centered on inspiration from men's outerwear with structured blazers, tailored coats, and bomber jackets, to name a few, at the forefront. So with this trend the ladies can have the best of both worlds.
Ethnic Origins
Ethnic for Samuel & Kevin doesn't only mean prints. They also take bold color choices seen in tribal prints and use it as a highlight for key pieces, such as light jackets, hooded parkas, and cardigans. So if one isn't a big fan of the key fall colors, then there's always a popping color to exempt you from the rule.
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