If there's a frequent flyer, then I'm its sea counterpart —a seafarer (not the working kind). Or at least I used to be.

I grew up having ships (both big and small) as my family's mode of transportation back in Mindanao. My throat and stomach has already turned to steel with lots of retching practice I must say. Seasickness? I don't even know what that means anymore. Haha.

Then the "big" transfer happened. I now live a fast-paced life where every minute wasted is money thrown away. To get to point B (outside Manila), a plane ride would be the safest and fastest way. Every minute counts or so, I say. It tends to get overwhelming and tiring at times to the point I wish that I can go back to my child self again with no cares and responsibilities in the world.

I wanna go back to my "seafaring" days.

2GO Travel helped me realized that last November 19, 2013. For a day shy of three, I was able to experience what traveling by sea today is like.

Back then, you go directly and line up at the port waiting to board the ship with all your things in tow. It's still a common practice/scene but good news, there's the option of waiting in class and style at The Hub.
Operated by 2GO Travel, The Hub is located at Kilometer Zero (Rizal Park). Ana Gonzales took my 'Wars of the Roses' LOOK somewhere in this area.
Here's what transpired (please note that this is a 2GO Travel sponsored trip):
2GO Travel's VP/Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Tagud welcoming the bloggers at The Hub; feeling special with my blogger ID and pin; what I had for breakfast at The Hub.
Transferred from The Hub to the port riding the pink 2GO Travel bus; Philippine Port Authority; baggage screening and inspection is as strict as the airport's; first look and step aboard the vessel
Welcome aboard the St. Michael The Archangel!

A banner welcoming the bloggers —talk about grand salubong; St. Michael The Archangels' officers welcoming us at the information desk; the most affordable seats inside the vessel (parang nasa bus lang)
Top deck; bar; salon; Horizon Cafe
Obligatory photo with the ship's captain; controls; and more controls
Here's a view of my room,
2GO Travel gifts; welcome note from Stephen Tagud
Shared the room with Rodel, Allan and Ross; a functional toilet; and survival!
So here are some suggestions on what to bring when you go on a trip via 2GO Travel.

Comfortable and warm (it really gets cold at night especially when you're at the middle of the sea) clothes that you can sleep and at the same time lounge around in; shorts in a neutral shade which you can use with a different set of tops; a comfortable and easy to remove footwear; one or two Ray-Bans (why not?); and books! Traveling by sea is also the best time to catch up on your reading plus it beats the waiting time.
these are just some of the items I brought
And the "essentials" for the serious photographer/blogger.

Lomocams; iPod with earphones (to kill more time); all sorts of battery chargers and power banks; I also brought my laptops (one for the usual online stuff and the other one for photoshop —don't judge, I'm OC); extension cord (the most practical thing I brought since I shared room with three other guys who also brought practically the same amount of rechargeable gadgets like what you see in the photo below);

Phones! For communication and most importantly, Instagram;

follow me on Instagram! @paultheprguy
A fully charged digital camera;

To document your every move,

and all the beautiful structures you will see scattered all over Iloilo and Bacolod.

Molo Church aka St. Anne Parish Church

Jaro Belfry

Jaro Cathedral | Jaro Belfry

To get to Bacolod, take a more than an hour ride via Supercat 2Go Travel.

Expect to be greeted by these MassKara Festival dancers (or not, depending on the season)

Make it a point to visit The Ruins (Talisay City)

and say hi and be entertained by Tour Guide/Youtube Sensation/ang-tunay-na-Haciendero, Roger.
Hey, Roger!
Don't forget to bring some extra cash too! Just enough to buy a souvenir like this shirt from The Ruins (Bacolod)

and some pasalubong from Biscocho Haus (Iloilo);

(Bought a lot of Piaya and Banadas? Don't worry, check out what I made from them on my #SinfulSunday posts)
Lemon Parfait Biscocho Haus-Style | PBB Pudding
Have an authentic inasal lunch at BBQ Park (Iloilo);

La Paz Batchoy for merienda at Deco's (Iloilo);

And a slice of cake and cup of coffee at Calea (Bacolod) to cap off the whole afternoon pasyal before heading back to the ship.

Don't forget to bring your Instax camera (and a lot of films) too! Don't limit the heavy load of photo documentation on your digital camera alone. Instant photos are fun especially while on a group trip. They make good conversation-starters you know.

Took the following photos using my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic:
landscape mode
landscape mode
bulb mode (middle), with flash (left & right photos)
You wanna know the surefire way to enjoy a vacation? Go with your closest and not boring friends;
the "Clingies" minus Sarah
Be excited to learn a thing or two about practically anything —not necessarily trip or destination-related;
2GO's Chef JP showed us how to make sosyal na kinilaw and mango parfait
Keep an open mind and appreciate other people's thoughts on things and life.
Eco and Ponggo sharing their 2GO stories
And finally, make the most out of your trip by making friends and knowing those existing a little better. I made a lot! Here they are, Instaxed-style:

From Tagline and  2GO,

and fellow bloggers.
@annville | @thebeachbumbaby | @couchwasabi
@willastock | @pinoytekkie | @jolaris
@tracyayson | @tiniglesias | @paxieness
@czarinamaye | @rodelflordeliz | @anagon
@iambough | @ponggo_googlygooeys | @ecodelasa
So what do I think?
If you're a businessperson who has a scheduled business (duh?) meeting somewhere in the Philippines (like Iloilo or Bacolod) but has to get back to your home in Quezon City in time for dinner with the family, then do yourself a favor by taking a plane.

But if it's vacation that we're talking about here, then 2GO Travel might just be the answer you're looking for. After all, you're already on a vacation so why not jumpstart the whole thing the minute you step foot inside let's say St. Michael The Archangel? I tell you, nothing beats a well-rested body and a relaxed mind if your goal is to cover as much ground as you can when you reach your travel destinations. With its amenities and top-of-the-line quality service, all you have to do is sit back, relax and let 2GO Travel do the rest for you.

Follow 2GO Travel online!

Book your next trip now at http://travel.2go.com.ph/


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