PUMA Time launches a Women's Collection that features the same ubercool maximal take on minimalism of the PUMA Time ULTRASIZE watches. ULTRASIZE's signature modern face, known for its visually commanding combination of simple elements, including elevated hour/minute marks, stylized '3' at 15:00 & leaping PUMA cat log at 12:00, now sits in a Women's 44mm oversized brushed metal dial case and proportionally over-sized motor racing inspired left-hand down.

Men's 50mm Collection also expands this Fall with a range of custom created options including brushed stainless steel link bracelet, black and grey dials with coordinating racing leather bands as well as a deep navy dial with 'night vision' ready hour/minute marks on a lightweight, super comfortable PU navy strap.
ULTRASIZE Explorer Php6,750
ULTRASIZE Leather Silver/Black Php5,950 | ULTRASIZE Leather Green Php7,250
ULTRASIZE Silver Metal | Silver Black Php6,250
Launched to success in 2012, Holiday 2013 brings select case metal finishes and band materials for those who prefer style with options:
  • Brushed stainless steel case and coal black face (white elements) with stainless steel link bracelet and deployment clasp
  • Brushed stainless steel case and white face (black elements) with stainless steel link bracelet and deployment clasp
  • Brushed stainless steel case and coal black face (white elements) with refined black leather strap
  • Custom brushed deep bronze plated case with taupe green face (white elements) and taupe, green leather strap
  • Custom brushed matte black plated case with deep navy face, glow in the dark hour/minute elements and ultra-comfort deep navy PU strap
The Women's ULTRASIZE Collection is specifically designed to bring the right sense of 'boyfriend' insouciance to the modern woman's on the go lifestyle. Whether racing from work to cocktail party, of from the playground to date night; the ULTRASIZE's oversize silhouette is a look that reads 'statement style' without frills, frippery and other 'trying too hard' embellishments. ULTRASIZE Rose Gold features a day-to-night ready soft rose gold IP plated brushed case with sexy coal black dial, paired with an up-the-minute blush nude color leather strap.
ULTRASIZE Ladies Beige Php6,950
For the ultimate 'sportif feminin', the Collection also showcases a stainless steel case with a deep fuchsia pink face, finessed with the stylized '3' o' clock symbol and PUMA cat logo in mirrored silver and PUMA Time's signature super-comfortable, anti-sweat PU band in optic white.
ULTRASIZE Ladies Pink | Navy Blue Php4,950
This season, the ULTRASIZE's over-sized statement silhouette can be worn by boyfriends and girlfriends alike. Major style for people who get that proportions matter.
ULTRASIZE Ladies Metal Night Blue Php5,950 | ULTRASIZE Ladies Gold Black Php7,450
The Women's ULTRASIZE debut collection includes:

  • Brushed stainless steel case and marine blue face (polished silver & blue elements) and marine blue PU comfort strap
  • Brushed stainless steel case and deep fuchsia face (polished silver & fuchsia elements) and bright white PU comfort strap
  • Custom brushed stainless steel case and link bracelet in "Russian gold" IP plate with coal black face & black and gold elements
  • Custom brushed vintage rose gold case with deep taupe face (white elements) & blush nude refined leather strap
PUMA Time Ultrasize is available in PUMA KIOSK (SM Megamall Atrium), L TIMESTUDIO and TIMEGEAR BOUTIQUES nationwide.


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