I'm not an authority when it comes to beer but I do enjoy a bottle or two occasionally. Wait, scratch that. After emerging as the ultimate "loser" in a beer-pong game I took part in recently, I like to believe that I'm already an authority... of losing beer-pongs successively. But hey, I was able to survive the whole beer ordeal without crawling back to my bed so good job to myself.

Since I'm an advocate of the no-to-beer-belly-movement (I just made that one up) I usually go for the "light" ones. Social drinking at its finest for me is a bottle in your hand and some good 'ol casual talk with friends.

Beer + friends. I thought that was the perfect pairing.

I was wrong.

Did you know that beer, particularly San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, goes well with practically any kind of food? Yes, even with sweets!

With a bit of research, I came up with what I think the best food you can pair with San Miguel Premium All-Malt,

San Miguel Super Dry,

and San Miguel Cerveza Negra.

Complete with recipes too!

I made them all myself. Thank you very much.

First up,

San Miguel Premium All-Malt pair: Spanish Sardines Spaghetti

What you need:
500g Pasta | Olive Oil | Parsley | Cayenne powder & Basil leaves
Tomato sauce | 1 can of diced tomatoes | 1 small jar of Spanish Sardines
medium size bell pepper & onion | 4 cloves of garlic | 1 square inch ginger
whole-wheat pandesal | olive oil | balsamic vinegar | basil leaves
Slice the onion, ginger, bell pepper, garlic and parsley,

Saute the ginger, onion and garlic,

Add the tomato sauce and diced tomatoes; bring to a boil,

Add the pasta; Stir making sure that every pasta is coated with the sauce,

Serve with a piece (or two) of Spanish sardines on top with warm pandesal on the side and of course, a bottle of ice cold San Miguel Premium All Malt.

Smooth and full-flavored, San Miguel Premium All Malt is best paired with lightly seasoned dishes such as fish and chicken. The balanced taste of the beer will not overwhelm the taste buds leaving you with just the "right" amount of appetite making for a perfect dining experience without the extra urge of overeating.
Formulation: 5% alcohol by volume | 100% Malt
SRP: 330 ml bottle - Php37.00 | 330ml can - Php49.00
San Miguel Super Dry: Chips & Burger

What you need:
A pack of Oishi Potato Chips | Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ
Quarter the burger and reheat in a microwave for a minute. Open the bag of chips and place it on the plate beside the burger. Pop open a San Miguel Super Dry and drink straight from the bottle while watching your favorite adrenaline-filled TV shows like Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and my latest favorite, Vikings.

The most laid-back out of the three is best paired with something laid-back as well. San Miguel Super Dry's crisp, clean, and overall dry taste is the perfect way to cap off a good day. Don't ever worry of finishing this huge sinful burger and bag of salty chips because you will, with the palate-cleansing bitterness of the Super Dry making you want to eat more after every sip. Never mind the calories (from the food, that is) because after all, you deserve to have a relaxing day after a series of job-well-done's.
Formulation: 5% alcohol by volume
SRP: 330ml bottle - Php36.00 | 330ml can - Php44.00
San Miguel Cerveza Negra pair: Chocoron / Chocolate-Coated Chicharon

What you need:
A medium pack of Chicharon with meat | 100g bar of Lindt Chilli Dark Chocolate
Open the pack of Chicharon and separate the crumbs from the whole pieces. Break the bar of chocolate and place it in a shallow pan.

Melt the chocolate using the heat from boiling water. (Improvise using a kettle)

Coat the Chicharon evenly with the melted chocolate.

Or unevenly. Whatever suits your taste.


Once the chocolate coat hardens, you can now proceed with the plating! For three or more pieces, use a coffee filter to place the bunch on.

For individual pieces, use small cupcake paper cups.

Why something sweet? Check the suggested food best paired with San Miguel Cerveza Negra from the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews website. Its bold, distinctively sweet and dark beer flavor goes well with chocolate but considering the slight presence of bitterness (bitter beer is perfect with fatty foods; see Super Dry pairing) I thought of adding a twist from the default chocolate with chicharon -hitting two birds with one bottle of San Miguel Ceveza Negra in the process. I'm sure you'll also enjoy the "kick" from the Chilli chocolate.
Formulation: 5% alcohol by volume
SRP: 330ml bottle - Php36.00
Now, the verdict.

Which San Miguel Lifestyle Brew suited my lifestyle? It's a tie between the Premium All-Malt and Cerveza Negra (though the Super Dry is not far behind).

The idea of a laid back evening is very tempting given that the schedule I've been following lately is stress-inducing but I'm all about appreciation. I like moments when I can be happy and satisfied with just a bottle of beer and a plate of something new (self-made, optional). Plus a stimulating conversation with a special someone is good, too.

Know your San Miguel Lifestyle Brews! See how it's made here:

And to better appreciate San Miguel Lifestyle Brews, watch this video:

Now which Lifestyle Brew fits your lifestyle? It's your time to share!

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