Donuts + this outfit. Doesn't add up no?
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Now, if this look was a little bit police-y (donuts + police —get it? get it?), then it'd perfect! Let's just assume that I'm a police on a casual day outside of work. A police who has a penchant for the camouflage print. Labo no?
SM Accessories snapback
Nick Automatic eyewear
Basic House sports jacket
AEO polo
Giordano shorts
Wade boat shoes
Zara belt
SM Accessories bracelets
FCUK watch
One thing clear though is the donuts part. Yes, I attended the launch of Pan de Manila's Pan de Donuts at their Market! Market! outlet looking like this.

Bread fans yearning to shrug off ordinary doughnuts now have a better and healthier option as Pan de Manila —the country's well-loved bakery chain that brought back the beauty of traditional way of bread-making —creates its own delectable version to an all-time favorite with its special Pan de Donuts.
Chunky Crookies | Chocomonds
Polvoron Crumbles | Marbles
A selection that will excite fans and give an alternative to fried and sugar-heavy ring doughnuts in the market, Pan de Manila's new Pan de Donuts are definitely attracting attention as it combines two of Pinoys' well-loved pastry items —the pan de sal and the doughnut. This early, the Pan de Donuts are fast becoming the must-try for foodies in 2014! Baked to yummy perfection, the Pan de Donuts are bromate-and trans-fat free, thus expect a mouthful of soft, filling bread that is guaranteed healthy in every bite.
Chocolate Hills | Piling Pili
Cocojammers | Nippy Nips
"We have created the Pan de Donuts so that we could have our own Filipino-inspired version of a doughnut. That's why we have very Filipino flavors such as Polvoron, Ube, Chocnut, Pili, and more," said Mari Sebastian, marketing manager of Pan de Manila. "Not only that, our version is a healthier alternative, as our Pan de Donuts are baked, not fried."
Cookie Crema | Snow Kisses
Berrylicious | La Dulce Vita
Besides the joy of finally tasting a healthier, not to mention more affordable Pan de Donut, reminisce childhood memories and homegrown tastes in its exciting Filipino-inspired flavors such as Polvoron Crumble, Piling Pili, Cocojammers, Ubelicious, and Chocnut Crumble.
Ubelicious | Chocnut Crumble
Nutty Crunch | Strawberry Shortcake
The Pan de Donut is also a great gift idea as it comes in vibrantly colorful boxes which features a "window" where the recipient can see all the wonderful flavors when presented to them.

Grab a quick fix of Pan de Donuts' new flavors exclusively at Pan de Manila Market! Market! Taguig branch. Soon, more Pan de Donuts will be baking in other selected Pan de Manila stores in the metro.

Pan de Donuts are best paired with a hot cup of coffee from Pan de Manila!

And now, let's get down and choco-dirty for the competitive fun part of the launch, a Pan de Donut designing activity!

I've always wanted to try my hands in making donuts but since the donuts were pre-made already, designing it will do just fine.
Feels like art class all over again. Fun!
Here are my creations (I named them myself, too):

The Burger-Donut Krunch
Halved donut with chocolate filling and white chocolate on top with rice crispies at the side and crushed chocolate cookies on top 
and the Choco-Nut Overload
Almonds, Pili Nuts and Choc-nut on top of white chocolate, drizzled with white and regular chocolate syrup
Of course, if there's a donut making contest, there should be a winner! Guess which donut won first place?
From left to right - 3rd place | 2nd place | 1st place
Mine! Haha. So much for being competitive, I actually had fun designing my own donut. It's a first, actually.

Class picture!

Besides the latest donut offerings, bread fans can expect more bountiful surprises churning out hot off Pan de Manila's oven, welcoming 2014 with exciting new breads and perfect partner spreads that will delight your breakfast table or impress your guests on different occasions.

Pan de Manila now has 153 outlets, with presence in Manila, North and South Luzon and most recently in Cebu and Iloilo.

For product updates, follow Pan De Manila on Facebook and follow @PanDeManilaOfficial on Instagram!


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