A sad event of epic proportions had me resorting to wearing anything black for the past month. I'm gonna go personal and talk about it on a different entry.

In the meantime, here's a week's worth of everything black!

Starting with the first Instax Camera I bought. The mini 50S in Piano Black.
More on its features HERE.
Of course, there's the mini 90 which I unboxed and featured HERE.

And the Instax 210 wide as featured HERE (except that it's the Hello Kitty version).

I've shown you the cameras, now it's time to show you where I store them when I'm out and about in my everyday city adventures. The Gouache waxed-canvas bag.
Gouache provides waxed-canvas goods that protect your belongings without sacrificing personality and style. The all-natural wax finish makes Gouache bags water-repellant and offers extra protection in tropical climates. The multi-function waxed-canvas bag can double as a camera bag or just a basic satchel with different compartments and pockets to keep your gadgets and valuables in place.
Since we're already talking about keeping things safe from the water, why not keep yourself water-proof as well? With a Totes umbrella that is. Keeps you sun-proof, too.
The iconic totes umbrella provides triple protection coating against the sun. It has the highest rated sun protector factor of UPF 50+ and blocks 98% of harmful UVA/UVB radiation. The umbrella has a canopy that is vented to allow wind to escape, making the umbrellas less likely to blow inside out. The umbrella also opens and closes with the push of a button, which is a trademarked totes signature.
Gouache and Totes are both available at Common Thread Philippines. Like them on Facebook!

Now let's talk about music.

This is my new listening buddy. The Urbanears Kransen.

No, no, no. THIS is my new listening buddy (make the Kransen my running buddy). The Monocle by Native Union.

The Monocle by Native Union is a portable mono-speaker but it's not just one thing! It's a speaker, handset and a speakerphone that allows you to enjoy music and calls in a fresh new way —however and wherever you are.

The kit contains the Monocle, the manuals, and also the Nylon USB/Micro-USB Charging Cable and the Loop.
Charge Time is 70 minutes for 5 hours Play and/or Talk Time (speaker/speakerphone mode)
The Monocle's lightweight and compact size makes traveling and wearing the Monocle so versatile. With its adjustable 3.5mm quick release belt and bag loop, you can make the Monocle fit your style whether walking, cycling or cooking at home. It's your perfect smartphone companion.

+ More Than A Speaker
Monocle is a high quality speaker to listen to your music on the go. Hold it up to your ear like a headphone or simply twist the wheel to turn it on a compact boom box. For those party moments, daisy-chain up to 10 Monocles to create a more social listening experience.
The Button
Listen - Press the button once to play or pause music (same thing as receiving or ending calls), alternatively use your device to control manually.
Skip - Double-click to skip to the next track*
Back-track - Triple-click to go back a track*
*not all devices support the function
+ More Than A Handset
With a full duplex enabled microphone, the Monocle provides clarity of voice, allowing you take calls and navigate your device at the same time. Monocle is also compatible with voice recognition. Branch up to to 2 devices to share calls and music discreetly.
Shared private calling/speakerphone: Link up to 2 Monocles together to share your calls either in handset or speakerphone mode. Insert the 3.5mm jack of the second Monocle into the AUX-out of the first Monocle and then use your device to dial.
Speaker: Daisy-chain up to 10 Monocles together to create the best shared listening experience by inserting the 3.5mm jack of the second Monocle into the Aux-out of the first Monocle -repeat these steps for up to 10 Monocles.
Micro USB port - use the Nylon USB/Micro-USB charging cable to plug your Monocle into a USB power source.
+ More Than A Speakerphone
A new way to answer your calls hands-free. Conference calls can be made with multiple Monocle users allowing for more than one person to listen in privately, or easily share a call on loudspeaker mode.
Speaker/Speakerphone Mode
Turn the speaker/speakerphone mode on: Rotate the wheel until it clicks.
The white LED indicates speaker/speakerphone mode is 'ON'.
Turn the speaker/speakerphone mode off: Rotate the wheel until it clicks and the LED turns off.
Volume: Rotate the wheel clockwise or anticlockwise to increase or decrease the volume. (To ensure the best sound, set the volume on your device to maximum.)
The Verdict
3 things: Function. Innovation. Style. I'm giving the Monocle by Native Union three thumbs up!

Retailing at Php2,750, the Monocle by Native Union is available at Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Heima, iGig and Quicksound.

Like Digits Trading on Facebook to know more about Urbanears and the Monocle by Native Union.


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