Pond's launched the first men's skin product to have unique coffee bean extracts which give bright and energized skin last March 18 at Whitespace Manila.

Welcome to the Pond's Men Manor!

Coffee in the evening? Why not?

Aside from being the favorite fuel of most folks, coffee just acquired the added function of making men look and feel more recharged and attractive than we ever have. The Pond's Institute introduces a long-awaited line of product to add to its trusted portfolio of skin solutions -Pond's Men.

Here are the faces of the new Pond's Men.

You wanna know what keep these guys' skins Bright + Energized?
The Talented Actor

Xian Lim is a very hard working actor who subscribes to the belief that the more projects, the merrier - and with this comes a very busy schedule. Xian's regimen entails getting 7-8 hours of sleep a day but for long hours at shoots, there's only one skincare regimen he trusts. "Of course, I use the the new Pond's Men. It was the perfect skin care product especially since when I have long hours and outdoor shoots like when we were filming 'Bride for Rent'. It was my No.1 grooming tool while I was doing the shoot - so I stuck with it.
The Azkal Star Player | The Rock Icon
Anton del Rosario is a certified football star who plays an integral part in the Philippine national team --Azkals. For his skincare regimen, Anton only trusts Pond's Men. "I make sure to get plenty of rest, but before I get that rest, I use Pond's Men Energy Charge All-In-One Moisturizer.
Rico Blanco is an award-winning musician who has been whipping up songs that have the power to break your heart or energize and recharge your spirit. More than being a singer and legendary songwriter, this music heartthrob is also a stage, film, and television actor. But even with his hectic schedule, Rico still makes sure that his skin gets the best possible care. "They say health is wealth right? The skin is our first line of defense. Taking care of one's skin is taking care of one's health," the artist reasons. To keep his skin glowing and healthy, he uses the all-new Pond's Men Energy Charge Facial Wash. "I love Pond's Men... plain and simple. No fuss. Amazingly invigorating. Your face feels energized." 
The Award Winning Director | The Real Estate Mogul
Paul Soriano is an extraordinary director and producer. Transit, his recent opus as a producer was the country's entry to the 2014 Oscars. His films have made the rounds on the international film festival circuit. While Paul chooses to be behind the lens, he also gives importance to his skincare. "I believe that having great-looking skin gives me that added boost and confidence I need when I meet my clients, advertising agencies, and my actors." This is why he uses a face wash that keeps his face clean, healthy, and energized: Pond's Men Energy Charge Facial Wash.
Victor Consunji exudes the confidence normally reserved to someone who has it all. And in many ways, Victor does seem to have it all: a prosperous real estate business, a solid reputation as a photographer, and a beautiful family. "I do put my skin through a lot during the day, being mostly outdoors in dusty environments. So a good face wash that can refresh my skin is important. What I like most about Pond's Men Energy Charge is that it fits my lifestyle perfectly. It gives me a good clean and refreshing feeling after every wash, with a no-nonsense, simple approach to my cleansing regimen.
The Pond's Institute recognizes that men need skin care products dedicated to their evolving skin concerns. And with Pond's Men Energy Charge, Pond's harnesses the power of coffee bean extracts to employ a multi-benefit approach in caring for men's skin needs to give it a bright + energized skin. According to Dr. Jason Harcup, Vice President of Personal Care Research in Unilever, "At the Pond's Institute, we discovered that Coffee Bean extract, an innovative ingredient, has scientifically proven skin care benefits that can address male skincare concerns.

The Pond's Men Energy Charge Facial Foam brightens tired-looking and 'haggard' skin to give it an energized, healthy look while the Pond's Men Acne Clear Oil Control Face Wash is perfect for young urban men who have concerns about oil and pimples.
Pond's Men Energy Charge Facial Foam, Php190 (100g tube) - with Coffee Bean Extracts for bright + energized skin
Pond's Men Acne Clear Oil Control Face Wash, Php190 (110g tube) - controls oil for up to 12 hours with Salicylic Acid and Mineral Clay
The Pond's Men Energy Charge All-In-One Moisturizer combines a moisturizer that whitens skin and lightens spots, a toner that instantly cools and minimizes pores, and a serum that energizes skin to give it a healthy and active glow. The Pond's Men Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer is a light formula that energizes skin while it lends it a healthy glow.
Pond's Men Energy Charge All-In-One Moisturizer, Php350 (50g pump) - Moisturizer, Toner and Serum in one Pack for Bright + Energized skin
Pond's Men Energy Charge Gel Moisturizer Php145 (15g tube) - Recharges skin to make it Bright and Energized. Best to use after using Pond's Men Facial Foam
For more information about Pond's Men, visit www.pondsmen.ph or follow Pond's Men on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @PondsMenPH #GetEnergized #PondsMen


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