If I were to neglect my Christian morals and decide to live the rest of my life as a glutton, this is where you'll find me in most of my eating time. Believe me, it's a sin that you'll envy doing. At Locale Gastrobar, of course. In any other place, it'd be just meh.

Being the first gastrobar in the Ortigas Center, Locale Gastrobar is a chic and comfortable place to enjoy a drink and excellent food in the area making it the go-to hub for great food, great company, great music, with a full bar serving local and imported beers!

I was just there the other night and boy I can't wait to come back for more of what you're gonna see next!

Enjoy the photos and the side comments! Throwing in some facts about the place, too!

Spicy Cumin Shrimp Poppers
I can't forget this. If only I can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would!
Mussels & Fries
The fries are yummy. Mussels are yummy, too. Eat them together = yummy times two!
Locale Gastrobar is a collaboration of the bar & club owners of The Reserve Liquor Lounge, Relik Tapas Bar & Lounge, Dilinger's 1903, Prohibition 1903, Bugsy's Bar & Bistro, and Nav Modern Thai Cuisine.

Bratdawgs (NEW)
This is good for sharing (as most of Locale's menu are) but for the Bratwurst fan, I think it's not.
Truffle Pizza
Don't let the simplicity of this pizza fool you. See those black spots? Those are real truffles! Nothing beats a cheese and truffle combo.
The group of owners come from various professions from athletes, show business personalities and celebrities, politicians and government officials, corporate and business professionals, an architect, interior designer, a lawyer, restaurant and bar owners and a professional chef.

Portobello Sandwich
Juicy Portobello Mushrooms. We're done.
Black Burger (NEW)
I'm not really crazy about burgers but THIS made me rethink my preference towards them. And underneath that generous coat of cheese is the most juiciest beef patty you'll ever sink your teeth into. Two thumbs up!
The look and feel of the place sets it apart, with modern pub interiors and a spacious outdoor lounge designed by Locale Gastrobar partner Ton Gonzales and interior designer Jasmine Acuzar.

Pork & Beans (NEW)
Comfort food at its finest! And yes, that's a real chunk of pork you see and not just bits and pieces like in the canned ones we're used to.
Deep Fried Grilled Cheese Sandwich (NEW)
Now, THIS is heavy. But I'd rather lift this than pump iron anytime of the day.
Graphic designer Jean Naval designed Locale Gastrobar's quirky beer bottle cap logo (see first photo).

Angus Ribeye Steak
At 350g for only Php750, this chunk of heaven is simply one of the best I've tasted so far. The gravy is equally heavenly, too! It has, you guessed it right, truffle!
Since we're already talking about desecrating our religious morals, let's bring some wizardry in the picture! I sure felt like a legal-aged Harry Potter when I had my first Butter Beer 'coz I like my beer (and wine) sweet. Heard that their Kiwi Beer is good, too, but it's all expected. As a gastrobar, Locale's refined menu and wide range of alcoholic beverages were designed to compliment each other. Must try: Locale's signature shooters Loca-Locale and Loco-Loco.

For a truly unique and satisfying dining and drinking experience, Locale Gastrobar is the place you should go.

Locale Gastrobar is located at the City Golf Compound, Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1604.

For inquiries, call (+63 2) 631 0468 or (+63 929) 322 3844, Email: localegastrobar@yahoo.com

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