In the Private Lives episode of House (Season 6), the team had a hard time treating a *ahem* blogger because she insists on discussing all the details of the procedures on her blog to the point of relying her decisions based on the feedback she gets from her readers. Long story short, she didn't die and still had a happy ending with her husband (he threatened to leave her if she's gonna post about choosing a plastic heart valve for her operation instead of a pig's —she's a vegan, by the way. She chose the pig's).

On a more related (and interesting!) note, three male characters went speed dating. Something I wouldn't do in real life. One character got a lot of positive feedback from the female participants and lost to a bet of him getting most of the numbers of the women based on his character (and profession?) instead of his looks. He had to pretend that he was a bum and was not allowed to mention that he's a doctor but still, he emerged popular among the ladies —based on his looks.

Admit it or not, we are initially attracted by what we physically see in a person. That's why I don't like speed dating or worse, blind dates.

I survived a blind date (just one time) when a church mate fixed one for me and this girl. She's not ugly and even has a degree in law. I don't wanna sound like a complete douche-bag, but I was not attracted to her. We talked about a lot of things and eventually found a common interest on business. We just talked about that and nothing else. Well, I actually deflected every "love" topic with non-love ones and boy, I was good at it. As the night ended, I was caught on a crossroad of whether I will kiss her (on the cheek of course, we're born again christians! lol) or not but decided not to and just said my goodbyes and left. Awkward and embarassing, I know. The last I heard of her, she's happily married now and blessed with a kid. Good for her. Good for me, too.

God, I hate blind dates.

If you decide to go on a date one day, make sure that the person you're gonna ask is someone you are attracted to. Mga tipong Ellen Adarna (for the ambitious ones). Or better yet, the ones with really, really good sense of humor! Think the boys of Boys Night Out. Mga gwapings pa!

Also, dates don't have to be over the top to be memorable. Sometimes, the simple and easy ones turn out to be good dates —like a homemade dinner date. Correction: A homemade Top Torikatsu dinner date!

For the Classic lover,
Top Torikatsu Classic
and for the Cheesy ones!
Top Torikatsu Cheese & Chives
How's that for a perfect date?

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