Road trip. Out of town. Out of the country. They all read the same to me. Stress. That is, if your address is Metro Manila. Have you experienced EDSA lately?

My answer to this? Staycation. Not at home though 'coz that would be lame. I'd definitely suggest staying somewhere in Makati… Best Western Plus Antel Hotel perhaps?

Of course I'd recommend Best Western Plus. I already stayed there back when it was just one tower—the A.Venue Suites. Now, they've grown. Three times!

My stay (we're talking about some couple of years ago)? It was pleasant. The room was, as I expected, were meant for people who are always on the go—providing respite from all the exploring you will do in the area! Believe me, there's a lot of things you can do in this side of the metro.

This is my favorite part of the room.
Sitting cozily in this nice sofa while watching TV. Now that's vacation to me.
Best Western Plus Antel Hotel is an international brand that is independently and distinctively operated and managed under Best Western, the largest hotel chain in the world.

So what's with the PLUS? Let me put it this way…
This year's Lenten Season, Granvia Cafe (pride of Best Western Plus, one of many) came up with a special menu for those observing lent.

Squid and Tofu Al Ajillo
Crispy Fish Dumpling Salad with Cilantro and Hoisin Vinaigrette
My point is, not all hotel establishments do this. And looking at the menu, it's definitely a plus! Now, imagine what they can offer you on occasions like Valentine's Day, Halloween, and Christmas? Excited yet?
Fish Parmigiana with Vegetable and Brown Rice Pilaf | Orange and Mirin Glaze Salmon Teriyaki with Sultana Brown Rice
Frozen Watermelon with Mint Mojito
If feasting's not your thing, why not try some "touching"?

At Toccare Spa, that is.
Toccare is Italian for "touch"
I'm not really big on massages or any activities requiring body exposure but there's something about the whole ambience of the place that whispers "go ahead, relax, we'll take care of you." I actually enjoyed my time here. PLUS! You can choose the scent of your room (on top of the scent of the oil to be used on you) and the music. How about some Enya to accompany you while being massaged? The idea is relaxing me… I'm drifting off...

More food!

When in Azzurro, get the paella. It's the best!
Pumpkin Soup | Shrimp Gambas
Paella Valenciana | Salmon (Main Course)
Thinking on how to burn all those calories? Don't worry! Best Western Plus' has two gym facilities.

You can also do laps at the only infinity pool in Makati. Or have your ootd's taken beside it. Here's mine.

More features:

  • They have the most spacious parking space along Makati Ave
  • Few steps away from A.Venue that has Hooters (Ground Floor), Skin Centraal and Organic Rituals (2nd Level) and more.

Stay with the people who care!

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