This is a topic my mom is not too keen on talking about. If she can have it her way, she'd rather talk about her sons 24/7 (just like any other mom would). But since Mother's Day only comes once a year, I'm sure she'll understand…

...and forgive me for the humiliation of her #throwback photos being exposed on my blog.

My mom is the most hardworking and most patient person I know. I'm sure yours are, too. but my mom started helping her family long before she even graduated grade school. Singing contests on the radio with a kilo of rice for a prize? Yep, she did/won that. Sometimes if she's lucky, canned goods (sardines!). Beat that. Lol.

She's really hardworking. Spent most of her life working abroad for her family (still is —at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia). She's also a very patient woman. Imagine the idea of being away from her family for the most part of the year and being able to spend, give or take, only 40 days in the Philippines with us during her vacations. 

Aside from being all that, my mom's also the best baker I know. Everytime she comes home (usually on the month of either I or my brothers' birthdays or special occasions like graduations and the like) she makes it a point to bake for us.
November 1, 1984 - Mom's birthday where she made her own cake and the rest of her "handa".
Birthdays were extra special because the cakes, on top of everything else, were labors of love.
February 23, 1986 - During my 2nd birthday; back when dad was still alive and my mom's on her bangs and shoulder pads phase.
Last Mother's Day, I thought of surprising my mom by inviting my two brothers to my place (we three live apart from each other) and prepare a meal to share with her online. How am I gonna do that you ask?
Through Skype, obviously. But first, here's what I (with a little help from my brothers) prepared: Coconut Macarons,
My mixer went overtime for this.
Deviled Eggs,
Whisking is therapeutic for me.

and Steak with Mashed Potatoes.
This time, using the dough hooks.
This is my way of recreating fond memories with our mom through baking and food preparation, in general. All three of us know our way in the kitchen, thanks to our mom.

By the way, I prepared all three using my new Electrolux Stand Mixer (EHSM 2000). My old mixer, which was passed down by my mom, can now finally retire.

Going back to the "surprise", it was a failure. Work got in the way. Add that to the fact that my mom's schedule at the hospital was unpredictable. Time zone difference as well, and the list goes on and on...

But then I realized that the idea of all three of us being together to greet our mom on Mother's Day is a delightful surprise in itself. You see, my younger brother lives with his dad in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija while my older brother's in Marikina. Given the nature of my work (and my older brother's as well), getting us all three together in once place takes effort. I don't need to tell you more.

On Mother's Day, I posted this on Instagram.
"We love you mcdo! Joke. We love you M-O-M. Happy mother's day! Let's save the gift-giving when you get home alright? In the meantime, here's a photo of your sons making a fool of ourselves, acting like kids once again, expressing our love to you. I know you'll appreciate this knowing that we three live apart from each other. Effort ito. (Magkakasama kami kanina. Ayun, pinauwi ko na din. Mauubusan ako ng damit sa kanila). Happy Mother's Day! We love you, oh, iyak ka na. Hehe.

PS: Mga kapatid ko, thanks for stooping down to my level, literally. Love you bros.
In case you're wondering who my mom is,

She's the one who always leaves "weird" comments on my Facebook posts. She's talking Tausug on the latter part of this comment "Thank you my sons, my love!"

Not much of a surprise, but I know that last Mother's Day was her best so far. We love you mom!

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