With Facebook being a depot of practically all things depressing lately (a scalded dog, a missing airplane, et al), finding something to smile about is quite rare. But if you do, sometimes it's gold!

Like this one.

And my most favorite (just because Superman's in it).
Black Friday sale + Superheroes? I must admit, it made me lol-ing to myself. Funny enough, it also brought things up from two years ago when I made my first ever online purchase. It was on the same season as the Black Friday sale and yes, a superhero's in it, too. Superman.

Over the years, the Filipino shoppers' appetite for online shopping has been further stimulated by the increasing access to the worldwide web via the smartphones and unlimited surfing made available by local telecom companies. According to the results of an Online Shopping Behavior Study made last year in 14 Asia Pacific countries, more and more Pinoys are beginning to shop online.

Curious to find out what Pinoy kids have been shopping online these days?

Music downloads 41.4%
Apps downloads 37%
Personal, educational and professional development websites 27.6%
Computer software at 26.8%
Home appliance and electronic products 25.6%

And with the boom of the blogging industry, travel and airlines are also high up in the list at 27.2% and 26.4% respectively. Let's not forget the big slices of the blog pie —fashion and beauty, at 24.2% for clothing and accessories retailers and 21.6% for personal care and beauty brands.

Entertainment is also popular with cinema and movie theaters and restaurants and food delivery service both at 22.6%.

Now I'm one of those who belong to a minute percentage who shops online for "art". And being a Superman fan, this was my first ever online purchase.

But mind you, I had my hesitations. Considering that this was my first ever online purchase, I wanted everything to be less "traumatic" if worse comes to worst. We've heard of online shopping horror stories right? Learning from those, I made it a point to check the reputation of the website seller first before I made contact. I also took into consideration the exchange or return policy and the delivery or shipping costs. And then, there's the payment method.

MasterCard-issuing banks recognize this spending trend among a growing segment of consumers and Philippine-issuers are responding to the need for Filipino shoppers to use their payment cards online. One card program that addresses the online shoppers' need for a convenient, secure and quick way to pay online is the MasterCard Virtual Card.

A MasterCard Virtual Card is a MasterCard account number that is issued to a MasterCard credit, debit or prepaid cardholder solely for use on the internet. With a MasterCard Virtual Card, you can manage a separate card account number for internet use only, provide family members with unique accounts for online purchases and track online and retail purchases separately.

The MasterCard Virtual Card is available in the form of the regular card plastic or a simple reference device, i.e. virtual card, that provides a card number and card verification code for use only on the internet. However, unlike your physical plastic credit, debit or prepaid card, a MasterCard Virtual Card will not be accepted for face-to-face purchases or at in-store card payment terminals. The MasterCard Virtual Card is designed to protect your primary credit card or bank account details from identity thieves by not having to expose personal information while making payments online. It also allows you to carry out online transactions without having to worry about maxing out your credit limits or losing your card.

Applying for a MasterCard Virtual Card is easy. You can even apply online. Just visit the official website of your existing MasterCard-issuing bank and complete the application form online. Philippine banks that issue the MasterCard Virtual Card include BDO, BPIEastWest BankMetrobank, RCBC Bankard and Security Bank.

Get more when you shop online with MasterCard! Click HERE for more details.


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