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This was taken last June 17, 2014 when I got the privilege for a sneak peek at H&M's A/W 2014 collection (more about that soon).
A day shy of a month later, Glenda did this. Yup, the very exact area where I posed for my OOTD that day.
Now this is the part where I share my thoughts about how life is short and my what-could-have-beens but sorry to disappoint you, I won't. In fact, the segue to this is done in poor taste, you just want to destroy your laptops after reading this entry. But what can I do? Days of having no electricity sometimes do crazy things to one's mind. This is also dedicated to those people who just do what they have to do (aka immortals). Simply, #forthosewhodo.


I've never shown you my collection of perfumes, did I? I'm still in the middle of un-boxing my stuff from my big transfer so just wait for it. In other news, the family's just got bigger! You can get similar luxury brand scents at 30 − 70% OFF at the Philippines' FIRST and BIGGEST outlet store - Beauty Scents.


Disclosure is next week! Got your tickets? Don't worry, SVIP and SILVER sections were added for your convenience and peace of mind, #gogetyours at before they run out! SVIP/VIP/Gold/Silver sections!
#disclosuremanila is brought to you by @vybemnl and @worldwidewomb.


Food, just like fashion, can be experimental. Cold coffee, cold noodles, fried ice cream… you can practically do anything with food! I don't even follow the "rule" when it comes to wine and beer food-pairings because what is there to follow when it's your own stomach that will suffer. Hehe.
On a more bubbly note, New World Makati Hotel adds sparkle to weekends with the Chandon Sunday Brunch, offered at Cafe 1228 from 11:30am to 3:00pm for Php1,999* per person.
Now, how about some unlimited mid-day Sunday drink? It's perfect with your steak, desserts (yes! sweets with your bubbly!), and a delectable range of local, Chinese, Japanese, Western, and other international cuisines in the buffet spread.
Just like any other meal, I like to start mine with a salad...
…and the rest, practically everything that's served. Wanna see some #foodporn?


After the success of the ZALORA Pop-Up Shop held last April 11 − 13 at the Glorietta Activity Center... ZALORA, Asia's leading online fashion destination has once again amped up the fashion ante by bringing an exciting array of new Filipino fashion talent closer to online shoppers through the recently launched ZALORA Marketplace.
To celebrate the launch of Marketplace, ZALORA has gathered the hottest up-and-coming boutiques, fashion media and bloggers in one special event at 12 Monkeys in Century Mall.


I have 2 Upper A tickets to give away to Jessie J's concert here in Manila tomorrow. Who wants it?
But first, I need you to do a couple (three, actually) of things!

Follow @ViberPH and @PaulThePRGuy on Twitter (this is mandatory!)Take a screenshot of a Viber conversation between you and your best friendTweet the screenshot and tag @PaulThePRGuy and @ViberPH with the mandatory hashtag @ViberJessieJ Tweet me until 6pm today. I'll also announce the winner later!


Here's what July has in store for you shopaholic/coffeeholic people!
Be a VIP and get a FREE umbrella for net purchase worth of Php2,500 at all Memo stores. Already a Memo VIP card holder? Get it FREE for Php2,000 only (net purchase).
And starting this weekend (July 11 − 13), additional #MemoVIP treats!
Planning to buy an iPhone 5s? Get it with a FREE case! Already own one? Then get an iPhone 5s case at 50% OFF. All these at all Beyond The Box stores for the whole month of July 2014. (You can choose from 16 of Beyond The Box best brands!) Last but of course, not the least…

This July, well-loved brands IMAX and Starbucks partner to give a special treat to its patrons! After enjoying the movie in IMAX you will be treated to a complimentary upsize of your handcrafted beverage in Starbucks! just surrender your ticket, and you'll get the treat!
And when you present your Starbucks receipt in Snack Time branches in IMAX, you will get a complimentary upsize of popcorn!
Promo period: Ju…


Let's resume Day 2 of Style Origin at Fairview Terraces with pareng Rico shall we?
Apologies to Original Penguin for missing out on your set and to Meg Magazine for just snapping only 3 of your picks. Blame Rico. I got too absorbed with his performance. (Fan here, sorry).
Now, enough talkin' and more walkin'!


We ended the first day of Style Origin at Fairview Terraces with a musical bang (aka Enchong Dee). Why not start the second day on a musical note?
Here's Up Dharma Down opening the star-studded Day 2 of #StyleOrigin at Fairview Terraces. Presented by...
So many brands, celebrities, and models (including those from the Fairview community) participated so allow me to cut this entry into two parts.


"Is Style Origin the new Philippine Fashion Week?" a friend posted on Facebook.
Of course, I liked his status, but fought the urge to comment "Yes!".
Going back to the question, Style Origin might be the new Philippine Fashion Week. Let's investigate!
A big brand as a presentor. Check.
Local designers. Check.
But wait, there's more!


Men who smell good automatically become attractive, that's a fact. What more if he's got the confidence, the brawns, the style and the class —that is what an Axe Gold Man is.
One man gets to fast forward the life of an AXE GOLD MAN in a spray! The latest model of Volkswagen beetle,a condominium unit and a trip to Las Vegas will all be his by joining the AXE GOLD PASS challenge. 
Get a chance to live the Gold life! Here's how:

All men who are at least 18 years old that live in the Philippines may submit their entries by liking the Axe Philippines Facebook Page. They should click on the Axe Gold Pass application tab ( and fill up the form found on the same page.

The form also includes the Axe temptation manufacturing code found at the bottom of an Axe product.

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